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Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee Review & Measurements

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Dec 20, 2017.
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  1. turbomustang84
    Luckily there has been several members here that I have learned over the years are reliable sources when hearing their opinions I tend to believe them so I'm pretty sure these will be what I am looking for .
    And a few opinions I've read from members that seem to always judge certain brands more harshly than others .
    So if these are everything I hoped for great if not I will wait and burn them in and maybe try some modifications.
    I really would like to see how close these drivers are to the 660s's but mainly I wanted these to keep me intertained till my 6XXs arrive in a couple of months
  2. Cruelhand Luke
    Well, when your 6xx show up and you want to get rid of these, you let me know. I'll take them off your hands for a reasonable price. :)
  3. Th3Drizzl3
    so here's my take on it getting loud and having power in reserve for transient peaks does not mean cranking the amp as loud as u can. like when an amp just simply runs out of steam under harder peaks. when i owned and ran a car audio shop and competed in iasca sq (teams image dynamics, zapco, pioneer, oz audio etc etc) it was very much the reason many of us ran tweeters by themselves off sometimes even more then 150 watts rms each channel or a horn with that kind of power. it wasnt simply to get as loud as possible. in fact my most winning system had mono amps running each of the front 6 drivers. all were bridged to 300watts each speaker in a 3 way setup. i also come from a speaker design backround, remember things like impedance change as the voice coils moves albeit not as drastically as in a headphone speaker but an amp is not getting a set load and has to provide when needed as the load changes. ill take having power in reserve any day. ill get back to 58x discussion lol
    Last edited: Jun 30, 2018
  4. inifist
    HD 58X Sound impressions:
    I'm running a Yulong D100 II through its high impedance output-->HP

    The 58X is quite warm (kinda funny how I adjust, go back to brighter hps ie: msr7 and feel it sounds sibilant when I usually don't) & how they do the imaging & soundstage is very Sennheiser like. They have a very specific kind of expansive, airy, & well imaged soundstage quality that I've found in the 6 series so far.
    I passed on the Sennheiser 6 lineup before because their veiled mids coupled with their airier spatialization along with their laid back sound wasn't my cup of tea. A lot of vocals just sounded really airy, and an example for the laid back sound is having detailed but slow decay on the bass as opposed to a tight & fast transient response.
    The HD650 sounded unnaturally warm throughput the spectrum to me, and the HD600 became the ATH R70x instead.
    The 58X are definitely more dynamic. It loses it's more laid back quality for a tighter sound, but still keeps the very nice airy spatialization. I approve of this.
    Sound wise, treble is amazing, bass quality was a relative meh, mid or upper bass quantity felt slightly boosted, running into the still somewhat airy mids a bit.

    How they fit into the lineup for me:
    Overall, it's the combination of a tighter sound and how they presented that in their airy spatialization that sold it for me. I don't like warm headphones, but I do like this sound as a whole.
    As to what this is not, and will never become, are...
    1. My planar M1060. That is a different sort of bass and sound. The 58X doesn't have great bass quality or the extremely detailed & fast quality of a planar bass.
    2. My MSR7. Which is a bright headphone & has quite the shiny & shimmery treble, as I'd call it. The 58X treble is not as present due to the volume, but the quality is there.

    Mod impressions:
    I found that the mids were still a bit airy & with the airy soundstage, it felt like the mids was just like air trying to escape through the grille and away from me rather than registering as someone singing to me from somewhere else. I also felt part of the bass was boosted and wanted to see what I could do.

    Modding became a battle of
    1. What to add or not add to reflect sound back to keep the sound present
    2. ^^Same but in regards to dampening distortion or modifying dB curves.

    Removing the black dampener against the grille:
    Airier sound in general. Would not recommend. I know some people who do this and just turn up the volume because they couldn't hear the sound as well anymore. Now they can't really hear anything real well anymore.
    More present & airier treble that actually fatigues, decreased bass, and just not for me.

    DIY audio heaven's felt mod: I could only find red stiffened felt from the same brand.
    Disclaimer: His green felt has a 50/50 composition while mines had a 85 poly/15 acrylic composition. Couldn't find his specific one anywhere online or in stores.
    I think the mid & upper bass might have been lowered, but I was too focused on how completely covering the bass port with the felt closed up the soundstage & how the imaging became the biggest cluster__*. A lot of sounds running into each other, not a mod for me if I'd like to keep the original presentation.

    Cutting ovals into the red felt & putting it back on the port:
    So I just cut ovals into the circles so that a small part of the oval actually goes over the port, but if I'm not going insane, it actually firms up the mids of bit. Whether I'm hallucinating, it be from reflection dampening, or from partially covering the port, I hope it still keeps sounding good.
    It looks kinda wonky but it sounds different if only 1 side is covering the port a bit, so it's doing something.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Mod conclusion: I'm quite happy with the firming up of the mids. As for the bass, don't think I can do much without something too adverse for me to handle, without going back to housing or driver design. Think I'm happy enough with how the mids are doing.

    Edit: I wear glasses so the decrease in bass volume is kinda there now due to the imperfect seal.:L3000:
    Last edited: Jul 1, 2018
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  5. GoodBoy
    220$ in my country, including tax + customs +15$ shipping massdrop charges for international delivery. That's why I'm not so easy on spending that much on headphones being a big question mark as of right now. Especially when regular brand new HD650 (not massdrop made) is about 300$ where I live, making 220$ Jubilee (with tax and everything) nothing special. Jubilee might potentially be the worst in the whole series. What I fear, based on some initial reports, these might be not much better than HD598/599, just a higher-end shell, but I really want to find out that's not the case. Best case scenario HD58x is on the same high level as the rest of the family, just a different flavour with a bonus being half the impedance. Only time will tell....

    They don't need to like the headphones since everyone has their own taste. I'm just waiting for their comprehensive unbiased testing. Based on that I will make my own conclusion and decision.
    Last edited: Jul 1, 2018
  6. Mhog55
    This thread is an emotional roller coaster for those who haven't received there's yet .I have no idea what to expect. Hopefully they arrive on Monday.
  7. Anarion
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  8. spronkey
    I understand that this is Head-fi, so minutiae rule, but the 58XJ sounds like an HD6xx. As do the 6XX/650, 600, and 580. They all have their little slants - the 600 lacks bass and has a more prominent treble, the 650 has the super lushness, the 580 and 58XJ are both somewhere inbetween, but in their own ways. I doubt many here would be able to confidently identify which model if they were handed one blind. Heck, it requires attentive listening to tell the differences *side by side*. They are very very similar headphones.

    The 58XJ does not sound like a 5x5, 5x8, or 5x9, and is substantially sonically better than any of those headphones, with the exception of soundstage.

    If I'd been handed one blind prior to listening to both in depth, there's a very strong chance I'd tell you it was a 650. And right now, I'm not 100% confident I could identify them blind.
  9. Dionysus
    Received my HD58X yesterday serial 1203 purchased in April. I let them burn in for 8 or so hour while I went about my day. I really like them, I have been listening unbalanced through my AK SP1000 and they are very efficient in terms full size cans on a DAP they also have excellent synergy with the player.
    I will be getting a balanced WireWorld Cable shortly and they should provide a bit more volume since its almost double the output via balanced, but again the Jubilee's are very efficient from the unblanaced and sound great even at full volume without distortion.

    For me they are a better sounding set of cans in terms of my perfered sound signature compared to the HD6XX which is a bit warmer. These are smooth have a nice bit of bass very controlled, the treble is detailed with a nice bit or airiness atop these are an excellent set of cans and a ridiculous value.







  10. spacequeen7
    3K+ Source via $150 cans ...nice :)
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  11. Dionysus
    A Sennheiser HDXXX product at $150.00 dollars is too hard a value proposition to pass on.:ksc75smile:
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  12. Tuneslover
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  13. turbomustang84
    Ok for us poor souls that are still waiting for Pete's sake post some YouTube videos and more pics .
    Take pics of your cat or dog wearing them holy cow next Saturday will never come but I will still be neurotic about the end of August shipment of my HD-6XXs.

    And if one more person says that end of August shipping date is probably going to be worse case scenario because they got theirs two months early I think my head will explode

    Honey bring me my Valium
  14. Pavioni
  15. WilliamLeonhart
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