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Mee Audio Pinnacle P2 Review

  1. red71rum
    Mee Audio Pinnacle P2 Review


    Mee Audio recently contacted me and asked if I wanted to check out their Pinnacle P2 (http://www.meeaudio.com/P2). I was intrigued because I remember reading several positive things about their P1 model. This model was supposed to be easier to drive for portable devices such as cell phones and mp3 players. I was intrigued by the promise of an audiophile headphone at a more affordable price point and that were easy to drive with a phone or mp3 player. They also had made the P2 with universal MMCX connectors so you can easily change out the cable. I have owned several Mee Audio headphones prior to these, so I have always been impressed by their sound quality and more affordable price.

    Initial Impression:


    When I first received the Pinnacle P2 I was struck by the nice packaging. The iems are separated from each other and their cables, set in nice foam padding. I could see that Mee Audio had spent some time on the presentation of the headphones. Each headphone was separated and set in nice foam. The casing for the headphones was a nice hard plastic, but light so they would not feel heavy in your ears.



    The Pinnacle P2 came with a fair amount of accessories. Included is the nice case I mentioned above, 6 different sets of silicone eartips and one set of comply memory foam tips. A full size stereo headphone adapter and of course the cable with inline microphone and remote with an mmcx connector is also included.

    Build Quality and Fit:

    Here is a close up of the plastic casing and mmcx connector

    While the P2 are made of plastic, they look and feel very durable. The P2 connect to the wire via an mmcx connection and that feels really solid. It is also great because the cable can be easily replaced in case you damage the headphone or want to change the cable out for a different one. The cable itself is thick, but it kept microphonics to a minimum, especially when the cable is routed over one's ears. The included shirt clip also helped keep the cable from moving around. I found the remote to be well made and it was easy to use to skip and play tracks, answer and end phone calls. They fit well in my ears, I used the triple flange tip because for me, it provides the best seal. The headphones were light weight and I was able to listen for several hours because they were fairly comfortable. Overall the Pinnacle P2 feel very sturdy and if they are anything like my prior Mee Audio headphones, built to last.

    Here is a shot of the P2 in my ear, with the cable routed over it.



    To test the headphones I used FLAC recordings and used the headphones with both the IPhone 7 Plus and Samsung S7. The Pinnacle P2 have a warm sound, that is less clinical than other headphones that I have\had. They have ample bass and mid bass, but it is not overpowering. This is also dependent on the tips you choose and whether you can get a proper seal or not. You have to try the different tips and see what works best for you. I prefer the triple flange tips that, at least for me, provide better sound isolation. The treble is there also, there is a nice sparkle to the highs. Of course the treble can be changed by what tips you prefer. I listened to everything from classical to metal. Some of the tracks I used were from artists such as Threshold, Vektor, Witherscape, Foo Fighters, Gary Numan etc. I found that the P2 had a decent sound stage and provided good instrument separation. When listening to the P2, the sound was detailed with crisp highs, decent bass, and mid-bass, but the sound was never fatiguing.


    Taking Calls:

    I wanted to see how they did with calls, to see how the call quality was. Now while the P2 are for music, the sound quality on calls was decent and the callers said that I sound pretty good also. The callers said that there was not that much ambient sound in the background and they could hear me clearly.


    Well, after using the Pinnacle P2, they are now my go to wired headphone\iem. I love the isolation they provide from the outside world and the sound quality. They really make my music come alive, and I have found that I am grabbing them instead of the myriad Bluetooth headphones that I have at my disposal. I don't think you will be disappointed with the Pinnacle P2.
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2017
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  2. Jeepz
    Excellent review. Thank you.

    Have you compared these with the SE215?

    Also, have you looked into MEE audio BTX1 wireless cable for these?
  3. red71rum
    I never bought a pair of the SE215, although I know that they are well regarded. I like Shure headphones. I was supposed to get a look at the BTX1, but I have not had a chance to check them out. In fact, I did not realize that they had been released. I will say though that I could imagine that the combination of the BTX1 and P2 would sound great, especially with BTX1 having AptX.
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  4. Jeepz
    Definitely! Also supports AAC. Might have to pull the trigger. Let me know how it works out on your end!

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