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Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee Review & Measurements

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Dec 20, 2017.
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  1. Mouseman
    I have them on both my Jubilees and my AKGs, and they have not destroyed the sound of either. For both, I'd say they were an upgrade. They're also amazingly comfortable.
  2. TheGiantHogweed
    I'm very interested in seeing more about these headphones. But they just don't seem to exist in the UK. I can't find a price in GBP anywhere. The video that got me into them was this:

    It is this person's opinion, but the sound recordings he does are extremely accurate. As it happens, I used to have the K702s. I did like their sound, but I personally thought their build was so dreadful that i gave up with them. I had to get them replaced twice and then when it went faulty again, amazon let me return it for a full refund. Even though I'd originally bought them nearly a year before that. The all plastic construction was horrid. Their sound was good, but the build let them down so much. I then got the DT880s. The sound comparison is interesting in this video. I think it is accurate though. I think the DT880s do have a bit more of that spike somewhere in the treble, but they certainly have a bit more punch in the bass than my K702s did. But those HD 58Xs compared to them sound so close to the original recording!

    My first pair of good headphones were the Audio Technica ATH-AD700s. Still have them now and they are still great. But just today, I've listened to them again when I haven't for one or two months. They really do seem about as good as my DT880s. But what annoys me about this is the price difference was huge. These Dt880s were £150 while my AD700s were just £87. I think these headphones at that price must have been an absolute bargain. Nothing costing as little as that sounds as detailed as these. Not even several Hi-fi speakers I have that were more than that.

    I'm just not sure about what the pricing is for these HD 58X's are. I'm sure they will seem better than my DT880s. But they will only seem good value to me once they are available in the UK if they are under what I paid for the DT880s. These are only fractionally better than my AD700s when all things are taking to consideration, but the price difference was huge.
  3. Tuneslover
    I have the Dekoni Elite Velours on my HD6XX and they do sound a bit bassier than the stock Senn pads. However that isn't necessarily a bad thing, in fact they sound very good with my slightly bright sounding Jot/Mimby combo. I also re-terminated the stock cable to XLR. All in all they still sound like my HD650 but with tighter clearer bass and plenty of mid and treble detail. Love the sound of this setup.
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2019
  4. turbomustang84
    I bought my second pair on eBay you lose the two year warranty but I got them for $120 that could be a UK option
  5. tolis626
    Yeah, these are the ones I'm considering buying. From people around the web, they seem to be the ones that change sound the least for Sennheiser cans. The velours are a bit more controversial. Others say they're fine, others hate the sound with them. The leather ones are said to increase the bass a bit too much pretty unanimously. The hybrids are supposed to strike a better balance between the two. They are a bit expensive though, so I'm probably getting them on Massdrop.

    With that said, once I decide to do my closed back mod, the leather ones should be the way to go.
  6. Electrolite
    The AD700s were good for the price, I remember in the "good old days" when the SHP9500 was cheaper, there was a lot of debate whether the SHP9500 or the AD700/AD500 were the best budget open back headphones, these less than $100 headphones are very interesting, the SHP9500 still sounds great to me, it has a more open, airy sound, a refreshing flavour after I used the 58X for too much time.

    About the DT880 vs HD58X well I can't say, there was a guy in this thread, I think he listened a lot to operas, in his opinion the DT880 were much better, more realistic and lively treble, in the end it's all about taste, only listening to be certain. You had some bright headphones like the DT880 and AKG702 the 58X will be darker for sure I would bet that mids would be better and the 58X and sub-bass comparable with the DT880 (but I never used the DT880 so....) but if you miss some of this spark in treble you can always use some EQ (like Oratory1990's one or the AutoEQ in GitHub) making them more lively and airy or mod them.

    Hm that's what I read some people saying strange since Velour should lower bass? I guess they use a very dense Velour, the 58X already is more bassy so maybe not the best match, on the other hand I use my 58X with and EQ that increases sub-bass by about 6db so maybe the pad will do this for me with no EQ, I like the feel of Velour and it's cheaper so this one is in my list of pads.

    Oh yes you were trying to make the 58X closed, how it's going? By the way I almost bought a MSR7, you inspired me a bit in this one, I'm looking for a closed back headphone since I only own open backs.
  7. tolis626
    Oh, I haven't started looking into it yet. Between the cost of pads, backs, custom stuff and whatever else may come up, I'm a bit short on money. Plus I want to get a new GPU and a decent amp/DAC for my desktop, so it's a bit on the backlog of stuff I wanna do. But it's gonna happen at some point I guess. I'll make sure to post here!

    Regarding the MSR7... Well, after a bit of easy modding, it's easily the best closed back I've heard for the price. And it even competes with higher priced cans on equal ground, it's got nothing to be ashamed of. If you wanna try it, go for it. They can also be had for cheap used and their build quality is good enough that they seem to last a long time. Mine were used and are still like new after 1.5 years of owning them.
  8. SSandDigital
    Yeah AD990Z for me other MSR7 any time. Without any mods. Better bass, more airy, better SS, imaging just as good, treble blasting over everything.

    Comfort no contest, MSR7 can't compete with any of my other heapdhones for comfort.

    And overall, A990z just a more musical headphone. But that's me, I was not a fan of MSR7. MSR7 were not musical to me, they never made me want to listen to more of something. MSR7 were the most sibilant headphones I ever bought, by a large margin. Maybe Japanese think mountain of sibilance = high res = quality.
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2019
  9. tolis626
    Well, for starters, the AD990z are quite a bit more expensive. Other than that, if you want to stick with no modding, ok, the MSR7 probably isn't the headphone for you. But a simple removal of a piece of felt and a pair of HM5 pads takes them to a whole new level. I too didn't like the sibilance of the stock MSR7 (although that did get reduced after burn-in), but now they sound like pure bliss.
  10. TheGiantHogweed
    I also have the K550 MK1 and MKIII. Basically all my headphones are bright without a huge amount in the way of bass. My current desktop speakers are the JBL Control 1. I have them with a wharfedale sw150 subwoofer. The JBLs are very flat. when I've listened to them for a while, and i go any of my headphones, they seem a bit harsh. Then it is the other way round when I listen to the speakers again, they seem to lack some of that sparkle. So It may be the case that if i got these HD 58x at some point, that i hate the same problem as I'm having now. Switching between different sounding audio just makes you pick out fault with everything! At least I think these will sound closer to my speaker set up. But if i decide to go back to my AD700s for a bit, I will probably find some areas where they are better. i find the treble and midrange simply perfect for my taste on the AD700s. There is something a little odd about the treble on the DT880s but it is still good. If there were headphones that sounded like the AD700s with a fair bit more low end, that would be perfect, but I suppose they would be very hard to find.
  11. hiflofi
    6 months with the HD58X as my only full-sized. Demoed many TOTL cans and obviously there are areas of improvement but I'm not into full-sized as much as IEMs so I haven't pulled the trigger.
    Two main drawbacks on the HD58X.
    1. Slight graininess. Mitigated (not fixed) by EQing iirc the 4-6 kHz region (can't remember exactly what). I don't even EQ it tbh since I'm not majorly bothered by it.
    2. Overall resolution. Can't fix this but you're not getting an incredibly resolving can until you jump up to the Sundara (has its own flaws) or Elex which is a pseudo-Clear.
    Essentially, the HD58X is $150 and it's killed my desire to buy "mid-fi" cans. Upgrade to TOTL or bust for me.
  12. shahkhan
    Hi, can someone tell, what are the customs changes for UK?
  13. Electrolite
    Well in my experience the 58X is a lively headphone, engaging sound with crispy treble (but not too sharp except some slight grain issue). punchy sub-bass with impact in drum kicks etc. good mids, classic from the Sennheiser house but not as foward as the 6XX. For me the 58X has a great balance that makes it very good (maybe not perfect) with a lot of styles, kinda like a jack of all trades. A punchy bass for EDM and drum kicks, good crispy treble with some air and sparkle and engaging intimate mids but not too foward for some styles like in the 6XX.

    In my opinion if you won't mod them using EQ is essential, for me they are much better with EQ and sound dull and boring stock nowadays (compared to the EQ version, not that they are bad stock).

    I have some issues with grain I'll try to eq 4-6 kHz, also what are the flawn on the Sundara, they break after one month?

    I'm kinda stuck as well, they are so good that everything in my budget is a side-grade (I want to buy some pads for it to refresh things at least).
  14. Magicman74
    I don't really have much to add, but I think that guys review is hogwash. IM0 the Beyer DT880 is MUCH better then the 58X.
    I have the all Black Limited Edition that are well broken in, notice his still new (Plastic). I don't know if the Black is different but they sound nothing like the video.
    At first they did have a slight sizzle but I don't hear it at all now. Could be my setup? The 58X are more then grainy if you ask me. There is a complete fuzz from top to bottom.
    not the so-called Senn veil, just a warm fuzzy blanket.
    If that make sense? The Beyer are just more clean and detailed. Way more micro details come thru and the imaging is much better as well. The bass is deeper and tighter. Not bass head wise. Where the Senn is more of a thump the Beyer you can actually pick out bass players separate notes. (Details). The stage, what stage on the Senn? everything is in your head. It's not bad but the Beyer just gives you breath all around everything.
    I don't dislike the Senn, it's just different. Well worth the $150 but not better then the Beyer DT880. Of course my opinion, not that it counts :)
  15. TheGiantHogweed
    I think the way he records will be very accurate, but you can disagree with his opinions. Basically, if i think about it hard, when he records the DT880s, they sound even brighter than my DT880s. But the reason why that will be because I am used to hearing the original recording through these and I think that seems normal. This video shows that they do somewhat boost the treble, and i can't disagree there. From a long video he did explaining how he records stuff, he just spends ages listening to the headphones and adjusting his mic to sound as close as possible to what they sound like when wearing them. In the Video, the HD 58x sound very close to the original recording. Like I said with my DT880s, listening to the recording through the same headpones you are wearing makes them sound different to how you normally hear them. So it effectively makes my DT880s sound totally different to the video. But I don't think a better sound impression can be done really. But it could be the case that i won't like the HD 58X's.

    But I still keep wanting the harshness of the treble reduced just a tiny bit and the bass a bit more powerful on my DT880s.
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