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MEElectronics M6 PRO Musician's In-Ear Monitors

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  1. whitemass
    I did experience this at first. 
    Give them burn in time and they'll relax, but still be a bit harsh as that's just the nature of this product.
    Indeed, though you're comparing two different driver IEMs that don't sound much the same.
    Moving Coil Dynamic Driver in my time produce a more brighter sound, and something a little bit more musical.
    Symphonic Drivers are known to be a bit more warm, and resemble the warmth a speaker gives off, and stick to the warmer sounding side.
    Though arguably, I think the IM series in AudioTechnica's lineup carries a different sound due to the shape of the In Ear itself. 
    I own the IM50, and it's a bit more warm sounding than the IM70 and carry lass bass, but more sub bass.
    The IM70 is described a bit more bassier, but carry clarity, which I don't see.
    They're both great!
    The A151P is just a bit more bassier.
    I told them on their Facebook that we need a detachable cable version! I think it'd be a lovely piece to buy then, I don't care for non detachables.
  2. thatBeatsguy
    Not even close to "a bit bassier." The M6 Pro has a ton more bass and impact compared to the A151P G2's smooth, linear bass response. You only perceive it as such due to the M6 Pro's grating upper mods and treble. Both IEMs have wildly different sound signatures, and I find them very hard to compare with each other since they sound so different.
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  3. whitemass
    I've taken Sound charts. 
    False, and you seem to have misunderstood me, take into part I'm not trying to be rude.
    But YES! The M6 is Bassier in the sense of having a lot more bass, but it's nowhere near in your face.
    I've only four pairs of A151Ps' and sound charted all of them, and the A151P doesn't have a powerful bass in regards to the M6 Pros, but it's a completely different sound. As to how you got to me claiming their sound signature was the same, I think that's just your judgment, because nothing was said to compare them to even having the same sound, so what the heck. Actually, to quote you. I only left a few comments, nothing really relaying to your argument of trying to call me onto saying that I'm comparing both the sound signatures to be the same.
    But the A151P is subtle, it's not "FULL ON BASS BRO" as you're implying I'm getting at, but I do need to reword, and say this.
    From all observations I've done, the A151P has more sub bass, and a subtle sound, but not being nearly as musical as the M6 Pro.
    All I ask is that you don't twist my words around.
  4. whitemass
    Also, excuse my anger. Wasn't intentional, just got heated.
  5. Stupidest
    I have this since April 2015. Couldn't count exactly how many hours I've used it but definitely more than 100 hours.
    This earphone surprised me as I didn't had the chance to audition it before purchase(I bought it online). I'll be comparing it to my previous iem, the Shure SE215(it's starting to die on one ear), mainly because many think it is a competitor to it. I've decided to buy one and check it out myself. What I found out is that the M6 Pro is a good contrast to the SE215.
    The first thing I noticed immediately is the recessed mids. Compared to the Shure's the mids are clearly not the strength of the M6 Pro's. As such, human voices sound distant, not as natural and generally loses out to the Shure. After all the listening time/burn in the mids are mostly unchanged. I was feeling a teeeny tiny bit disappointed. 
    Winner: Shure SE215
    At first, I was satisfied with the lows of the M6 Pro's, the bass is quite punchy, the sub-bass rumble is there and noticeable. But after many hours of listening, I found that I wanted more, that I was wanting more bass than what was supposedly adequate bass. Then I listened to my Shure SE215 again. THE LOWS ARE SO MUCH BETTER ON THE SHURE'S. The bass was just as punchy as the M6 Pro but the big difference here is the sub-bass, SO MUCH RUMBLE and SO SATISFYING to hear. I was disappointed again. 
    After months of listening the bass got a bit better with the sub bass getting more 'rumbly' but that still couldn't top what the Shure does. What I did to mitigate this is I used an amp to increase the bass and I was happy again. The amp used was the Hippo Pipe that mainly focuses on enhancing the lows if anyone's wondering.
    Winner: Shure SE215
    After seems like much bashing on the M6 Pro's we've finally come to the strength of this iem, the highs.
    At first I was not keen on the highs as it was slightly sibilant and more sparkly than my liking. After much listening/burn-in it was much improved, the sibilance is mostly gone and the sparkly signature is pronounced but is at a much more tolerable level.
    I enjoyed the highs of the M6 Pro as I've heard details in my music like the cymbals and treble that I couldn't hear clearly before on the Shure SE215. It provided the sparkly sound that I find sorely lacking on the Shure's as the highs of the Shure's drop off too early and don't provide enough spark into the music.
    Winner: Meelectronics M6 Pro
    Fit wise to me they are both almost on the same level but because of the nozzle of the M6 Pro is a wide 5mm nozzle instead of the 3.5mm nozzle on the SE215 I'd imagine it would be uncomfortable for some people. 
    Winner: Shure SE215
    Comfort wise the SE215 takes the lead in this regard. The cable of the M6 Pro more finicky, is easier to get tangled and after months of use the cable is already curled up slightly and I couldn't straighten them completely, I don't encounter any of these problem with the Shure's. The microphonics is slightly worse than the SE215 but to me it's not noticeable when music is playing. The problem here mainly comes from the cable that is IMO too light and not as heavy as the Shure's.
    Winner: Shure SE215
    This is the reason I bought the M6 Pro's, I use my iems mainly for my jogging sessions and in the 2 years of owning the Shure's I've encountered numerous sound cutting off problems because of the poorly implemented removable cable and died eventually on one side as sweat, oxidisation and corrosion got to it. The M6 Pro is in theory much more durable providing sweat resistant and in my opinion much better implementation of removable cable design. It's too early to prove this but so far I do not have a single problem with it. Yet. We'll see.
    Winner: Meelectronics M6 Pro
    Conclusion / tl;dr:
    The M6 Pro and SE215 each have their own strength and weaknesses and they cater to very different kinds of people.
    The SE215 is more to those who prefer bass and/or natural sounding mids but it has lackluster highs, better comfort and fit(for me anyway), and (supposedly)less durable, seriously though, don't use this for sports unless you want to severely shorten the lifespan of it.
    The M6 Pro has less impressive bass, mediocre but serviceable mids, very energetic sparkly sound, less comfortable(for me) and (supposedly)worse fit, and sweat resistant which is good for those who listens to music while exercising.
    Feel free to give feedback as this is all what I think of the M6 Pro compared to the Shure SE215 and my opinions would certainly differ from you guys :)
  6. shockdoc
    I "had" the M6 Pro for a couple of days before I gave them to my son in law. He's hard on IEM's and has trouble keeping them in his ears so I thought they might be a good solution for him. I took the liberty of burning them in for about 48 hours and giving them a cursory listen before giving  them to him. While I like the  execution (inner ear monitor-musician styling and removable cables- to my knowledge the least expensive IEMs so equipped) I found the overall sound average at best. They aren't bad, it's just that there are so many in this price range that are so much better. If you need something super durable it's a no brainer but if you want something that sounds better I would look at the Brainwavz Jive which has much better sound for about half the price. JMO
  7. Stupidest
    I agree with you. It is one of the cheaper but good quality iem that has this over ear design. The M6 Pro is just a slightly improved version of the M6, at its heart its still a sports oriented iem. Anyone that use iem's frequently in the gym or when exercising should consider this iem. Even though there are other options that are better sounding and better value it still holds up on its own, and just my opinion, why risk shortening an iem's lifespan just for better sound when exercising?
    I liked the design of the Shure and would like something like it, but cheaper and more durable and this is what I settled with. I'm happy with it since. Wish your son in law would appreciate this iem like I do :))
  8. jam3s121
    where can i buy a shorter cable? the two included are a bit on the long side but I'm not really interested in a cable thats more than $15..
  9. sailcat9
    After owning the M6 Pro for some months now, and after 75+ hours of burn in, I have found these IEMs to possess decent bass and mids and excruciatingly harsh and piercing highs. I've used the supplied ear tips and I've tried Comply ear tips that work well for me on many other IEMs but nothing helps to bring the M6 Pro's aggressive highs to heel. This is very disappointing considering the M6 Pro is one of the most comfortable IEMs I own and it is very well constructed, as well. It came with a rather nice carrying case, too. Too bad its sound is so unpleasant. There are far better choices in this price range. Not recommended.
  10. KERBY
    Would you guys recommend it for a daily beater? im gonna throw it in my backpack after im done riding the bus to school and for jogs/runs. I mean i dont want my other more fragile stuff to break *cough* carbo tenore& kc06(poor isolation) *cough*
  11. shockdoc
    Seemed pretty sturdy. My SIL has had it since July and it's still ticking and he's rough on 'phones. His Xiaomi Pistons made it about three months.
  12. Wiljen
    I bought a pair of the M6 Pro based on reviews here and would point out two things I learned very quickly. 
    1.) They come with a great variety of tips none of which fit me.   The Comply tips they ship with are T200 isolation mediums.   If you need a different size (like I did) you'll want to order them.
    2.) I really didn't like the sound of the M6 pro and thought perhaps I was expecting too much as I expected them to outperform the ANC-23s they replaced (I liked the sound, hated that box that banked off everything) until I got the right tips.  Once the large comply T200 isolation tips arrived these are a completely different animal and I am thoroughly enjoying them.
    I know it probably goes without saying that fit is everything in iems, but when they ship with the variety of tips that these do, my thought was that at least one style/type should fit.  Know this may not be the case going in and find a set that works for you.
  13. Kenny Ingram
    Thought I'd give a quick update as to how they ended up working for me for the few months I had them. Right away, there's something about them that makes them a little more bulky than the original M6s. The shell is supposed to be the same size, but in my experience, the PROs are a tad bigger, which means a lot when they go so far into your ear. Some will like this, some won't. I didn't. Strike one. Next, he build quality is WAY better on the PROs. You can drop these off of a 6-story building and have no problems (and if you do, you can detach the cable and simply replace the parts that are broken). Next, the sound quality: these are way, way flatter sounding than the original M6s. Again, some will like this, some won't. But after using the originals for so long, my pianos started sounding way too "tinny" (for lack of a better word), and the high end was too much. I played pink, white, ect. noise through them for awhile (which I've never done before), and the experience didn't really change.

    So, for me, the M6 PROs won't be replacing the originals. But even if I don't use them, I can definitely see the appeal of them for many, many people!
  14. thatBeatsguy
    I'm glad you got over the hype that was your initial posts on this thread.
    Hello guys, can someone tell me how does the regular m6 compare to the m6 pro and the shure se215? also how well do they stay in your ear, i plan on using them as sports headphones (i dont need sweatprofoofing but will move around my head quite a bit)
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