Mayflower T50RP vs ZMF Master Model V2?
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New Head-Fier
Oct 14, 2015
Hey again,
So I've narrowed down my headphones to these two, ~50-70 dollars apart. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with both of these, or even just one of them and tell me what they think? 
My budget is maxed at $300, but I can dish a few extra bucks if need be. I would listen to mostly melodic stuff, with some low-key rock at point (John Butler Trio is  good example). I listen to a lot of hiphop, and electric music (nothing dubstep at all really, solid examples are Nujabes, Uyama Hiroto, Blizik. Really calm stuff). I'd also like to know which one leaks the less sound? I know they have a slightly open back, but not a lot of noise gets in or out. (also if anyone thinks there's a better headphone out there feel free to suggest it, but I've been researching for a few weeks and I think these are super close to what I want, especially the zmf's)
If anyone could give me some input that'd be really stellar. Thanks!

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