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Massdrop x THX AAA™ 789 Linear Amplifier - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by XERO1, Mar 1, 2018.
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  1. RestlessZombi
    Well, to be specific the update I read was the one below.. If you bought in the April Drop its said to be Early/Mid August and the May Drop was Mid/Late August. I would guess that maybe the dates both did move a little but its still August for the April Drop hence why there was no email. The May Drop is now September hence them receiving the emails. Note that this update was posted the day before the May Drop so speak of the intention to deliver in August.

    "Good news everyone! We’ve managed to move the production schedule for our THX amps up, and now have 1,000 more units scheduled to arrive in mid/late August. We’ll be opening this batch up for presale, tomorrow (May 30) morning at 10 AM PDT. This batch does not affect the 500 units sold in April, which should be shipping in early/mid August. Since we’ve moved this up from our Q4 2019 delivery schedule, these are currently the last production units scheduled for the year. We’re looking into increasing this, but this may be the last we see of the THX for a while."
  2. Cirkustanz
    Right. To be clear, just because your estimated ship date on the massdrop site says August 30th, doesn't mean that is current.

    As I'm sure most people in this thread would agree, MD doesn't really make it very clear (other than the email) about the delay in shipment. Maybe I'm dumb. Maybe I'm just drunk. But when I go to massdrop, and finally find the transactions page it still displays the original, and incorrect, estimated ship date of August 30th, 2019.

    (hover your mouse over your profile icon to see the transactions link, but do not click it because if you click it, you won't see the transactions section...because that would be too simple. This is 2019 afterall.)

    In that section, if you have a purchase date of May 30th, while it says an estimated ship date of august 30th, you might not have seen the email that was sent out on June 27th, that contained this:

    We have an update on your Massdrop x THX AAA 789 Linear Amplifier. The headphones are currently in production and while we’re excited to ship the final product to you in the coming months, unfortunately, we’re tracking behind our original estimated ship date and now expect to begin shipping in late September.
    We apologize for the delay. If you’d prefer not to wait the additional time, you can cancel your order on your transactions page: https://drop.com/transactions.
    If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out. We look forward to you receiving and enjoying your amps in the coming months.

    Yeah, I know, it says "headphones". They meant headphone amplifier of course.
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  3. prymortal
    Starting tomorrow, Tuesday, July 23rd at 12:00PM PDT, we’ll be opening up the page for pre-orders.

    There’s only one inherent difference with these units as they will be Drop branded, as you’ll be able to see from the updated images on the Overview page.

    This won’t affect those who purchased their amps at the end of May. Those are still slated to ship in August at their respective times. This batch of amps, however, are expected to ship before the year’s end, but I’ll confirm with all of you once that’s settled. The amps will still be $400.

    A ton of you have requested this amp, and we’ve been working diligently to be able to provide it to more and more of you. Here’s hoping we get these into your hands. Take care, and if you have any questions, let me know.
    Thanks, Duncan
    EDIT: Looks like the new batch will be shipping November 15th

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  4. savaloco
    Thanks for the heads-up!
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  5. whohasaquestion
    Wait. I thought the last drop (1000 units) was supposed to be the last for this year.

    So another drop tomorrow? How?
  6. kumar402
    Not sure why there is so much hype about this amp.
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  7. tamleo
    Can you tell me a ss amp sounding better at $400 please?:d
  8. Fatdoi
    From most reviews this amp is punching above its weight compared to 50-100% more expensive competitors... Not sure if hype can continue after this long since released...
  9. Th3Drizzl3
    where is the pic showing the new branding i dont see it? i wonder if the orders pending will also be branded drop when they come in later this year. luckily it doesnt say it on the front drop is such a dumb branding imo. a shame still they changed it.
  10. RestlessZombi
    Quick Edit in Paint :)

    Last edited: Jul 23, 2019
  11. kumar402
    I don't have any SS amp with me at this point of time apart from THX AAA 789 so I cant comment on this however if you have HD6x0 series or ZMF headphones, I would rather prefer Massdrop ZDT Jr which is available in Massdrop. In fact with recent drop in price even Liquid Platinum is now available for $615 and is much more musical amp then 789 or get Lyr3 at 499. I would rather get the amp available in market rather then pressing F5 on massdrop page to buy an amp and feel disappointed after it gets out of stock in like 5 mins.789 is very clean amp and powerful but I feel the soundstage is 2D and the midrange is veiled. ZMF Verite has this big soundstage but out of 789 it is more in 2D and the height just collapses. I have 789 in my desk but my headphones are either plugged into LP or ZDT Jr. I may end up selling it after getting my ECP DSHA-3F. However I would say it has this relaxed sound and the treble is never peaky and that I like about it.
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  12. sennfan83261
    Never peaky even with your HD800s, or never peaky beyond the sound signature of a particular can? Anyways, for myself, I enjoy the THX AAA 789 with planars (HE500 in particular), but I much prefer to listen to my HD6XX on my modded Darkvoice 336SE ('49 Syl 6SN7GT "chrome dome" + '50s RCA 6AS7G). My HD6XX on the 789 sounds smooth but a bit too boring. FWIW, I almost always use the balanced output of the THX AAA 789 for the extra power it provides.
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2019
  13. Th3Drizzl3
    its live get em fast. meh they put the "drop" logo on the front now. i preff it only on the back. it will look different now from the rest of all the stack (i have cth, lcx, sdac, and 789) this is the only one now that says drop.
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2019
  14. justrest
  15. Cirkustanz
    To confirm, the message about the may purchases shipping in august was a mistake. They later corrected the message to that, since they are currently planned to ship in september.

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