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Apr 8, 2007
hello all,
last chance, these may all be lost in move.

my medical expense meltdown continues, time to part with a few sentimental collectables.

For sale are several SACDs, all New.
  1. Some items are New *sealed and unopened*
  2. Some items are New but *unsealed* as is occasionally the case with product received in transactions from UK and Europe. These items are in perfect condition, discs pristine; but as the product is unsealed I must therefore ethically refer to them below as "Like New"

asking prices USD noted with each item

New *factory sealed and unopened*
  1. SACD - Richard & Linda Thompson - Shoot Out the Lights - $100
  2. SACD - David Elias - Crossing - $40
  3. SACD - Kinks - Everybody's in Show-biz - $15

Like New - unsealed but pristine (all M/M-)
  1. SACD - Talk Talk - The Colour of Spring - $225
  2. SACD - Talk Talk - Spirit of Eden - $225
  3. SACD - Albert King w Stevie Ray Vaughan - In Session - $60
  1. SACD (FAN) - CCR - The Concert - $40

Thank you for looking, and perhaps helping out at this difficult time.

Probably becoming boring to those who see my Classifieds, but here's boilerplate:

Due to several (more, sigh...) recent major medical incidents, surgeries and resulting overwhelming medical bills, I am urgently selling some items which may be of interest to forum members. I am original owner of all pieces listed. Generally have all original packing, manuals, accessories.

> will consider price reduction for combined purchases ie incl equipment I'm selling in this other Source Components classified (same "[FS] [ medical 911]" post header):  audio interfaces & monitor controllers, disc players, cables, RAIDs & Drobos, UPS & surge protectors)

My pain, your gain as it were. Appreciate your help. If interested, please PM and post in this thread noting items.

Thanks, Chuck

* smoke-free residential environment
* all electronics EXC condition; always protected behind surge-x SEQ a/o APC UPS
* all drobos and RAIDs are FW400 + FW800 + USB2
* prices USD; paypal OK; creative pricing for multiple-item purchases
* located near Palo Alto, CA. shipping: local sales preferred but will discuss (simply too ill to handle lots of shipping logistics)
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