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Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee Review & Measurements

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Dec 20, 2017.
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  1. Electrolite
    Well for me the 58X in the video sounded close to the 58X at least frequency-response wise. I don't know if the recording of the DT880 had any issue but they were very bright with some sibilance, even through the 58X. Reminded me of the SHP9500 but the DT880 on the video was brighter. Anyway the 58X as I said has grain issues, some frequencies can, with some time, cause fatigue in some people (you can EQ that) but overall the DT880 for sure has more treble. If you want less treble, something a little more laid back, with more focus on mid-range I think the 58X is good.

    I don't know the DT880 I can't speak about detail, speed and this stuff but frequency response wise the 58X should have what you are looking for.

    Have you tried to mod the DT880 or use some EQ? Maybe this can fix the issues you have and you don't even need the 58X.
  2. TheGiantHogweed
    I would like to have some different pads that change the sound if possible. I have some that are too firm for my liking, but it is the fact that the material round the back of the ear pads is solid that it increases the bass. The original pads have loads of holes going through to the foam. I tried covering up all those holes with PVC tape and that changed the sound a lot and it was how i wanted it, but it was a messy job and didn't last. The other issue I have with the DT880s is the high impedance. My amplifier does go loud enough, but I don't seem to be able to use the bass boost on my FiiO A3 near its maximum volume without distortion. So I would prefer to do some mod on them or get new ear pads. Should probably discuss this in the Dt880 thread but didn't really get suggestions there :D
  3. Magicman74
    Simple solution, not knowing if you want to spend any cash but an easy fix. Change your amp. The A3 actually does bass boost the best of the Fiio amps. But it just doesn't have that umphh it sounds you're looking for. You'll end up spending a fortune trying to pad swap on the Beyers, Beyer pretty much nailed the pads on the DT770/880/990. You can EQ if you want but I'd buy a Topping NX3S and change the opamp to the LT1364.
    I talked about this amp in the section. It has plenty of power and the bass boost is top of the heap for boost in a portable. It's what I use for my Beyers, It is a very Flat amp but slightly warm which helps with the treble, BUT you have to change that opamp the stock is one of the best but it can be very harsh at loud volumes. The LT1364 makes it really great. So a Topping and LT1364 if you shop around should be around $60, a set of pads will run you almost that. This way you'll get the bass you're after and tame the slight sizzle. Plus a better amp is always good :)
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2019
  4. TheGiantHogweed
    I recently purchased the FiiO A5 and the way it boosts the bass i found to be awful. It boosted the mid bass and messed up the other frequencies too much. The A3 clearly boosts it more around 70 - 100hz. The A5's boost does a much wider range of frequencies. I'm happy with the quantity of boost the A3 gives, but it doesn't give quite enough volume when on as i have to turn it down because it distorts when near maximum volume. The DT880s 600ohm are rather hard to drive. I was amazed that the A5 was hardly any louder than the A3 and because of this and the bass boost sounding muddy, i returned it. From your review in the NX3 thread comparing the A5, I don't think i will like that amplifier.

    The ear pads on the DT880s are easy to remove. I do have a pair of ear pads that have a solid back rather than being covered in holes. They really help with the bass. But while they sound as I want them to be, they are too firm, and because of how cheap they were, each one seems slightly different. I think earpads would be the best way to go to change the sound. Or, like I said, I'm wondering weather I would like the HD 58x.
  5. Magicman74
    Yeah I was trying to be nice when giving a thought on the A5, but I'll say it here. It sucks, the Topping offerings are MUCH better. It's no contest really. My next buy will be the NX4 DSD because I'm needing a DAC/AMP combo for a Chromebook. You might very well like the 58X, I might have come across as saying they are bad, but they are really good. I just prefer the Beyer. Different flavors for sure. Take the Beyer treble, cut it in thirds then toss a blanket over it. You have the Senn, it's just different. I say try to see if you can listen to the Senns if possible.
    We all hear differently, they very well could be just what you're after. If not you could pass them on, Hell ebay people are paying $200 used, But that's another story (?????)(makes no sense to me, $149 Massdrop)

    OH, forgot to add, the DT770i come with the leather/pleather pads. You can buy the pads and try them? I have a set here but never tried pad swapping. Maybe $25 for a set I'm guessing. I know they are cheaper then the Velour.
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2019
  6. 7keys
    I have to say I really don't like these. I've had the 598se, 600, and 650 and these don't really compare. There is lack of detail in the sound that to me is unforgivable. IMO these look and sound like something you would buy for your child at toys are us. If someone wants to try the Sennheiser sound at around the same price pick up the HD598se. A way better headphone in my opinion.
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2019
  7. Guidostrunk
    You should have no problem selling them on here. One persons toy , is another person's treasure lol.
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  8. GirgleMirt
  9. Magicman74
    I agree here, Yesterday I pulled out my 558 and was like WOW I'm digging these so much more. They are cleaner sounding, and the staging is much wider. The 58X is a better headphone, but sound wise I dig even the 558 more, call me crazy!!! I no longer have my 598, but I liked the 558 more here too even tho the 598 is a little better.
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2019
  10. DavidA
    I know you have pretty good hearing so if you say the HD58X lacks details you might have a defective one since my HD58X has great details, but its also has a bit more grain in the treble compared to my HD650, HD6XX and a friends HD660S. Its funny you mention the HD598se, I had a pair and to me they were quite thin sounding, lacked any bass, but had great details in the highs which made it borderline sibilant to me with some tracks.

    Details/resolution: for me its a tie between HE400i and Q701, HD58X is a bit behind in this area
    Transient response: HE400i is a bit better than the HD58X and Q701 but its more to do with the planar driver
    Note: my HE400i is an original with SMC jacks so hopefully someone with a newer HE400i can comment here since I know my HE400i doesn't sound like the newest 3.5mm jack ones.
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  11. GirgleMirt
    Your descriptions always make me wonder if we've heard the same headphones. lol :beerchug: From your description of Q701 & 400i, I wish you would hear the 400i! It's a very notable step above the Q701 in resolution, which leads me to believe it would be the same vs 58X.

    Yeah that's weird I have he 598se and actually lack of detail/resolution/musicality, however you want to call it, is my biggest gripe with them... Quite low-fi sounding vs say Beyer 990, Q701, HFM 400i, etc.. Soo yeah I don't think the 58x would work for me... :\ (looking back think it might have been silly to think the 58X would compete with the 400i better than the 598... hmm...)
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2019
  12. 7keys
    It might be that the quality control is not that great with these low end Sennheisers like the PX100. Many were complaining about lack of bass on the 598se but I found it quite sufficient. I just didn't like the tone compared to the v6 magnums I had at the time.
  13. 7keys
    Sold it in the forums. I actually felt a little guilty selling it so I donated the money to a good cause to clear my conscience.
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2019
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  14. DavidA
    Its been quite a long time since I heard a Q701 but when I heard them I thought at the time they were decent in details/resolution compared to what I also had at the time so I might have a different take these days. I still have my HE400i and its still one of the better sounding headphones IMO (FYI: mine are older SMC + back plate - modded with sorbothane and grill mod) and sound a bit different from a friends stock 2.5mm non back plate version and even more different than a 3.5mm version that I heard a few weeks back. For me the HD598 is not even close to the HE400i or HD58X in overall sound but we should keep in mind that the rest of your chain (mostly the amp) needs to pair well with the headphone. I still have my DT990 premium and while it has better detail/resolution than the HD58X its overall sound is not something that most would consider pleasing and its a bit amp picky to me.

    When I had the Q701 I was using a WA7d, quite a good pairing IIRC and why I might have though the Q701 was similar to the HE400i in details/resolution but the WA7d was not a good pairing for the HE400i and most of the other headphones I had at the time so it was sold and replaced with a Bifrost Uber + Project Ember which is a much more flexible system.

    The HD58X has a more main stream tuning and sounds quite good out of phones or cheap DAPs to me but I agree its not something that would replace my HE400i, HD650 or most of my other headphones. I have 3 friends who have bought a HD58X after hearing mine and love it since its great from their computer/laptop/phone but they all agree that it is not up to the level of HD650/BH Crack or HE400i/Ember combinations but its something that they are willing to give up for simplicity and lowest cost.
    What I'm listening to right now: EL-8/UD301, HD58X/Ember, HE400i/Lyr2 and HD700/BH Crack
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  15. DavidA
    Agree about the QC with the PX100ii, had a few that were really good and 2 that went in the trash but I didn't notice any differences in the 4 different HD58X that I've heard which makes me think yours might have some slight issues but since you sold them who knows
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