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MEE Audio Pinnacle P1 - $199 Dynamic Driver Flagship *Reviews 2nd Post*

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  1. audio123
    Looks like there are many team flc8s in this thread
  2. ezekiel77

    Lol we're always looking out for the latest and greatest.
  3. audio123
    Kenny Li is a genius anyone has his headfi account
  4. majo123
     i have followed this thread for a few days now and decided today to click on buy , i had to import from us to uk ....soooo hope these live up to the hype [​IMG] .......cant wait to try em .
  5. gnarlsagan
    Very close to pulling the trigger on these. Waiting for @shotgunshane to push me over the edge.
  6. shotgunshane Contributor

    Ha! Then you'll be happy to know I'll have a pair in hand most likely by the weekend.
  7. audiobot

    I too am watching senpai closely.
  8. audio123
  9. irrefleumas
    Hi Twister,

    I have a question here. I really enjoyed your review and I really tempted to buy one.

    Which one is clearer, P1 or Dunu 2KJ? I know that its already compared to Dunu, but I'm still confused, pardon this brain limitation :p

    You said that P1 is an alternative of Dunu in terms of clarity. But at the end you said that P1 is not for one that looking for revealing IEM. Isnt revealing = clear, much detail?

    Thank you so much.
  10. twister6 Contributor
    Hey man, what I wrote in my review "P1 is an excellent alternative for those who enjoy revealing detailed signature of DN2kJ but want a more balanced smoother sound with more body and without compromising retrieval of details".  DN2kJ will have more clarity, will be more crisp, while P1 will be smoother in relative comparison.  But just in relatively comparison since P1 still has plenty of clarity.  It's all a relative comparison in how we hear (and we all hear it slightly different), since I know some people find DN2kJ smooth, while I'm more sensitive to higher frequencies and find it more harsh.  You can have an excellent retrieval of details from either bright IEMs or smoother/warmer IEMs.  I consider more revealing IEMs to hit analytical level of brightness, where DN2kJ excels better than P1.  P1 has more body, not as thin in lower mids, and smoother at the top in comparison.
    Keep in mind, this is PURELY a relative comparison, and just because one is more revealing or analytical than the other, it doesn't mean that the other one is not clear or detailed [​IMG]
  11. irrefleumas

    Hi Twister, thank you for the fast reply and sorry for my reading skill. Thank you again for making it clear for me. Im eager to try this one, waiting for another great review.
  12. majo123
    ​Thanks for reiterating that! (already advised me on difference between DN2kj and P1)......I also can suffer if too bright/ high frequencies, and ordered p1s yesterday!
    Last post reassures me even more i made the right decision[​IMG] ...........just got to wait for import from US to UK until I can try them[​IMG]
    Thanks Twister.
  13. BloodyPenguin Contributor
    Got my Pinnacle P1 today.
    Here is how I avoid fingerprints for my photo-shoot:
  14. Luckbad
    Pinnacles in my ears. These are excellent IEMs. Top notch build and comfort, great isolation, very good sound.
    I'm a total basshead, but wanted something with really good isolation that is versatile for work. I also wanted it to cost less than I sold my Kickers for. But I bought these anyway knowing they could be returned. They aren't going back.

    They need burn-in. They also sound much better from my amplifier than from my phone.

    I'm currently trying them out with the triple flange tips and I'd call the overall response pretty similar to an HD600.

    Tip rolling always makes a huge difference for IEMs.

    Now I have Comply in one ear and Monster SuperTips in the other. Bass comes up a bit. Treble goes down a bit.

    Not quite as authoritative as my modded HD650, but we'll see after burn-in.

    I can already tell these are going to be great all-rounder earphones.

    Coupled with all of their other merits, and I'd say they're a steal at $200.

    Some notes so far:
    1. They need an amp. 50 Ohms at 1 kHz, 96±3 dB (1mW at 1 kHz). This is actually good news for me, because I primarily use my IEMs at work with an amp. These are not workout headphones.
    2. Build quality is superb. Great cables, housings are super solid, no roughness at all to them.
    3. Isolation is very good. Better than any IEM I've owned. Not as much isolation as Etymotics, but better than most everything else.
    4. Sound so far is good. Not a lot of sub-bass and very slightly rough around the edges, but I anticipate them smoothing out a touch with burn-in, which should leave them with a great combo of clarity and silkiness.
    5. They can be worn over ear or down. Unlike any other earphone I've heard claiming that, these do it. They nestle in perfectly in either direction (you have to swap the cable connection to so without reversing stereo).
    6. Soundstage is very good. Better than HD650 (which isn't its strong suit).
    7. I mention these alongside the HD6x0 not because everyone else mentions those headphones with every IEM, but because they are mid-centric. The treble is a touch brighter than the HD650, but so far isn't bothersome to me. The bass is a little less authoritative than the HD650 so far as well. Burn-in might change everything. We'll see.
    8. These appear to be keepers. No regrets spending the money for them.

  15. audio123
    P1 officially top of my want list
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