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Massdrop x THX AAA™ 789 Linear Amplifier - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by XERO1, Mar 1, 2018.
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  1. BrotherKathos
    Glad to help. Its so hard sometimes to accurately convey opinion in audio in a way that mekes sense. Also take into account the various differences in people’s hearing as well. Hopefully I’m helping in steering you in the right direction, but those are he differences i’ve noticed between the gear i own and experienced. Right now I’ve pretty much made the final decision on the mimby and eitr with the thx. I’m taking my magni3 and modi 3 to my other place and will most likely get another eitr to use wih that stack and pair it with some Sennheiser hd6xx since those sound the best with the magni 3 imo.
  2. LevPush
    Wow really? I'm using hd6xx and modi/magni stack right now. I'm planning to give away my magni to someone and use the THX AAA. You think hd6xx pairs better with Magni than THX AAA? I also ordered a balanced cable for hd6xx so that I could use the Balanced out on THX AAA. BTW I also plan to raise the budget to buy another headphone, either LCD-X or Focal Clear and plan to pair that with the THX AAA. Do you think one of those would do better on THX AAA than Magni 3?
  3. BrotherKathos
    I did not explain properly. I meant to say that the magni 3 only sounds good with my hd6xx. my other amps are better with the hd6xx , but the magni 3 is an amo i dont really like, but the hd6xx tames its overt brightness to me and is a decent pair. the thx is on a completely different level than the magni 3 imo I use the audeze lcd-2c with my thx and mimby eitr combo. very good pairing.
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2018
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  4. LevPush
    Oh I see, best in terms of Magni not 6xx. Gotcha.
  5. Jthompson300
    I am waiting for my balanced cables(cables to run balanced xlr from my A&K players and balanced to my Audeze) to come in but so far it’s going well with this amp.

    I jumped the gun and started using it in SE output with rca input and found myself surprised when using my LCD-2, which I can only imagine will improve with the balanced cable because I need a bit more juice for the LCD-2. With my XC it’s great, same with my Elegia even though I don’t really plan on using my Elegia with it at the moment. I have had it for a while now but hadn’t listened to it because I was intent on waiting for my cables to give it a fair shake but it turns out having a bad day and jumping the gun was a good idea because I am really surprised so far.

    The first 30 minutes were rough with some unwanted static and harshness even after letting it warm up for a bit but after that it has gotten much better. Dead quiet at all volumes, pretty much flat and no coloration that I can discern yet but I will comment again after I take a serious listen to it.
  6. gtbrown50
    I've had my 789 for a couple of weeks. I use it with my Yggy (Gen 5) and listen with Utopias, LCD 4, HFK se, and also LCD XC all connected via SE. I was using a Magni 3.

    This amp is often described as a "wire" amplifier, and I concur. What I also appreciate is the design; triple gain setting on the front panel, power switch on the front panel, balanced and SE capable, tiny but easily visible power light. Smooth volume control. Powerful, clean yet cool running.
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  7. SirRealist
    Thank you! Could you please explain what you mean by "wire amp"? The chain I'm heavily considering buying is Eitr -> Mimby -> Jot -> 6XX/4XX/Argon Mk3 and I'm trying to decide if the 789 should replace Jot in my lineup.
  8. gtbrown50
    By wire I mean that though it does amplify it doesn't change the sound in anyway.....often amps will be described as "warm" or "bright", etc. To me, it simply amplifies the signal provided without any changes to it. I had a Jot MB and loved it, but I never used just the amp section. The MB was really nice. I used it with LCD-X and Clear.
  9. SirRealist
    Thank you very much. Still undecided, but leaning towards Jot since I've had my eye on it for so long. Seems the 789 is a strong contender and one probably wouldn't go wrong with either.
  10. elira
    By pure sound quality if you have a balanced DAC I would recommend the 789.
  11. gto88
    I had Jot before and sold it, as it doesn't impress much.
    I had Monoprice THX AAA788 for a few days, I returned it for
    disappointment on its DAC design, but I really appreciate its AMP part.
    It is powerful and clean sounding, I can feel the space of music.
    (This is just a short period of listening impression.)
    So, I turned to this thread for impression of this similar amp from others.

    Have no chance to read all post yet, not sure if any one has compare monoprice and massdrop units.
  12. xLoud
    Anyone using Modi Multibit with this?
  13. Baten
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  14. BrotherKathos

    Modi multibit and eitr is end game budget gear with thx 789 imo. so good with the Audeze lcd2c
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  15. ReAlien
    Dear All,

    I was planning to buy Violectric V200 (well, frankly speaking, it's Chinese clone), but upon noticing this amp from THX I'm wondering if I should lean toward this one. The problem is that V200 I have listened with my ears and this one I only read reports on the web. Is it worth going to THX 789 over V200 if I will be listening to it thought HE400i headphones? The source will be a portable DAC for now (Opus 1s).

    Also, I've read about long waiting lines but the Massdrop site says there' available for direct purchase. Can I receive it this December?

    Thank you in advance.
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