Maverick Audio D1 DAC & A1 Integrated Amp w/ upgraded tubes! (Free shipping)
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May 29, 2009
EDIT: Full gallery of pictures here:
For sale are the pair of Maverick Audio products, the well-regarded D1 DAC with upgraded opamps and upgraded GE 5670 tubes as well as the accompanying A1 amp with the upgraded Raytheon 6AK5 tubes. The A1 works well as a headphone amplifier as well as a 20wpc speaker amp, and had no problems driving my bookshelf speakers. Together, they have great synergy not to mention match and look pretty neat as a stack.
The D1 was purchased directly from Ryan at Maverick Audio less than a year ago and is in flawless condition and is like new. I am the second owner of the A1, which was purchased from a fellow Head-Fier, and it too is in near perfect condition except for a scratch at the top of the case, which is cosmetic only. 
The reason for this sale is that I'm moving from Boston (RIP marathon victims and MIT Officer Collier) all the way to San Diego, so I have to get rid of most of my audio gear. 
I'm asking for $280 + free shipping and insurance for both, and I will absorb the Paypal fees as well. I'd like to sell them together, but will entertain offers for each if they are reasonable. Please feel free to ask me any questions, I will have pictures up shortly. 
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