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Math-Fi Question

  1. Magicman74
    This is going to sound stupid but I wanted to see if my math was adding up.
    3/8th = Close to 9mm
    So does 3/8th or 9mm = 12 Awg
    I'm working on a wiring project and need to buy some rubber boots without being able to " Try" the fit out.
  2. KT66
    I feel stupid, as I don't even understand the question!
    what is 12 Aug? other than a date in the UK when it normally rains.
    ps I am an Accountant
  3. olsenn
    You'll have to be more clear on what you're looking for. 3/8 of an inch is 9.525 mm. If that's a 9.525mm circumferance wire then you have a 3mm diameter wire which is roughly 9 AWG
  4. Magicman74

    LOL, I had a typo, it's AWG, it's the standard guide to wire size.  I have a 3/8th inch cable but the part's I need are sold in AWG Sizes.  Yeah, it should be " This fit's 3/8th"   LOL!!!!
  5. Magicman74

    Thank you, That's exactly what I have on my notes.  Better get the 8's to be safe...Using some heat shrink anyway...THANKS!!!
  6. Magicman74
    Found them: 10mm should work fine. Guess what I'm making?   Headphone Y-split anyone?
    I've used these before on my Denons (Sig Pic) But didn't remember the dang size!!
  7. Armaegis
    Can you get those in a hardware store? Can't say I've ever seen them, though haven't ever looked specifically for something like that.
  8. Magicman74

    I've never seen them anywhere but at Parts Express and 1 seller on ebay.   I know Monster used to make them years ago, They came in a set of random parts etc!!
    That's the ones I used on my Denons.   Your best bet is Parts Express, But they only come in a 10 set.  For $5.50 U.S,  Not sure if they ship up north?
    If not you'd have to go the ebay route.  Much better looking on your custom job, instead of just Heat shrink....
    Here's what they look like when all finished;  My cam sucks but you get the idea.
  9. Armaegis
    Well so far the cables I've made have been braids that split off, so it actually looks ok without the splitter. 

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