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Maverick Audio D1 Dac/Amp $150 includes shipping US and PayPal only

  1. BournePerfect
    Long time lurker/first time poster here. I am selling this to upgrade to the Burson HA-160 amp to drive my K702's. This amp is stock, and in perfect condition and working order. I bought it 4 months ago to drive my D2000s, and it have roughly 800 hours burn-in time.
  2. BournePerfect
    Maybe this would be better off put in the DAC for sale section??
  3. BournePerfect
    Price drop.
  4. BournePerfect
  5. lentiman
  6. ccklone
    Hey Now,
    Finest kind,
  7. alvaroa
    is this the new version?
  8. BournePerfect
    My apologies to everyone that pm'ed me yesterday and today...THIS HAS BEEN SOLD...to ccklone here on this forum. For what it's worth, it was just the stock D1 without the GE tubes. I should have updated this yesterday, my bad.

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