Material to Use Inside Cups for Sound Absorption?
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Sep 28, 2010
I'm modding a pair of headphones and am wondering what I can use inside the cups for sound absorption. Does cotton batting work? It needs to be a relatively thin material as I don't have much space to work with, and hopefully not too expensive.

Any suggestions?
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Hi @blinkstar,

Wool lengths works, can be found in any good craft, fabric/textile supply store or better yet, rockwool insulation, found in most good hardware stores.

Hope you find something useful which works for you.

Hope you have a great day !
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Gauze may work.
Cheap dollar store memory foam makeup remover pads.
Thick denser foams of various sorts ( even things like Paxmate , Acoustifoam etc.
Various quilt batting material can also be had on the cheap from fabric stores.
Stuff like Thermolam /polyfill is also cheap at fabric stores.
If you decide to go Rockwool try and sheath it in gauze or something if any part of your drivers are exposed to the inner cups as it sheds fine dust which may or may not be sharp.
Fiberglass can be tried but safety precautions there also and perhaps a gauze layer.

More expensive stuff gets into the realms of Mundorf Angel Hair etc.

Wool is also a good option.
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My experience is with open cans and dedicated stereo rooms.

I would say the first step is to ID the perceived shortcomings of your cans, then figure out which 2 or 3 materials are best within cost constraints.

I say more than 1 because if you just use 1, it's going to have a specific emphasis added or taken away in spades.

I'm a dynamat junkie - but that or similar items (too cut down bass resonance might fit in the headband or the sides or back). If not then I'd add that inside and go with 3 or 4 materials total.

I've used felt and cotton batting together, and you do get better blending in that case than just one. Wool sounds interesting and cheap.

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