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Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee Review & Measurements

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Dec 20, 2017.
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  1. Electrolite
    So you think the 58X is a little more pleasing? I thought it was the livelier one.

    Anyway the 58X has the best bass extension, a little more pleasing FR compared to 650 and it's portable, don't you think that's worth to lose some detail as a trade? You gain some good benefits, I thought you were a little to hard on them, unless this detail loss is very significant, but if detail loss was ever mentioned most reviews said the difference is small compared to the 600 and 650.

    For me the 58X was boomy lacking some bass control and grainy but with time as pads got older both issues went away, I also started using Oratory EQ and put some felt in the driver. Not saying something like wooow it has much more detail and is superior now but all of this helped to fix many of the 58X flaws.
  2. metal571
    58X has less forward upper mids, that's the only reason I say it's a little easier on the ears for some people depending on music taste and what not. As an at home open back and if you already have an amp, I don't see why you'd want to go for that instead of the 6XX. And if you aren't opposed to equalizing then it becomes really clear as you can't just EQ in detail to headphones, so starting with a cleaner one would be advantageous. But I don't think 58X is a bad value at all if you're just starting out without an amp and DAC setup. In the review I was mainly pissed at another reviewer who shall not be named saying it's the same thing as a 660S, which is hilariously wrong. Makes me wonder if people even listen to the stuff they review sometimes.
    Last edited: May 30, 2019
  3. Electrolite
    You said "But I still strongly feel that the 6xx has more resolution yet not as pleasing an FR" that's why I got confused as to why you would think the 58X is inferior then but I understand now.

    But I see your point, tho I think the 58X fills a niche. Some people want a portable Sennehsier sound, others want the superior bass extension (and yes you can EQ the 650 but c'mon I don't think it's ever going to match the potential of the 58X), some people don't even notice or don't care about the detail loss and like the 58X because it gathers some inspiration from the 650 and 600, not as shouty as the 600 but also kinda fresh sounding kinda and a warmish bass with good extension.

    My biggest question after an Atom is whether I should buy the 6XX see if I hear the detail loss and sell the one I like less or just move on with new signatures and styles like a Sundara, DT1990, 1060C or other stuff under $500

    I really want to try the 6XX but I really feel like it's going to be much trouble for a very very similar headphone to the 58X
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  4. Deftone
    You wont know unless you hear it for yourself.
  5. SkiesOfAzel
    Let's say you increase the perceived dynamic range in the high mid area, by raising that area and lowering the bass on your headphone's EQ. Wouldn't you say that the resulting sound will give the impression of more apparent detail?
  6. Maelob
    Love it, do you want higher resolution or pleasing FR- for me I’ll save 50 dollars and enjoy my music. Anyway I think the differences are not huge- so I’ll take pleasing tonality - but again it may not be pleasing for everybody. Bottom line both headphones are great values
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  7. PurpleAngel Contributor
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  8. DrKrFfXx

    They are worth even that much. But back when I bought my 58x on the first drop, I paid 136€ delivered to Spain, and it cleared customs without added taxes. So 136€ was the final price.

    I mean, they are made in Europe, for ****s sake.
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2019
  9. tolis626
    Yeah, but you're not guaranteed to get them without paying exorbitant amounts of money for customs clearance. I got them for about 150€ shipped and paid no customs. Then I also got the Tin T2s from MD and pair 29€ in customs (for something that barely cost 30€). Soooo... Yeah, added security, I guess.
  10. DrKrFfXx
    But the dammed things are made in Europe. How come it is cheaper to send them to the States from Europe, and be delivered back to Europe (by the unit), than it is to buy them made in Europe, shipped in Europe... Here in Europe.
  11. tafens
    That price is with all fees and taxes included, and is just about what I paid for them in total when I bought mine directly from massdrop in the early drops.
  12. Anarion
    Frequency response aside (for my ears and ear shape HD 6XX is the better option - sounds more natural), I think it's very obvious that HD 6XX is superior compared to HD 58X and I don't think it's a matter of preference. At least when I compare my two units there's no doubt that HD 6XX is more detailed, sharper/accurate and smoother (less grain). It also sounds wider with better imaging. HD 6XX is definitely worth the extra and it's priced rather ridiculously when compared to others in its price range. HD 58X is great in its price range though - I'm not really sure if there's better alternatives.

    Would really like to compare HD 660S against HD 6XX and HD 58X. If the HD 660S performs a lot better than HD 58X then the frequency response might sound just fine.
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  13. shahkhan
    How is 6xx more detailed/sharp than 58x,when later has more elevated high as well as low end? I think 6xx surpasses 58x only in mids and resolution.
  14. tafens
    I think that the HD58X is a very good headphone, and it does some things quite well, and I also think that the HD6XX is the better headphone overall.

    But I get a bit confused as to what you mean, isn’t detail and resolution the same thing? Like, if it has more resolution then you can hear a more detailed sound.
  15. shahkhan
    I meant mids resolution i.e more forward and clear vocals. But its subjective i guess.
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