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MeElec M6's or Sennheiser CX680's?

  1. aznsennmaster
    Hi, I'm new here. I'm looking for a new pair of earbuds, one that I can use to work out at the gym. I mostly listen to alternative rock, classic rock, and some indie rock. I've narrowed it down to the MeElectronics M6 and the Sennheiser MX680's. To anyone that has used both pairs, what are your thoughts on the comfortability, durability and sound quality of each?
    Also, if anyone could suggest another pair of IEMs that fit the bill, please do. I am willing to spend at most $60. Thanks.
  2. Xinn3r
    The MeElectronics M6 is NOT are not earbuds. They are noise-isolating IEM's.
    And the MeElec M6 is low below your $60 budget.
    You can get definitely get something better at that price, but if you're looking for just using it in the gym, I think the M6 will be sufficient.
  3. boomhaur
    m6, it is by far the most comfortable IEM I own. In fact I am listening to it right now. In terms of durability, I do not question it one bit. Sound quality is quite good as well though I can't compare it to your other choice as I never listened to that one in particular.
    m6 also gives you a very nice selection of tips, 3 normal single flange tips, 2 triple, 1 double. So it helps out in that area for any future IEM choices you make you may be able to use the same tips, my personal preference is the double flange but everyone is different for finding one that provides the right fit.
  4. Coop
    I bought the M6 (P version, with mic) after reading all the great things my fellow headfiers had to say about it. Excellent value for money, good sound for the price, very comfortable. Well, they lied... They were very uncomfortable to me. I couldn't get a decent seal with any of the 70 million included eartips, the memorywire hurt my ears, and the sound is quite pathetic, I own $2 (and that includes shipping from china) cheapies that sound better.
    I bought them to use at the gym, but they get even more uncomfortable when sweating. Also, they pop out all the time. Are they value for money? Sure, but only because I had a coupon for a 50% discount. All I ever use them for these days is as a headset for my phone. At the gym I use a Westone W1, one of the most comfy IEMs I have ever owned.
    If I were you, I'd go with the Sennheiser, or stretch the budget a little and go with the Westone W1 or UM1 or Shure SE215 or something along those lines...
  5. aznsennmaster
    Does anyone who own the CX680's know how they sound?

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