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Aug 4, 2013
Hello all. Moving a nice set of Mastery & Dynamics MH40 over the ear headphones in brown/silver. these were my go to portables for a while and sound great. they have probably 200 hours on them and while babied, they do show signs of use. i replaced my bowers and wilkins P7's with these and really think they sound better. great bass without sounding colored, nice treble, surprising clarity and sound stage. they are very comfy for long periods of time (the ear cups feel bigger than the P7's), and keep out sound well enough (even on the plane). if you havent heard these cans you should give them a try. cowhide headband, lambskin earpads, and metal construction. NO PLASTIC. they have a removable cable with a cable input on both cups, so you can pick which side you want to use, or somebody else with headphones can daisy chain them and both can listen to a single source. great for watching movies together while traveling. the earpads are new replacements with less than 20 hours. the headband has a little darkening on the outer edge of each side, i am guessing from rubbing against the inside of the travel bag (i took a pic). it is very light and not really noticeable. the underside leather has softened a bit from use, but has no blemishes. top of band has no blemishes. there are a couple of VERY small 'nicks' around the outside of the metal cups (took pics of those too) which you have to look VERY closely to see. a couple are small indentations where the hangar assembly comes into slight contact with the edge of the cup. kind of a slight design flaw, but tough to spot. tried to take pics of every area, let me know if you need more. they come with original box. storage box, cloth carry bag (with cool inside cable pocket and magnetic closure), two cables (one long, one shorter with mic/controls), and small leather case for 1/4' adapter and cables. these were $430 after tax, looking for $199. these really are in nice condition; dont let my description scare you. i have OCD when it comes to my cans and wanted to to disclose everything i see. shipping is $10, and only in the US. not looking for trades on these. thanks!
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