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MEE Audio Pinnacle P1 - $199 Dynamic Driver Flagship *Reviews 2nd Post*

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  1. shotgunshane Contributor
    Sounds promising.
  2. twister6 Contributor
    Maybe try to go to the next larger size silicone tip?  I actually switched to using UE900 silicone tips.  They have a bigger/wider cap.  It's all about the seal :wink:
  3. soundstige
    I made sure I had a perfect seal. It's simply the character of silicone versus foam.
  4. twister6 Contributor
    ... and unique anatomy of our ears [​IMG]
  5. soundstige
    These are seriously getting a lot of headspace with me.... I have an FLC8S and Fidue A83 next to me that are being neglected.... the P1 don't really sound like any other headphone I've ever heard. They're so detailed and cohesive.
  6. vipervick
    How do they fare with metal? Would they fit under a motorcycle helmet. I had the MEE Audio M-Duo's, and liked the sound.
  7. soundstige
    Wow, I really have to thank you for asking that question. For the past two hours, I've been listening to some of my metal collection. I tried to really range the styles from Dio to Iron Maiden to Faith No More to Fall Of Troy to Iced Earth. They are hands-down the best IEMs I've ever used for metal, for two main reasons: they don't over-accentuate bass, the bass just sounds like a bass guitar or synth as it should; and because the treble extension gives the guitar such a realistic crunch I feel like I'm hearing them play live. Good metal is all about tone and speed and emotion, and the clarity that comes through these in unmatched, especially at this price range.
    I believe due to their over-ear shape, they would fit much better than a straight-down IEM under your helmet.
    shotgunshane and vipervick like this.
  8. Idsynchrono_24
    Welp. Interesting rising.
  9. cnp559
    I wonder how P1 compare to Audio-technica ath-IM02 ? I was thinking about buying im02 but since i saw this review I'm not very sure which one to buy now.
  10. soundstige
    I owned the IM02 for about a month. Don't bother. They're fairly similar sound signature, and the P1 is more competent in literally every way. They're not even in the same class. The P1 exceeds the IM04 which I had for about 3 months.
  11. cnp559
    So P1 really is a Giant killer then. This is very helpful ,now i can decide which to buy. Thanks !
  12. OMGLadyGaga
    Hmmm, this seems promising. I am in the market for a neutral-ish iem as my gr07s recently died, was debating the im02, ue900, Titan 1, re400, fidelio s2anything under $500 really and I stumbled on an inner fidelity video about these. the above impression about killing the im02 has me very very intrigued. How do these compare to the GR07?
  13. mochill
    Very interested
  14. soundstige
    I also had the GR07 for about six months. I love the GR07. Frankly I'd say the GR07 beats the IM02, but not in every way. GR07 has a really nice natural flow to it, though  it can be sibilant at times (and real sibilance, not just "strong treble presence"). The IM02 just tended to sound artificial in comparison to the GR07, though the IM02 had more "seductive" bass, one could say.
    As far as the GR07 vs P1 goes, the P1 definitely have more treble extension than the GR07, and man is it smooooth. There's quite a bit more bass in the P1 too, but it NEVER bleeds into the mids in my experience. Background detail is one area where the P1 wipes the floor with GR07. The staging on the P1 is wider too, so it lets you focus in on all the background parts a lot better, where the GR07 would get smeared sometimes (especially if sibilance occurred, it would kind of obliterate the rest of the spectrum for that moment in time while listening). I really liked the GR07 but the sibilance and minor lack of clarity in the highs is exactly what is the most notable upgrade listening to the P1.
    canali likes this.
  15. jant71
    Hmmm. I had the Gr07 and the treble extension was quite good but then I had the first run, early batch one that was changed by all accounts. How bout vs. the Ety in treble extension? I am also quite familiar with that and it is a more stable, perhaps more reliable, comparison at least for me. Thanks!!
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