Matrix Audio X-Sabre Pro

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by mtoc, Nov 11, 2016.
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  1. DarKu
    Hey guys,
    Some time ago I've seen somewhere on matrix audio website that firmware of X-Sabre Pro can be updated with newer firmware, I didn't do that and don't find that information anymore.
    Did some of you updated to newer firmware?
    My unit displays firmware V 1.51, is there newer one? and if so where it can be downloaded?
    Many thanks
  2. Cobold
    From Questions and answers on their homepage
    Q: How many ES9038PRO D/A chips are there in an X-SABRE Pro?
    A: There is 1 ES9038PRO D/A chip in an X-SABRE Pro. ES9038PRO is a high performance 32-bit 8-channel DAC, we use each 4 D/A units process 1 channel audio stream, which constructed the 8 mono to stereo structure. So it’s no need to use more ES9038PRO chips in X-SABRE Pro.
    Initiated by your post, I contacted the store I bought mine from, and got 1.82.
  4. JeffMann
    How does one actually update the Matrix Sabre-X Pro DAC's firmware? What is the process?

    I have version 1:74. Where can one find what is different between version 1:74 and version 1:82?

    An instruction document comes with the firmware. There is no update log description. I was asked to give the serial number of my unit to get the firmware update, which I assume may mean I should not tell the details in public.
  6. zerstorer
  7. DarKu
    Can't read that after work :triportsad:
    Anyway will try updating this week-end.
    Anyone done it already, are there any sonic improvements?
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2017
  9. project86 Contributor
    Spacing looks normal to me.

    The process looks really complex at first glance, but once you read closer it's actually not bad. The site is just documenting every single step and screen, so it looks worse than it is.
  10. ArthurPower
    It's not that hard just take one step at a time. :)
  11. JeffMann
    I have a number of questions regarding the firmware 1:82 update process.

    First of all, it states that the first step is to press-and-hold the upgrade button. However, there is no button visible on the back panel. I can only see a hole. Does one need to insert "something" in the hole to press the button that presumably must exist inside? What object should one use and how does one know if one has pressed the button down sufficiently?

    Second question - relates to step 5. It states "load the update image file". How does one load that file? Does one have to choose that file from a list and then hit enter, or is the load-process different?

    Finally, what will happen if the update process accidently doesn't happen as described in each step? If the process hangs, or if different (unanticipated) events happen, can one abort the process and safely revert back to the factory-installed firmware (which is firmware 1:74 in my personal unit)?

  12. LoryWiv
  13. ArthurPower
    Jeff Yes, a paper clip works fine or any other small object. You'll feel a slight click when you press the button in.

    Just like LoryWiv said above select the update file from the drop down menu. There are actually two upgrade files included a HEX and a BIN file. The HEX file upgrades the MCU and FPGA. The BIN file upgrades the XMOS USB chip. Both files are labelled accordingly.

    Just take it step by step and I think you'll find it really is not as complicated as the directions look.

    If the update was to fail (which is extremely rare) the unit would no longer work and would have to be sent in for a warranty repair. As long as the power doesn't go out in the middle of the update you'll be fine. :)
  14. DarKu
    Need to find a windows computer to do this sh!t, are there any sonic improvements?
  15. JeffMann
    Now, I am more confused. Do I have to select two files when I load the 1:82 update from the update list?

    Also, there is a part 2 in the instructions to update the driver. Should I also be checking my driver status during the 1:82 update?
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