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  1. Skylab Contributor
    I'm sorry for the poor quality of my pictures, but they are BlackBerry [​IMG]  And my son RJ, who joined me, is of course in a lot of the shots (this is his 5th Meet!)
    The headphones used most for demos by the vendors were the HD800 and the T1 - they were almost ubiquitous!  Plenty of Denon D7000, though.  I hit all the vendor rooms today - that was mostly what I did.  I will check out more member rigs tomorrow.
    The Moon Audio Table:
    The Beyer Table - I enjoyed checking out the t50p!!!  They sounded a bit hot in the treble, but they were far more comfortable than I thought they would from the pics.  They are nice and light!  And the brightness could have been the set-up - it was not my stuff obviously...
    The new Rudistor RP-3 sounded very good to me.
    RJ checks out the new Rudistor Chroma MD-1 headphones (which I thought sounded EXCELLENT via the RP-3):
    From Moon Audio, the Blossom amp from Japan - I will be getting one to review soon! It sounded excellent driving the Beyer T1:
    The Audez'e LCD-2 were being demo'd with the new Cavilli Audio Liquid Fire hybrid amp - the combo was excellent!  I enjoyed talking (briefly) to Alex Cavilli, as well as to the Audez'e guys - and good news - the foam I didn't like on the headband is being replaced with something much nicer!
    The WOO Room was awesome!  The Beyer T1 sounded great on the WA5:
    The new WOO Electrostatic Headphones "Energizer":
    The TTVJ Pinnacle!  Also sounded great with the T1:
    This was Kevin Gilmore's home built monster Electrostat amp, which made amazing music with the Stax:
    This was my humble table (although I will be bringing a vinyl rig tomorrow!):
    The Headroom Room was full of lots of great sounds - the Desktop amp and DAC sounded great with T1's:
    The iPad was cool providing tunes in the Headroom Room, where the Microstack sounded very good driving Grados:
    More tomorrow!
  2. dBel84
    at long last , been itching to see ANYTHING .
    I will be picking your brain later to see what you thought of the LF, apex , woo etc [​IMG]..dB
    I just went back through and studied the images. 
    I hadn't seen Cavalli Audio's Liquid Fire complete - that looks really sweet. Like the look of the Blossom too, looks like a lot of fun to be had in general.
  3. achristilaw Contributor
    Oh Yeah...Rob!!! Thanks Man! How did the new Rudi phones sound? They come in different Colors?? I think the Blossom looks Awesome! The Pinnacle is a beast!!
    The ride of the New Cavalli (woo-hoo!)
    RJ has more meets under his belt than I do.....[​IMG]
  4. Kees
    The first pic of the Rudistor Chroma MD1 in action!
    I want to know all about it!
    Looks a bit like a PS1000....
  5. dBel84


    No kidding , me too and he is having a blast. Thanks for sharing Rob ..dB
  6. Skylab Contributor
    I posted a few more pics, and a few captions.  I will take more tomorrow - had a time constraint today unfortunately.
    I should add - the meet was SUPER well organized, and great fun!
    The Rudistor cans sounded REALLY good to me.  Smoother than Grados.  Nice detail.  I hate Grado pads, though, and that is what was on these - so will be interested to know what the final pads are like.  They showed a lot of promise, though!
    The Pinnacle also sounded great in my brief audition - really good with the T1 - far better than a few other amps I heard driving the T1.
  7. KingStyles Contributor
    It would be interesting to hear opinions on the BA vs the Pinnacle even though they are set up with different tubes.
  8. TheWuss
    awesome pics, even if taken with a blackberry, rob!
    man, that is just a hot mess of gear...  [​IMG]
  9. achristilaw Contributor


    I think the "Pinnacle" is top-shelf equipment and has no bones about a run for top-amp honors!!....hmmm...the Rudi a smoothie...must hear.. 
  10. sachu
    any pics of the HE-6?..how does it sound?
      Thanks for the pics Rob..Must say I am impressed with some of the gear there..KG's T2 looks mighty as usual..the WA5 is a beast.
    Hadn't seen the new Cavalli in its complete form..I am blown away with how good it looks.
    The Apex products looks menacing :wink:
  11. Skylab Contributor
    Indeed, the Cavalli was absolutely stunning looking.  It's also HUGE!  Wow.
    I was a little taken aback at how big the WA5 is too, having never seen one live before.  Super good sounding, too.
    Sadly, I missed the HE-6 today - I somehow didn't see Fang, or Head-Direct's table or room - I will correct that tomorrow for sure.
    Oh, and I laid eyes on the Thunderpants, but didn't get to hear those either - will try to correct that as well tomorrow [​IMG]
  12. arrowmark Contributor
    Thanks Skylab for the meet impressions and photos !!!!
  13. bada bing
    The Cavalli "Liquid Fire" is even nicer looking in person, but it is a large beefy piece of equipment. You can see it's EHHA heritage looking through the acrylic front panels. Definitely can hear the heritage as well. It drove the Audez'e LCD-2 (on the adjoining table) very well indeed. Very nice amp and it was awesome getting to meet Alex.
    There's lots of other attractive stuff to put on the potential purchase list. So far, this first day I was pretty impressed with:
    HE-5le & HE-6
    Audez'e LCD-2
     and especially impressed with the JH-3A paired with a universal JH-16.
    I also was blown away by the BHSE paired with a 007mkI. Hearing it makes the wait a bit easier, sort of.
    I'm leaving a before the close tomorrow, but I'm hoping for a few minutes with a Beyer T1. And maybe a few minutes with the HE-60 paired with the ExStata on the Cavalli table.
    It was a great first day. I'm looking forward to reading the comments as they roll in.
  14. sachu
    bah..wish i were there..would have loved to meet both the Alex chaps..
    Can you elaborate on the HE6 ? Vis a vis the LCD-2 perhaps if you can
  15. HeadphoneAddict Contributor
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