Matrix Audio X-Sabre Pro

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by mtoc, Nov 11, 2016.
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  1. mtoc
    Features: ES9038Pro, ES9311, Crystal clocks

    SNR: 134dB
    THD+n: -118dB

    Optionl ASRC (means the ASRC could be turned off by the user, actually this is an option for the entire ES9028/38 series)
  2. hugoboss
    do you have any link to this new dac looks promising
    is it dual ess or single chip
  3. HoloSpice
    Here you go. :)

  4. amigastar
    Whats the difference between the X-Sabre Pro and X-Sabre 2, is it the same product?
    I'm quoting project86 here from the Matrix X-Sabre DAC review thread.
    But this one uses ES9038Pro chip appearently.
    Edit: ok appearently it's the same product but uses the ES9038Pro chip instead the ES9028 one as assumed earlier.
  5. Greggo
    This DAC really looks promising IMHO. I am tempted with the NOS stuff, and of course the multi-bit and R2R stuff as well... but still open to the idea that a really well implemented TOTL ESS chip and power management can bring the punch and detail I crave without any harshness or fatiguing tonal signature. I have been looking at the Brooklyn, Menuet and Yggy, but would rather spend a bit less and also have a small form factor like the X-Sabre Pro.
    If they want to max out those pre-orders they really need a couple units floating around for some initial impressions to be shared and get a little buzz going on this thing.
  6. hugoboss
    price have shown in matrix audio shop $1399 for preorder
  7. BarDash
    I'm thinking about this DAC or getting the IFI DSD Pro. (if that ever gets released)
    I'm wondering how the X-Sabre Pro will match up with the IFI Pro ICAN?
  8. daltonljj
    i currently own the x-sabre and considering on getting the x-sabre pro... seems to of really good specs
  9. socks mk2
  10. Rockcoon
    any review or impressions on it?
  11. Fujak
  12. audiobill
    +2, please!
  13. mtoc
    I know a guy, he got one, been using for a few weeks, but he doesn't say a word about it, yet.
  14. Greggo
    I just got mine yesterday, haven't even hooked it up yet... I will be posting some pics and impressions at some point soon but my schedule is not looking all that good for the next few weeks unfortunately. Will try to get some quick notes on the forum here this weekend.
  15. Rockcoon
    that would be nice.
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