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MEE Audio Pinnacle P1 - $199 Dynamic Driver Flagship *Reviews 2nd Post*

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  1. Steve_72
    I just auditioned these in store today and spent a fair amount of time with them. Darn they're bloody good - and a complete steal at the listed price IMO. Bar none the best build quality I've observed in an IEM regardless of price - the machined housing and braided cable just ooze quality workmanship and class. Really impressed with the sound quality as well. Sounds surprisingly airy for an IEM and has a very pleasant sound signature. Bass has a good weight to it without sounding bloated or congested. Quite dumbfounded by how much they give my W60 and Angie's a run for their money. 
    Got mine today. Big step up for Meelec. Great build and packaging. My initial sound impressions are very positive.

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  3. audio123

    is it comparable to k10u, jupiter, fitear etc
  4. audio123

    Oh nice.Looks like i need get myself a pair
    Let's not get crazy.  A German manufacturer could sell these for $400 and nobody would be surprised.  Not quite in the same league as the TOTL IEMs.
  6. audio123

    Fair enough haha
  7. zibra
    Maybe its too early but has anyone ch​ance to compare P1 to In Ear SD-2?
  8. gnarlsagan

    All of the TOTL IEMs have flaws. Not that there aren't some greats, but nowadays there are many budget offerings that sound just as good if not better than many TOTL IEMs. What you usually don't get with budget IEMs is a nice package and/or build quality.
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  9. HiFlight
    Primacy vs Pinnacle????
  10. twister6 Contributor
    They compliment each other, rather then compete :wink:  Primacy is smooth, warmer, detailed, while P1 is more neutral, brighter, revealing.  Both are great.
  11. HiFlight

  12. audio123

    which one do u like better hehe
  13. audio123
    just curious am i right to say that the p1 is between dunu2kj and dunu titian 1
  14. soundstige
    Considering 2kJ > Titan 1, and considering many report FLC8S technically better than 2kJ, and considering I find P1 more revealing and detailed than FLC8S.... I wouldn't say so, no.
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  15. ezekiel77
    Man I gotta listen to this. Has anyone ever heard the P1 and Titan 1? I love the treble, soundstage and airiness of the T1, although the mids are a bit thin.
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