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Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee Review & Measurements

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Dec 20, 2017.
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  1. PeteMtl
    The important is that you feel right with your purchase decision. I didn’t know the HD599 was that different from HD598 and I’m quite surprised by your comment, although you may be right. All I can say is that the HD58X uses a totally new and different driver, derived from the HD700 (but not exactly the same). Remember it is a 150 ohms driver, not a low impedance driver such as in the HD500 series. I can tell from what I know, and I know the HD58X is truly a 600 series headphone. It differs a bit from the HD650 by having a firmer more extended bass, slightly more clear highs and with a slight dip in the upper highs (3khz-4khz) which makes them more polite than the HD600 in the high mids, but at the same time making the mids more forward (1khz) because of the relative difference between it and the 3-4khz dip. Overall I love the HD58X for what they are: a great headphone with more bass energy, but for vocals I still prefer the HD600 and mostly the HD650 and HE400i. The HD58x are the only ones in the 600 series (neither HE400i, they are low impedance but would also not be efficient enough) in that I would use with a portable equipment (iPad/iPhone) without an external amp, although they are rated at 150 ohms nevertheless, a lot more than HD500 Series,
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  2. GoodBoy
    Sadly there's many myths and unconfirmed statements around Jubiless. I've already heard 58x driver is derived from 700-series, 660, 500-series. What is the truth?

    I think all of those hp (58x, 599, 660) should be considered easy to drive since even 150ohms is twice less than others. Maybe 58x is slightly more resolving, but by how much compared to 599? I'd like to see some legit comparison.

    Don't want to put myself in a situation where I got two very similar cans with currently much different price points. 58x is very tempting and was a clear choice as long as 599 was over 200$, but it's no longer the case. Dropped to 130-150$ and occasionaly 99$.

    I can risk returing 95$ HD599 and get 200$ Jubiless (with tax and shipping) or I can get both at the same time and stick with what's best for me. Decision decisions....
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  3. Dawgfish
    As an owner of HD600s, HD6XXs, HD58Xs, and HD598s my opinion is the 58X definitely belongs in the 600 family and is quite a big step up from the 598. Back to back listening easily confirms this. Granted I have removed the foam from the back of the grills and applied Sonic Barrier damping foam to the back of the 58X drivers. It makes a very noticeable difference to the point where I don't feel the 58X gives up anything to the 600s or the 6XXs. It's just a matter of listening preference and type of music at that point. I like the 600s for vocals, acoustic, and more intimate recordings especially on tubes. I like the 6XXs for big band and larger scale jazz on solid state gear. I prefer the 58Xs on classic rock and metal with tube or solid state components. They all are lovely and all quite good. Quite honestly having said all of that, I reach for the 58Xs with mods more than the other 2.
  4. SkiesOfAzel
    The HD58X doesn't have the HD700, the HD660s and certainly not the HD559 drivers. It's a new driver that may share some similarities with the one in the HD660s but also has significant differences. The new driver offers very good bass extension for a relatively low distortion, is generally very fast and offers excellent retrieval of spatial information. Its only real shortcoming is the treble which lacks a little in microdynamics and definition compared to more expensive Senns and has a peak around 5khz that makes it sound kind of grainy. That same peak though pleasantly enhances the texture of bass and electric/distorted guitars, so if metal is your thing you will really enjoy the effect it produces (i know i do).

    The default tuning may look good on paper but it's an unflattering one in practice, since the midbass hump is level with the mids. With a proper felt mod though, you get to appreciate what these phones can really do. You still retain most of that nice subbass, but with that midbass hump gone you get a more balanced, cleaner, and detailed sound that works very well with everything. In short, you unleash those famous Senn mids.

    I haven't listened to the HD599, but the HD598 doesn't come close to the HD58X in technical capabilities.
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2019
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  5. DavidA
    While I haven't heard the 599 my son's GF has them along with a few other headphones (Meze 99, HD700, HE560 and HD58X) and she noted that the HD599 is a bit behind the others in terms of sound quality to her and of the 5 headphones that she has its the last on the list. She ranks them as follows: HE560, HD700, HD58X, Meze 99, HD599) but this is based on her system of Modi MB + Project Ember or EC ZDS Jr ( both use tubes) so take that into consideration.

    For me the HD58X is decent at its $150 that I paid for them but they do have a bit of grain in the highs so to me they are a bit behind the HD600, HD650/6XX and HD660S in this regard. The HD598 that I used to own is not even close to the HD58X to me since it was a bit thin sounding and the slightly wider sound stage didn't help either in this area. With that said while I still have the HD650, HD6XX and HD58X they get very little use these days as I find my Nhoord Red V2 and Ypsilon S1 builds better sounding and easier to drive and sound great from almost any device, something that only the HD660S will match but to me the HD660S is still a bit over priced at this time but if it were around $275-300 then I'd consider them a much better HD58X and worth the price premium.
  6. Deftone
    In the UK the HD660 price dropped to £340/$420 at the end of last year and stayed there, this puts them identical pricing to the HD650.
  7. LazyListener
    So would you guys say that the 58x is the best sounding headphone available under $200? If not, what's better? Please explain why you think one is better than the other and if you actually heard the models you're mentioning or going by what you read somewhere. Please do not suggest the HD650/6xx (not just because they're over $200). I owned an HD650 a few years ago and I found certain vocals a bit too forward for my tastes on some songs.
  8. GoodBoy
    Ok guys thanks for responding. Lucklily my frined is going to order 58x soon and I'll be able to compare them both, though my return window on amazon will propably be expired, but i'm gonna take that risk. I've got my 599 black edition for a few days now and I must say it's very different than 598. Much better bass extension (may even be too bassy for my taste), these sound more dry and "in your face" resulting narrower soundstage, much better detail retrival though. From mellow relaxing 598 they've took intense fast almost aggresive approach with 599. It's like 598CS (closed variant) and 598SE had a baby. Is it anything like 58x? Dunno, but I'm gonna find out :)
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2019
  9. Electrolite
    I wouldn't call it bassy but it has extension. You can always do the felt mod and use Oratory1990's or AutoEQ's EQ for the 58X (the EQ is a MUST in my opinion, it changed the 58X).
    I don't have issues with sound stage, I like the intimacy.

    The 58X is a intimate, punchy, fast-ish headphone. It has some smoothness but can also sound clear dynamic and direct.

    For me it just works, it's a jack of all trades that does everything decently.
    Recently a modded M1060C appeared on the used market. I'm having a hard time trying to pass the offer because being, sincere, the 58X already serves me well and I don't need to dive into the rabbit hole.

    The 600 family is just balanced and simply works, they are the good sounding, light, comfortable, reliable headphones and I think the 58X belongs there.
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  10. Tuneslover
    I completely agree with your comments about the HD58X. It has been my go to headphone since it’s release. I find that I’m not assessing its sound and wishing it was better in this area or less in that area. Instead I just listen and enjoy the music because it just makes music really enjoyable, and that’s what it’s all about.

    I’m seriously thinking of selling my HD6XX (especially since I already own the HD650) and the AKG K7XX (just doesn’t get the head time).
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  11. Ichos
    I can trade one of them with Mee Audio Pinnacle P1 if you are interested :ksc75smile:
  12. Mouseman
    Have you tried amping the AKGs with some significant power? Mine weren't getting head time, either (because I love my Jubilees), but I plugged them into my Burson Playmate right after I got it, and holy cr@p! They sounded fantastic, and that thing has a lot of push. I'm going to swap out the stock opamps this weekend, can't wait to hear them then.
  13. Tuneslover
    Yeah I have several DAC’s & amps that I’ve tried with the K7XX and they’re tough to drive requiring me to crank the volume much higher than my HD58X (150 ohm) and HD6XX (300 ohm). I like the wide soundscape but beyond that they are kind of boring.
  14. GoodBoy
    I was refering to 599, which I got recently for around 100$ on prime day and am wondering if 58x is worth extra 50$ or in my case extra 100$ (tax + ship)...? My friend is going to order 58x soon so I'll be able to compare them, but I doubt he'll let me mod them in any way except removing foam from inside the grill.
  15. Electrolite
    I see, at least try to eq it. It improves the headphone a lot and brings more treble at the same time trying to tame the 5k peak and mid bass a little.
    Both EQ are good
    https://github.com/jaakkopasanen/Au...an_over-ear_2018/Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 58X

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/lr0t5bm0g9h167t/Sennheiser HD58X.pdf?dl=0
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