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Meelectronics CC51 Full Review

  1. Niyologist
    Okay! Review Time.
    Meelectronics CC51
    Price/Store Location: ($54.99 from Amazon)
    I listened to the CC51 BK for about 2 Hours and this is the Pre Burn-in thoughts.
    Let us start with the bottom of the frequency. Bass.
    Bass: It's punchier and more hard hitting than my M9 by a mile and my SP51 by a tenth of a mile on both the Enhanced Bass Port and especially the Extreme Bass Port. It's clean and barely intrudes with the midrange. The quantity of bass is just like the Enhanced Bass Port of the SP51 and it mainly stays around Mid-Bass and some songs it actually goes down to lower Mid-Bass when called upon on.
    Moving up to midrange
    Midrange: Wow! I gotta say it's certainly much clearer than both the M9 and SP51 (Enhanced Bass and Extreme Bass Ports). Although it's slightly clearer than the SP51 (Balanced Sound Port). It's warmed up by the bass and it's very clean and smooth.
    Last part of the frequency. Treble.
    Treble: Very nice extension. The piano key strokes are decently realistic and the treble isn't sibilant at all. It works really well on Trance music. It makes me enjoy my Trance music to the fullest. [​IMG]
    Soundstage: About Average. I hear some depth to it and a slight bit of height. It'll probably be more 3D after the 50 Hour Burn-In.
    Now with the CC51 Analysis:
    Accessories: 4/5 The standard bi-flange, small bulb, medium bulb, and large bulb
    Build: 4.5/5 The housing feels extremely durable, the fact that it's Ceramic. I do not have any intention of removing the shirt clip after I saw how dangerously sharp it is. I see and feel that the cable is slightly thicker than the SP51, but not as much as the M Series. 
    Isolation: 4/5 It's much better than my vented M9 and SP51.
    Comfort: 4/5 It sits in my ears and I'm not moving it around like the M9 or SP51
    Fit/Seal: 3.5/5 The fact that it's not so good for the narrow ear canal. Although I found a good fit with the medium bulb flange for my left ear and the and the small bulb flange for my right ear.
    Value (Expect it to change): 9.2/10 It's clearer and cleaner than my M9 and SP51 and the fit/seal is slightly better than those two, along with the isolation and comfort and build. It may not be for a basshead (use to be one until a week ago), but it's still bass-heavy anyway. Its' accurate sound and clarity just brought out the best of the music I listen to daily. I sure hope Meelec has some more goods soon, because I'm gonna consume them (not literally).


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