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Mcintosh MVP881 rebadged/modded Denon DVD-A1UDCI?

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by sb, Feb 9, 2010.
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  1. n3rdling
    Not sure what cars have to do with anything, but it is definitely inappropriate to suggest via thread title that a component is a rebadge of another without giving appropriate evidence of such a claim. A couple pictures of back panels tells absolutely nothing about what is inside, and a component can't be a rebadge unless the insides are identical. I hope this is clear now.
  2. haloxt
    Because cars is where rebadging is most common, and whenever it happens there's also revisions to the rebadged car, why can't the word retain the same indirect suggestion in audio?

    I'd like to see SB provide it, but I wonder if he hasn't left this forum already.
  3. m11a1

    Originally Posted by haloxt /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    Because cars is where rebadging is most common

    give me an example....
  4. haloxt
  5. skyline889 Contributor
  6. Bobpaule
    OK, here is the DVD-A1UDCI processing path, you see 5 32 bit AKM4399 (Esoterics use them) DACs, just like in the Marantz UD9004 clone:
    Now, the MVP881 uses 24bit DACs, so no, it is not a clone.
    The MVP891 uses only 4 8 channel 32 bit DACs, no name given.
    Studying the PCBs on the Denon, Marantz, and Mac 891 one sees a difference, a lot more plastic components on the Mac, less caps, smaller ones too. One HDMI output only, albeit 1.4(3D).
    So, needless to say for an audiophile the order is:
    Knowing that 3/4 of  UD9004s are former refurbs, given a faulty Denon tray chassis implementation design, we can safely say that if one can put up with the poor BD (30% or so cannot be read) performacne of the A1UDCI, that player is still best bet.
    Hopefully we will see better products from the now liberated fro the D&M Holdings McIntosh.
    As for the mass hysteria spawning Oppo 105, it only uses one DAC for 7.1 single ended. As for the newbs fascination with DSD and MLP/PCM HDMI transmission, no processors currently boast the 7.1 single ended DAC power of the A1UDCI and clone.
  7. guaishushu
    me too,I doubt I'd buy that league of equipment even if I won a lottery, but it was a blast!
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