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Oct 12, 2005
We love the sound of the RM's so much that we wanted to make sure that everyone and anyone had a set so when Danny and Will approached us from MassDrop about a custom drop, we had to get onboard. With only 10 hours left, don't miss your chance to hear every note and nuance of your favorite recordings. These CIEM's were developed in conjunction with the studio engineers at the legendary Captiol Studios.
Get the Drop here:
Please note that this holiday promo is separate from our current BUY ANY CIEM & GET A 900s FOR FREE deal. The offers can not be combined.
And if you get the chance, please check out our featured interview about The Benefits of Custom In-Ear Monitors.

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I couldn't resist at this price point.  Already have a pair of UE11's that I still enjoy after three years and looking forward to adding the UERM's.
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Dang, sold out already. O.o
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Mike Dias
Any updates on the progress?

Plenty of people had their jimmies rustled on the Massdrop discussion page for the UERM due to the lack of updates from Massdrop and we're hoping UE could make this right.
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I had always been under the impression that customer service was excellent from both UE and Massdrop.
However, with the non-response time that just keeps on growing from both companies, I can't say that I've been at all impressed. When a logistical hiccup occurs, and you have passionate hobbyists who have just spent a lot of money on a premium product simply asking for updates on how things are progressing, is that too much to ask for?
A quick message along the following lines would have done wonders: "ABC has unexpectedly caused delays and at this time we'd like to let you guys know that we are doing our best to sort out this issue. We estimate that we'll be able to ship these out to you guys on the week of XYZ. We deeply apologize for this delay and will keep you guys updated throughout the week."
All we wanted was a simple "hey, this is what's going on." Remaining silent and hoping customers will forget about the delays after they finally receive the product is never the correct strategy in an age when excellent customer service is only becoming more and more valued. I would imagine this is especially true for both UE and Massdrop, as both companies cater to small markets and rely largely on positive word of mouth to drive growth.
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No updates on MD or here.  

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Quick update for those of you participating in the drop (!

We have received fulfillment info from the wonderful folks over at UE in regards to your orders. They have been very hard at work, working non-stop getting your molds processed and producing these truly hand made IEMs for you. Currently these are the shipping estimates we have from them.

Batch 1 will be shipping out from them to us by 1/21 and ship from us the same day it arrives

Batch 2 will be shipping out from them to us by 1/27 and ship from us the same day it arrives

Batch 3 will be shipping out from them to us by 2/3 and ship from us the same day it arrives

Batch 4 shipped out from us to them today

Batch 5 will be shipping out from us to them on 1/23 (get those molds in please!)

To find out what batch you are in please go into your transaction page and under the order for your reference IEMs will be a gray option box, which shows the batch you are in. Currently all of them state Batch 5, but we are updating those values to reflect the correct status. All statuses should be updated to reflect the correct batch by 9 PM PT today (1/16).

If you have any questions or concerns about your order please go into your transaction page and select contact support next to the order info for the Custom IEMs.

We can’t wait to hear the communities feedback when these large batches start going out very soon!

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Hi everybody, just wanted to thank everyone again who participated in the drop. We thought that everyone had the schedual as we are busily making each handcrafted unit with love and care. The first 20+ order that we gave to our art director made him shake his head ( the Capitol Studio logo goes through our Mimaki art printer.) the second order with 30+ he just stared / glared at us. And the 3rd will just be funny.

One great thing to share. Out of the nearly 70 orders the MD coordinated, we didn't have a single impression rejection. That is a record first. Danny and team did a brilliant job pre screening everything via email and for anyone and everyone who went back to get a second impression before sending them in, it was worth the extra trips.

Thanks again

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Hi guys, there was an informative post that was posted on MD. He has compiled all the messages by MD, and has very good points regarding the current situation with the delay.  It's fair to put this out in the open for all to see, so others can take this blip into consideration before diving into Massdrop or UE for future purchases.
The questions are in the following post from MD.  
  I am with you *******. I just can't help but feel extremely frustrated. The promised turnaround time is nowhere near the actual turnaround time.
Here's a timeline of what was promised and then what actually transpired.
1) The first batch will be sent on 12/16/2014.
2) Massdrop states UE has "an impressive turnaround time of less than a week."
3) Communication breakdown--the UE lab will be closed from 12/20/2014 to 1/4/2015.
4) Update after learning there will be a significant delay--UE has this drop as their highest priority. Hope to deliver finished product back to customers NO LATER than mid-January.
5) On 1/6/2015, Massdrop receives UERM's for the three customers who had their ear impressions taken at UE's Irvine office (let's call this batch #0), but delayed shipping them to customers until 1/12/2015 because they did not have adequate shipping boxes on hand.
6) What was originally sent by Massdrop to UE as the "first batch" from step (1) was somehow disconnected into 2 batches (noted by Hassan as Batch #1 and Batch #2, which is what I will use to refer to them going forward).
7) In reality, as confirmed by Hassan, Batch #1 only contains 2 units. Batch #2 contains 40 units.
8) UE will ship out Batch #1 to Massdrop by 1/21. Massdrop will ship to customers on the same day.
9) UE will ship out Batch #2 to Massdrop by 1/27. Massdrop will ship to customers on the same day.
I can understand the delay due to the UE lab shutting down for the holidays. That makes sense to me (though I believe this should have been communicated between Massdrop and UE--and then to customers--from the start; NOT after the drop had already ended).
What doesn't make sense to me is the following:
A) Why it took close to a week for Massdrop to acquire appropriate boxes to ship units from batch #0.
B) How "an impressive turnaround time of less than a week" turned into a turnaround time of approximately 20 days assuming UE received the first round of units sometime around 1/8/2015 (this is with regards to Batch #2 as the majority of units are included in this batch). What happened to getting the final products to customers NO LATER than mid-January?
C) Why countless customer inquiries were ignored by both Massdrop AND UE for over a week. Not until just a few hours ago did Massdrop finally open up and provide a meaningful update.


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