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MEE Audio Pinnacle P1 - $199 Dynamic Driver Flagship *Reviews 2nd Post*

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  1. sardar17

    oh i am gonna get these for sure then...........
  2. twister6 Contributor
    If you really into super-budget IEMs, check out MEEaudio RX18 (look through my review index, I covered it before x-mas).  It still goes on Amazong between $6.50 and $8.  Different sound sig, but quite impressive sound quality for such a cheap budget price (and still with 2-year warranty).  For other budget stuff, you need to look into KZ IEMs, typically between $10-$15 (also in my review index).
    People set a budget based on what they can afford and look for options within that budget with a best price/performance ratio.  But as you go up in price, you are dealing with diminishing returns law where doubling in price can bring only 10% improvement.  If you have money to spend and want the absolute best, people have no problem justifying $1k-$2k CIEMs.
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  3. jant71
    Maybe a chance for a little P1, CKR10, Primacy 3-way general impression thing possible? [​IMG]
  4. AndroidVageta
    The thing is though that I'm not really into budget IEM's. I bought the E100 as a one off...just to see what they were about. Did NOT expect to end up selling my JH16's and HD800's because they outclassed those. 
    That's why IEM's like these P1's, while I'm sure are nice, are harder for me to justify now. Mainly because I doubt they sound as nice but mostly because they're so much more money compared to something I paid a little over ten bucks for, ya know?
  5. twibmassa
    Twister, I know you described the fit...but how comfortable is it really? I find myself listening predominantly to 2 sets of iem's based on comfort alone even though I have much better performing sets...The X11 and A151. Is there another pair that fit similar to these for comparison? Is it easy or difficult to get a good seal right away? 
    Also, can you describe the flexibility of that cable, sometimes high-end cables are so rigid they can be more of a nuisance, is that the case here at all? Same rigidity as the a151 cable?
    Thanks so much!
  6. twister6 Contributor
    Oh, I'm well aware of high end cables, reviewed a lot :wink:  This is among the top I tried.  Very flexible and comfortable with wire up fitment.  Plus, cable cinch brings wires together to tuck them behind your ears.  In terms of comfort, they don't exactly disappear like my Westone W60 or UM Pro 50, those are very lightweight plastic.  You will feel a little bit of weight, though 6g is nothing.  But ergonomics of the design is on par with Westone and Shure.
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  7. majo123
    hi , just read your review and all of this thread was looking around for new IEM,s (relative newbie) and was considering the dunu dn 2000j, but was worried about them being a bit bright?harsh for me , brightness can be a bit fatiguing for my ears, would you say these would be more suitable?
    just looking for the best all rounder ..sound stage, micro detailing, fit, for long periods of use, dont mind slightly warm ....   under £500 /700 us dollars... will  be pairing with a fiio x7 .....getting a bit bogged down with choice lol.. currently using sony xba h3 hybrid but dont think im getting the best out of my player with these  .....and these p1s sound good!
    any help appreciated.
  8. twister6 Contributor
    P1 pairs up great with X7.  I'm very sensitive, actually make it 'allergic' to harsh upper frequencies and DN2kJ even with foam tips can get a bit harsh to my ears (on certain tracks).  Using P1 with silicone tips without a problem.  And you get extra high frequency tone-down headroom when switching to comply tips.
  9. majo123
    thanks for that reply, looks like l will be investing in a pair......i too have that allergy lol and im constantly looking for IEMS that dont sacrifice anything by not being so bright....nothing worse than spending 100s and ending up with just earache.....thanks for your help. 
  10. sardar17
    Generally such pairs with more harsh upper frequencies give a perception of added clarity like my hp 200 headphone.I hope u remember hp200 as u had reviewed it once nd i bought it reading ur review and am pretty happy.
    So i think if a person likes a relatively flat,neutral headphone like hp200 then he would like p1 too??Is that so?
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  11. soundstige
    My pair was just delivered today at home, I'll be giving my impressions later tonight.
  12. majo123
    would be great to hear your opinion [​IMG]
  13. kiler
    Damnn, I can't wait for more of you guys to get your hands on these. Want to hear what you have to say :) 
  14. soundstige
    Very, very quick impressions (literally 20 minutes of listening time). I will expand / correct / reinforce / elaborate at a later point.
     Bass Light Bass Heavy |--------o--|----------| No Subbass Good Subbass |-----------|----o-----| Mids Light Mids Heavy |----------o|----------|  Treble Light Treble Heavy |-----------|--o-------| Low Detail High Detail |-----------|-------o--| Very Smooth Sibilant |-----------|---o------| Narrow Stage Wide Stage |-----------|-o--------| Impersonal Intimate |--------o--|----------| Artificial Natural |--------o--|----------|
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  15. soundstige
    Been listening to these on and off for a day now. Some very important things I've noticed.
    • The silver-plated cable is arguably of much higher quality, and it considerably extends the FR on both ends -- bass dips deeper and highs reach further. HOWEVER, I find it to tip the scale of harsh and make the P1 too treble-heavy to listen to. I have five total MMCX cables (partially by accident), and all four other ones "reduce" the extension a little, but I only find it to impact the treble, which is a good thing for me. Basically, the silver-plated cable does +5% bass, +20% treble.
    • The micro-detail and note persistence the P1 is capable of is STUNNING. Even better than my Etymotic ER4S. It's so much easier for me to hear background lines in complex passages with the P1 than in any other IEM I have.
    • The treble-extension is extremely flat and has excellent resolution.
    • Very comfortable and easy to wear, all the time.
    • The included silicone tips fit great; however they enhance treble too much too. I was having a bit of trouble with treble with silicone + silver-plated cable, I can tell you that!! But the Comply tips work much better. It's not a matter of "softening" the treble; the Comply tips "stop enhancing" the treble compared to the silicone.
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