McIntosh Introduces the MHA150!
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Jan 27, 2020
Have been using a Focal Arche with my Stelias for several months now. I have been offered a good price $2500 on a McIntosh MHA 150. Have wanted the latter for some time. Like the fact that the Arche is balanced, but is the quality of the McIntosh worth the money for me to buy it and possibly sell the Arche?
Thanks in advance for your input. (Using A & K devices.)
If you like MHA150 sound signature go for it. You will love it. If you are looking for a less warm and very analytical sound this may not be the best choice. The specs can be seen as bit outdated (no DSD512 for example) but again it depends on your needs. I've tried pairing MHA150 with different dacs based on ESS chips (like MHA) but I wasn't happy with final result. I've got a feeling something was lost which made me believe that MHA150 is great single box solution.

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