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MEE Audio Pinnacle P1 - $199 Dynamic Driver Flagship *Reviews 2nd Post*

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  1. soundstige
    I'm a proud owner of the Etymotic ER4S for over 3 years.... it's the same story all over again, just with different characters... the treble extension and clarity is improved in the P1, the soundstage is GREATLY widened and deepened in the P1, and the P1 has real, authoritative bass response, and ONLY when called on by the song.
    I'm really shocked, frankly.
  2. Antihippy
    How's the note body? Are the mids and bass generally thin sounding?
  3. soundstige
    The weight of the bass is seriously perfect. It's actually the thickest and most resonant when the song has that much volume in the sub-200Hz section, among any IEM I have, and the thinnest when there are only light, quiet notes of bass.
    The weight of the mids is maybe the only criticism I can think of right now. I have a few other IEMs that have more "realistic" representation when the mids ask for it (like belting out power notes etc.) -- my HiFiMan RE-252 and RE-262 can sometimes have a more ferocious display of vocal power than the P1, for example. On the other side of the coin, because of its vocal ability, the RE-252 can get congested in the bass and treble and detail aspects and its sub-bass is weak; because of its vocal ability, the RE-262 can actually be TOO powerful and cause someone to wince while listening to a track that has been mastered to really let the vocalist shine. The P1 errs on the side of caution with vocals (please know that this NEVER means "recessed" or "laid back") and while it may not give you the same positive emotions all the time from vocals, it will also refrain from some of the negative emotions of other "stronger vocal" IEMs.
  4. soundstige
    I should note that generally speaking, the very first thing you'll probably notice upon listening to this IEM is "wow, it's treble-forward, I'm not used to that" and you may have a feeling of uneasiness from being unfamiliar with it -- or maybe you've had bad experience with other treble-forward IEMs that also became sibilant, lacked mids, lacked bass, etc.
    However, the second thing you'll notice is "this treble does not sound like ANY other IEM I have ever heard before" and all that uneasiness will melt away.....
  5. jant71
    I have a couple of requests :) if you guys would be so gracious...
    @twister6: Could you try the Orivetti cable on the P1. Looks good as an extra. Wonder about the fit of the connector and the apparently smaller strain and any noticeable sound change. not sure if some of the Primacy smoothness comes from the cable and can change the P1 treble or not. I know both are sliver plated so probably not much difference.
    @soundstige: Could you give D2 --->P1 impressions as I got an M2 this Christmas and am using that pretty exclusively lately so it would be nice to know how it drives it and how it responds to the preset EQ's perhaps.
  6. gnarlsagan
    I've got my eye on this thread. These sound promising. I wouldn't mind more ER4S comparisons.
    tomscy2000 likes this.
  7. soundstige
    I'll do some direct head-to-head ER4S comparisons for you tomorrow mate.
    jesusio likes this.
  8. twister6 Contributor
    Just did, and I actually like P1 with its own cable better than using w/Oriveti cable.  P1 cable has thicker conductors, though sometime it's hard to co-relate it to sound quality/improvement.  Oriveti cable is very nice, thinner and softer, but P1 with its own cable sounds a bit smoother versus a touch harsher with Oriveti cable.  Maybe my brain is playing tricks on me, but I prefer Primacy with its own cable and P1 with its own cable :)  I'm sure if there is a difference, it's very subtle.  Btw, MEEaudio will be selling their cables as stand alone accessory soon.  That cable is pure quality.  Also, I have new Fidue A83 single ended/balanced cable coming my way for review: http://penonaudio.com/FIDUE-A83-2.5-3.5mm-MMCX-Cable - P1 cable reminds me a lot of it.  Will let you guys know how it compares.
  9. alpha421
    Was there ever a sound comparison between the P1 and Orivetti?
  10. audio123
    can i ask how is p1 compared to dita the truth @soundstige
  11. soundstige
    Never owned a DITA product, unfortunately.
  12. audio123

    haha icic oh wait u r part of TEAM FLC TOO![​IMG]
  13. soundstige
    Yep! And aside from the insane bass slam with red filters, and the super-spacious sound stage the FLC8S provide.... I'd rather listen to the P1 [​IMG]
  14. audio123

    Oh my
  15. posnera
    I've been thinking about replacing my TF10 for a while.  I love the overall sound, detailed bass and instrument separation.  I can get a good seal, but they do get uncomfortable after a while and they need to be fiddled with to maintain their position.  I prefer a deeper insertion for better isolation.
    The TF10 is the only good quality IEM I've ever used, so I don't have a big frame of reference.  I have a KRK KNS8400 over-ear which I also really like.  I guess I lean towards a balanced sound, definitely not bass-heavy.
    Within those parameters, comfort and isolation are my top priorities - the early reviews of the P1 sound promising.
    Budget is an issue, I'm not spending >$300 for any headphone.
    Should I consider these?  The Orvieti Primacy also sound interesting, I've been following that thread as well.
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