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Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee Review & Measurements

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Dec 20, 2017.
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  1. Electrolite
    The 58X has more sub-bass than the 660S and frequency-response wise the 58X sounds close to the 660S, it belongs in the new generation of 600 series headphones, they are more lively and easier to drive. But I think the 58X is less refined, at least I want to believe in this, because it wouldn't make sense otherwise, maybe the 660S has better coils or something (these details).
    Comparing the 58X and 660 I read people say that the 660 doesn't have that grain, the 660S is more detailed and resolving as well (whatever that means). But in general the 58X is close to the 660, it's like a rough diamond.

    Well I can say for me the 58X has some grain, something in the treble region that can bother slightly, after some time cause fatigue, but after time passed and using EQ it got better and a lot of people don't have this issue at all. Also heard that the felt mod helps with this grain but I never tried.

    But for $150 the 58X is great, the grain isn't bad at all, you should get it.
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  2. Tuneslover
    Well then you might have to get both LOL!
  3. nicholars
    Well that is what I am trying to find out, if the 58X are literally 660s with more sub bass, or if the 660s are better in areas such as grain, soundstage, imaging, detail etc.

    It does seem odd that Sennheiser would do that, it would be "shooting themselves in the foot". If we completely ignore prices, are the 58x competitive with the 660s? Or are the 660s technically better eg. more detail, less grain, better imaging, soundstage etc. ?

    For example if you EQ an extra 5db bass on the 660s, would the 660s then be better in every way compared to the 58x? or would the 58x still sound 99% as good as the 660s?

    I find it hard to understand why Sennheiser would release the 660s, then release another 660s (58x) with more bass, for less than half the price, so it would make sense that the 660s should have a better driver and technically better than the 58x.
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  4. nicholars
    Also apologies for repeating I just went back a few pages and noticed I have repeated the same question about 5 times haha :confounded:
  5. Guidostrunk
    Folks, I've been seeing all this grain talk between this thread and the 650/6xx thread regarding the 58x. Honestly , I do not hear those upper mid/lower treble distortions unless the recording is poor. Even at loud (85db) volumes which I do not listen at normally. I've tried to create the "grain" by cranking it up. No grain whatsoever. I truly think this whole grain issue is over blown.
    I'm not sure what the required power is for the 58x, but maybe there's an issue for some of over or under powering them? Who knows.
    All I know is that I do not hear any grain/distortion on these cans.
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  6. Electrolite
    Yes, it's not the 58X's fault, as I said a lot of people don't hear it at all, this is more personal, some will have issues others won't, but I think it's a possible issue you should keep in mind.

    I can't speak for the others, but I can tell my experience, I had issues with grain, but again, it's not terrible, it's not a dealbreaker, I love the 58X a lot and with time and EQ it got better, if the grain is the only thing holding you back you should buy the 58X and not worry.
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  7. Guidostrunk
    One thing I always forget is that not everyone on this forum is my age (43) lol. I know my hearing isn't as good as someone in their 20's. Especially since I've worked in the construction industry since I was 18.
    That could also be a factor in the debate.
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  8. nicholars
    Well I am looking for the best headphones out of the 58x and the 660s, obviously if I could get 660's with more sub bass for half the price I would not complain, but I would get the 660's if they are better than the 58x. At first it looked like the 58x was literally a 660s with a worse headband, but after doing a bit more research, it looks like the HD58x does not use the same drivers and is probably a bit worse in the areas of "grain, detail, soundstage, imaging", but is better in the sub bass. Still looks like a very good bargain and I am not sure exactly how much of a difference there is between these headphones, could be 1% or could be 50% I don't know!
  9. DavidA
    I've spent a few months off and on with a friends HD660S and while technically its quite a bit better than the HD58X its quite over priced since the HD6XX exist, the HD58X at 1/3-1/4 the price and even the HD600 and HD650 at 1/2 the price of the HD660S makes it a hard sell at this point. The one thing that I really like about the HD58X and HD660S is that they are quite a bit less demanding on supporting gear (amps) and to me sound quite good out of phones or low power DAPs.

    While its foolish to put such a thing as a percentage difference I'll say the HD660S is about 3-5% better and or different from the HD58X but is the 3-5% worth a few hundred bucks?, for me its a easy no but its also because I have a decent amp for my HD650 and HD6XX (BH Crack) and my HT receiver is also decent in driving the HD6XX/650. But I do see getting a HD660S somewhere down the line when they are around $275.

    For friends who don't want to be bothered with amps and such the HD58X is an easy recommendation and while I have 3 friends that have gotten the HD58X and love it they can all hear the differences from their HD58X and another friends HD660S and think the HD660S is a slightly better sounding headphone but no way will they pay the price. As one put it, you can get a HD6XX + decent amp (BH Crack or Ember) and have a great starter system. For me the issue is that I have a few other headphones that sound better than the HD660S, HD650 and HD58X, being more dynamic, better sound stage, more extended highs and lows and a bit less grain to me and able to run of almost anything.
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  10. nicholars
    Well if it really is as little difference at 3-5% and also you get more sub bass with the 58x, then the 58x does look like the better option, what headphones do you have that you think are better than these 3?
  11. DavidA
    As I noted the before, HD58X is the best deal around these days, even more so if you are one that can't hear the slight grain in the treble and like a little more bass than what the HD600/HD660S have.

    Headphones that I have that are better than HD58X, HD650 and HD660S IMO and based on my choice of genres and listening levels:
    1) Ypsilon R1, mahogany RS1 style cups, G-pads: very dynamic and extended, not forgiving of poor/sub par recordings, similar in details to an HD800 but better mids and bass IMO.

    2) EL-8 open (an original, not the Dec2016 updated one): lucky to get one that lasted and without issues, bass is extended and detailed, mids a bit smoother than any HD6 series. Only issue is that they are a bit on the heavy side and the highs are rolled off compared to the R1 but still far be being as rolled of as HD650.

    3) Nhoord Red V2, angsana RS2 style cups: just a bit more dynamic than HD6 series, highs extended and smoother with no grain that I can hear, bass that is tight and never muddy.

    The Ypsilon R1 build cost about $450 in parts, Nhoord Red V2 build cost $320 in parts, so not exactly cheap but they can be driven with my Galaxy S8 and cheap Fiio X3 and X3ii really well. These are also slightly lighter and more comfortable to me over the HD6 series.
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  12. nicholars
    Thanks, with the "slight grain" on the 58X, do the 660S have the same "slight grain", or do the 58x have more than the 660s? I might have already asked this I cannot remember. It is a bit confusing because on Tyll's review of the HD660S he says that the HD660S has some grain compared to the HD650.
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2019
  13. Electrolite
    Edit: @nicholars I'm sleepy, I used the wrong multi-quote and the comparisson I did should have been on another forum, so just ignore what I wrote before comparing the 650 :p

    But Tyll's opinion was very polarising, a lot of people didn't agree with him, again we go to the old issue, grain is very personal, some will hear other won't, comparing the grain of the 58X and 660S is hard because depends on each person.

    Also extra, these days my 58X feels weird in my head, like one of the cups is pushing more than the other, the cup isn't fitting properly and it's causing some discomfort, maybe one of the metal parts was bent or something, but I can't figure it out and it's really annoying. (hahahaha sorry I'm not helping convincing you to buy the Sennheiser).

    @DavidA so do you think the EL-8 signature is kinda similar to the 58X but less treble? Or similar treble? I love the 58X and something similar to it would be nice.
    If I had the skill I would go and build a headphone, even an amp, maybe someday I'll have the courage to do something like that
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2019
  14. s2g-unit
    There is no perfect headphone, I know that but I've had the HD280 Pro's for a few years but find them a bit sweaty and annoying when gaming because I can't hear myself speak when gaming.

    So I just picked up the Sennheiser Game One's to see what a basic set of open backed headphones could do compared to the HD280's.

    If I power both headphones off my Fiio K1, they sound pretty similar to me, a bit more bass on the 280's & clarity and a slight 3D effect from the soundstage from the Game One's. If I hook them up to my Denon 2112Ci receiver. The HD 280's come alive with way more bass & clarity, while the Game One's gain a little bit of clarity.

    So I've been reading/wanting to buy the HD58x's for music and gaming. The question is, how much do I have to spend to get maybe a bit more clarity than the Game One's but gain quite a b it of bass to start approaching the closed back 280's? I know closed will always have more bass but what do I need to spend and what models to start reading about?

    How would the HD58x's compare as an open backed headphone to the closed HD280 pros for Hip-Hop, Dance, House in the bass department?
  15. kornel221
    Hi , I own them both hd660s and hd58x and they are very close in sound signature it's ridiculous.

    I bought hd58x to compare for myself if it was really true that they were as good as 660s.

    I paid £350 for the 660s and £120 for the hd58x.

    At first out of the box I couldn't tell the difference between them ( using mojo as a driver).

    After few days of burn in the 58x had more sub bass which is a huge plus , the sound stage is similar if not the same , the level of details is better on the 660s they have more clarity and better separation , mids sound the same to me.

    I have my hd58x unmoded .

    They sound really similar the only difference is the extra sub bass you get with hd58x and loose a little bit of details and separation.

    If I had no 660s I would be completely happy with the 58x .


    Last edited: Feb 15, 2019
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