MEElectronics Air-Fi AF32 On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones: First Impressions
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Jun 26, 2011
Wanted to provide some personal feedback on MEE's new Bluetooth headset. 
First, packaging and design are very nice.  The color scheme immediately resembles Dre Beats headphones, but this scarcely bothers me.  I would prefer an all black design if given the choice though. 

Comes carrying pouch, USB cord for charging, as well as a cord to attach to the headphones when you don't want to utilize the bluetooth function. 

So far, overall package is great quality and worth the asking price.  Sound quality is top-notch for sub-$100 headphone.  Using the headphones wirelessly via my laptop (which has Bluetooth built-in) and Nokia Lumia Windows Phone, the sound quality is great, though not quite as good when used with the regular wire.  I expected this as Bluetooth audio always involves a slight degradation in SQ, but it stands up quite well in my opinion and is nothing close to a dealbreaker.  What I notice most is the highs don't come across as clear.  When using at the gym for instance, having a wireless setup is more important to me than being able to hear every ridiculous nuance of my music. 

As for SQ itself, I quite enjoy it.  After burning in for a few hours, a sound signature emerges that is somewhat similar to MEE's HT-21s but better.  Whereas the latter could be a bit too harsh for my ears, the sound signature with the AF32 achieves a smooth balance between highs and  lows.  Bass is extra punchy, perfect for the majority of metal I listen to.  These are NOT bass monsters, and thank god for that.  The sound is very pleasing to my ears.  MEE has sculpted a perfect signature that enhances the material I listen to quite well.  The mix of treble and punchy bass is exactly what I hoped for while the mids are not as forward as the HT-21, but not recessed either to my ears.  Nicely detailed, wide soundstage, and overall punchy sound signature make for a pleasing listening experience.  Overall, I can say these are excellent used wired or wirelessly (I will use them more wired than wirelessly, it is incredibly convenient to have the wireless function for various situations that may call for it.)   This is easily my favorite purchase from MEElectronics yet. 
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Apr 3, 2011
Thanks for writing! I've been interested in the AF32 for quite a while.
I have some questions:

-How durable are these? The band looks a bit similar to the Solos so I'm slightly uneasy.
-How is the isolation and leakage (not cup-shaped padding)?
-How comfortable are they?
-How long does the battery last, and how long does it take to charge?
-How do the controls feel? Are the buttons durable?

The sound signature you describe is very suitable for my tastes so I'm pretty stoked right now.
I've been looking for a solid bluetooth headphone for quite a while but I think my search is over (I'll have to wait until my next paycheck, though). Wireless, here I come

I'm interested in what meelec's headphones will be like in the future. It's lookin' good so far, that's for sure.

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Dec 4, 2010
Great first impressions, thanks for your information.
I would like to purchase a pair of these Bluetooth headphones but have similar questions to Boullion. I have a pair of Jaybird Sportsband 2's and they are great sounding for bluetooth headphones but have some issues:
-How is the sound isolation and leakage? I would like to use them on the train and want to be able to hear my music when the train is very noisy but don't want to annoy people with leakage when the train is quiet. The Jaybirds leak like crazy which is great when jogging or exercising as you can still hear your environment around you and your ears can breath but not great in quiet public places or on the train.
-Do they fall of your head? And are they tight on your ears? The Jaybirds have good grip when running but when you bend down or tilt you head forward they slip, but perfect if you wear a cap or hat. They can get a bit fatiguing due to a tight but not overbearing fit.
-Do they make your ears sweat? I have found that some cushioned, on-ear headphones can get very warm, which is good in the winter but horrible on warm days.
-Are they heavy on your head?
I would love to know your thoughts.

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