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Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee Review & Measurements

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Dec 20, 2017.
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  1. VRacer-111
    So the zebrawood cups I ordered from headphile came in yesterday...


    Excellent quality exterior, okay but roughly finished interior:


    Can definitely tell they were done by hand on the interior, was expecting a little better quality honestly, but can live with it.

    I'll post more picture links this evening as the ones of the mounting screws and Fun-Tak were taken with my camera which is at home.

    Here's the additional pictures:


    Sealed with Blue-Tak/Fun-Tak and running no additional damping with the Yaxi Alcantara pads - tried with the Yaxi foam placed on the cups and didn't like it...little too dark, not quite enough treble presence. Basically improved sound stage with less intimate presentation plus you get the better isolation and near zero sound leakage that comes with going sealed closed back.

    Need further time for more impression but basically larger, less intimate sound with slight loss in clarity/resolution but increase in low end punch/impact (not sure on extension). These are my gaming headphones mainly... have yet to game in them since installing the cups last night. Will probably still try a few more tuning experiments, but overall I like...dark, warm, smooth sound that is decently balanced and clean enough is what I wanted and have with these.
    Last edited: May 21, 2019
  2. tolis626
    Jesus Christ, they are pretty.

    Thanks for sharing man! Much appreciated! My question is, is it a permanent thing? I mean, does the wood attach to the frame or to the removable backs (grilles)? Looks pretty permanent to me, and I'd really love if I could do it so that I can pop it on and off and change between closed and open back. But that's probably just wishful thinking on my part.

    PS : Is that a Galaxy S3 Mini? If yes (looks like yes), words can't describe how much I hate that phone. :p
  3. turbomustang84
    Those look fantastic
  4. VRacer-111
    The cups attach to frame on each side with 4 scews - using hole locations already in the frame.

    Not sure on the phone, it's a hand-me-down TracFone Samsung model. My decade + old Motorolla flip-phone finally died recently and I upgraded to this one for free...LOL I'm quite impressed with the stock music player on it... sounds very nice with my FLAC library, Porta Pros absolutely rock on it!
    Last edited: May 21, 2019
  5. tolis626
    So it's more or less a permanent thing. At least it's not hotswappable between open and closed. Bummer.

    Well, in their defense, Porta Pros can sound good out of anything. Like, plug them into your nostrils and they'll probably make music happen. I had a different hole in mind at first, but decided to keep it PG-13. :p
  6. dweekie
    I agree, they sound good out of anything. They also seem to scale decently well, which is even more surprising... Yaxi pads/Kramer mod is worthwhile.
  7. VRacer-111
    Now you're going to make me finally go drill a pattern of holes in the driver protective cover of my Porta Pros... LOL
  8. TheSnow
    Hello... Well, first, sorry for my english, it's not my first language. My old AKG K240 is not working anymore, so i've been searching on the internet which would be the best headphone for me (i only use it at home).

    I'm not exactly an audiophile, but i do like music, so i was wondering: is there anyone here who has used the 58xx and something similar to the k240 and is able to tell me if the 58xx is superior to the point that it's worth it to pay about 2,5x the price of the k240? (Here in Brazil, the 58xx is imported, and we don't have many options to buy, so it's 2,5x the price of k240 MKII, which is from china). I'm asking myself, also, if the 58xx has a good durability (better or worse than k240, for example?) because i don't know much about the construction of this headphone.

    I'm really in love with hd58xx... But i'm undecided because it's considerable expensive here and i don't know if it's going to make such a diffenre in comparasion to the k240 and if it has a good construction. If it's not, i may buy another k240...

  9. Electrolite
    Não posso comparar os dois mas o 58X é um ótimo fone, tem o som clássico da Sennheiser mas um pouco mais modernizado, o 58X realmente é bem salgado aqui no Brasil, diria que dependendo da sua preferência você pode preferir um o outro mas não acho que o 58X seria 2.5x melhor que o 240
  10. Dawgfish
    So I did a slight tweak on my 58Xs that I think needs to be shared. I tried the foam/felt damping mod to the driver with a slight difference. This might have been mentioned before, but if so I haven't seen it. I used Sonic Barrier foam damping material available from Parts Express as the material instead of the normal felt or other types of foam material I've seen on this mod before. I have tried this mod with the felt from Micheals as well as with cotton. The difference when using the Sonic Barrier as opposed to the other materials is huge! So much so that my initial impressions suggest that the 58Xs with the Sonic Barrier may actually be superior in nearly every area to the HD6XXs that I also have and are comparing them too.

    The key is to cut the thickness of the Sonic Barrier from its normal 1" to 1.5" thickness to 1/8" thickness or so using an Exacto knife. Other than that simply trim to about the same size as the driver just as with the other materials. I attached with two sided tape being careful not to tape over the hole in the driver.

    Differences I'm experiencing so far are much better detail retrieval and microdynamics, more extended, but smoother highs, fuller midrange, more extension in the lows along with better bass texture and definition, better dynamics, more precise imaging along with wider soundstage. So far it really does seem to be an across the board improvement.

    I've got to caveat this by saying I'm only a couple of hours into this and need more listening time. But I have to say early listening impressions are well beyond positive.
    Last edited: May 27, 2019
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  11. Dawgfish
    20190527_202117.jpg 20190527_202044.jpg 20190527_202044.jpg 20190527_202554.jpg
    Last edited: May 27, 2019
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  12. sherm137
    Wow, that looks incredible.
  13. porrrtico
    will this heaphone work well with the Sony NWA55+FiiO Q1 MK2?
  14. metal571
    58X FR is closer to 660S in the upper mids - less aggressive there than the 600 and 650, but it does have the most bass out of any of these yet I found it less controlled than the others. Driver source is still total speculation. I have no idea what they're really using in there, but it definitely reminds me of the way the 595 sounded in terms of grain but with a 6x0 style FR. I was probably too harsh on it in my review as I somehow forgot that a lot of people buying this thing are doing it as a first ever purchase into the hobby, and in that case being easy to drive is of paramount importance. But I still strongly feel that the 6xx has more resolution yet not as pleasing an FR, with more upper mid shout a la the classic HD 600 and 650 sound, and you'd want to use an amp for it. FWIW I now have both a 6xx and a 660S to reference other headphones against.
    Last edited: May 30, 2019
  15. Deftone
    Im absolutely certain i had a HD650 around 2014/15 that sounded like it had a little bbc dip. The HD650 and 6XX from 2017 onwards sound more agressive and fatiguing. I cant find any information about it though apart from these quotes from another forum;

    "The mod is applied to the current HD650 / HD6XX. The 2015 and before to ??? vintage of HD650 seemed slightly different where I completely removed both front and back foam pieces to get the transient response I wanted."

    "Heck, the HD650 (early veiled version) was not needed either. The later HD650s seem to have been tuned more and more back toward the HD600. The best HD650 was 2014-2015 vintage. The latest 2016-2017 version, that seemed to coincide with the Massdrop HD6XX, has the best transient response (little more rise around 5kHz, but higher 3rd order, no need to remove damping on either side). I am convinced there have been changes over time. Photos of the internals and measurements bare this out."

    It would explain why i enjoy my current 660S as much as i did with a 2015 650 its not as shouty as current but i have no measurements to back it up.
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