Meet in Fresno, California - Late Winter 2018

  1. baronkatz
    I’m planning a meet in the Fresno area for late February, early March next year and reaching out to you to see if you are interested in attending. The meet is being sponsored by Schiit Audio. Fresno is only 2-3 hours from most of the Bay area and even closer to many in Central California. Looking forward to meeting you all and chatting more.

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  3. sacguy231
    I might be interested, pending dates and more info. I'd like to attend a meetup, not many nearby (Sacramento).
  4. DonTnoD
    I'm in Fresno and interested in a head-fi meet depending on the day and time.
  5. elira
    I’m also interested.
  6. Pings
    Is this still a thing?
  7. petervenkman
    Also interested
  8. ampsandsound
    Im interested. Would bring some amps and headphones to be be heard.
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  9. omegaorgun
    Fresno is near me, I'll bring me xDuoo! :beyersmile:

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