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Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee Review & Measurements

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Dec 20, 2017.
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  1. crazywipe
    I had the hd600 for many years. It has a slight upper mids emphasis and no low bass. The 58x is smoother in the upper mids and to my ears more tonally correct. On the bass response is no contest. The 58x wins hands down. I like also the soundstage better on the 58x. The hd600 is perhaps a bit more resolving, not by much.
    If your ears are used to the bright upper mids of the hd600, you need some time to adjust to a darker presentation.
  2. crazywipe
    Yes, The drum and guitars sound amazing on the 58x :D
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  3. MorrisL
    There is no doubt the 58X is a special headphone. In fact, something I seem to have discovered is the unique way in which it handles the resonance of the cello. Perhaps better than any headphone out there, at any price. I want everyone who has 58X to play tracks with cello and see the whole magic! If you have more expensive headphones (such as the HD 800), maybe compare and see how the 58X reigns supreme.

    Having said that, I have to be honest, for some acoustic music the 600 does everything right, while the 58X might take away some of the air that is needed to convey a natural presentation.
  4. turbomustang84
    Actually owning all the 6 series is like having a Swiss Army knife .

    All of them shine with different music ,but being the HD-580 and the HD-600 have identical drivers once you drop the plastic grill on the 580 and add a grill from a different model the 580 turns into a 600 minus the ugly .

    I constantly swap them out to hear the perfect one for what I am listening to which I find the 58X or the HD650 are chosen most often .
  5. platonos
    Agreed.. really every iteration brings something different to the table.. the 58X ads a little bit more thump to the bass.. goes well with every genre in my opinion
  6. knalb
    What 6x0 model best compliments the 58x?
  7. crazywipe
    For acoustic music, the hd600 is the boss. One acoustic guitar and male voice (like William Fitzsimmons) is very special headphone and I think has still an edge on the 58x. For fast music like rock and metal still has a good PRaT and very capable headphone. The 58x is better on metal because the bass has more weight and extend much lower, also the mids on the 58x seems more natural to me. The 600 is still a midrange champion, but the upper mids are a bit too forward and nasal at times. Anyway, I can see some peoples prefer the hd600 based on their listenings.

    I tried the Oyaide cable of my hd25 on the 58x and the sound is even better, stock cable is nothing special. I will try also a Mogami and see how does it sound.

    58x is a very nice headphone!
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2019
  8. platonos
    Yes the 600 absolutley bests the 58X when it comes to vocal arrangements!
  9. Guidostrunk
    None of my previous cans did cello like the 58x. It's crazy how it cuts through your soul! Lol. There's a resonance and realism to the cello notes that I haven't heard before. The HE500 was the only other can to come close to delivering.
  10. crazywipe
    To me, it's very marginally better on vocals. I had the 600 for years.
  11. platonos
    possibly the timbre in the bass departement is responsible for that?
    How would you compare the HE500 to the 58X? heard it has a tendency to sibilance..
  12. Guidostrunk
    I would say that they're very comparable. Yes the 500's did get sibilant and fatiguing at times.
    I do attribute it to the bass department. Where the 58x pulls ahead is in stage depth. That's the one thing that drove me nuts about planars. Their lack of stage depth, and ability to portray the air around notes. Never really got that 3D effect from planars like I did with any of the senns.
  13. Guidostrunk
    Not to mention that the HE500 was like wearing a boat anchor on your head. Most uncomfortable can I've ever had. Lol
  14. MorrisL
    Not trying to start a debate or sound condescending. As an electrical engineer, it's hard for me to ignore this type of message... There is absolutely no sonic difference, whatsoever, in the brands of cables used to connect your headphones to the source. There cannot be a difference.
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  15. TheoS53
    Too right. If there is a difference it would come down to a poorly made cable (channels not isolated, etc), or if the cable in question changed the impedance seen by the driver (which we know and have measured to change the frequency response in some drivers).
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