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Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee Review & Measurements

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Dec 20, 2017.
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  1. miguel.yarce
    Im very happy with the HD58x, i am using them with a balanced cable from kk cable 2.5 mm to a pioneer xdp-30r. I feel more separation and clarity with the balanced output.

    Also I made the mod taking off the parts of "foam" and Im very sorry but to me is the same sounding result. . May be a little bit less bass but just a little bit IMO.

  2. Electrolite
    It doesn't change the sound. The mod requires you to put a foam or felt disc into de bass port
  3. LazyListener
  4. tafens
    I haven’t removed the foam or performed the other mod myself, but if you look back in the thread people are describing hearing a difference from just removing the foam, too.
  5. Electrolite
    Hard to say, taste is relative, at this price we have some other good headphones like the DT880, Hifiman HE4XX, some AKG etc etc.

    The 58X is very similar to the HD 650 but vocals are a little more recessed and the bass extension is superior.

    So take the HD650, improve its bass extension and reduce the vocals and some of the treble. That's the 58X, do you think it's the best headphone under $200?

    Yeah including myself. For me they were more open and had more treble after no foam. But to be sincere the difference was so subtle, not even captured by frequency response tests, that I'm not sure if the changes perceived were more placebo than anything (but indeed they changed for me). Now the foam/felt mod does change the sound more drastically
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  6. Guidostrunk
    For me , removing the foam added a more open sound. A little more front to back 3D image. More sparkle on the top end. Notes to me have a more realistic ,textured feel to them. I've had my 58x over a year now and have spent a good amount of time comparing them ; foam in , foam out. Definitely prefer foam out.
    All subjective though. Some say they don't hear a difference. Everyone who owns them should just try it for themselves, and make their own conclusions. Either way, the 58x is a fantastic can!
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  7. tafens
    I agree, in comparison with HD6XX/650 it has more bass, recessed vocals and I would like to add that, in my ears, it also has more treble. Also imaging and soundstage is not as good as on the HD6XX/650. That said, I think it still is very good for its price.

    All changes in sound isn’t readily apparent in a frequency response graph, so it’s quite possible that you can hear what you can’t see so to speak :) Especially if the difference is subtle. Removing or adding something physically on a headphone ought to make for some difference, albeit maybe small.
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  8. Dawgfish
    I was going to reply to your thread but then after thinking, I haven't found anything under $200 that sounds better to me than the 58Xs. I have some modded Hifiman HE-4XXs and Monolith M565Cs that are both in the ball park, but at the end of the day I still prefer the 58Xs over both of them. I think the lack of replies to your question says volumes.
  9. Dawgfish
    I also noticed a difference after removing the foam behind the grills. It definitely opens up the soundstage. Adding foam or felt damping to the back of the driver makes a larger difference, but removing the foam behind the grill does make a noticeable difference to my ears. YMMV.
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  10. Deftone
    Interesting, I wonder what kind of improvements it would bring for the 58X to use the 660 and 700s steel mesh suspension damper.

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  11. Shane D
    I bought a pair of these, second hand, last night. Looking forward to trying them out. I bought the HD6XX's a few years and didn't like them. Not sure how this will turn out, but I figured for this price, why not?

    Shane D
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  12. Dawgfish
    I'm curious about that myself. I plan on adding HD580s and HD660s as I would like to have one each from the 600 family. I may try that when I get the 660s. Maybe someone here will get to it sooner as it will probably be some time with my current funds situation. Lol!
  13. Deftone
    Sorry what do you plan on trying?
  14. Dawgfish
    Trying the steel mesh suspension damper from the HD660 or HD700 on the HD58X (also possibly on HD600 and 6XX/650).
  15. Deftone
    I like the idea n everything but not so sure its going be so easy to do, could damage parts in the process from either headphones.

    On second thought it might just actually work.

    Last edited: Jul 28, 2019
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