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Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee Review & Measurements

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Dec 20, 2017.
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  1. Guidostrunk
    That's exactly what I did. Extremely comfortable after.
  2. TheRH
    Indeed, before that I would start to have some slight discomfort in my jaw that would lead to a headache. Now, not at all and I can ware the, for several hours no problem. :D
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  3. Electrolite
    Yeah, Sennheiser clamp is terrible upgrading from the SHP9500 that barely clamps was a shock in the first days. I also didn't like the pads but now they are softer and its much better to wear.

    The only thing that still bothers me is the lack of marks on the band so I can easily adjust both sides at the same level also they are too hard to move, this part the SHP9500 has a better design and much easier to set
  4. ShredOhr
    Can someone who has great knowledge about the old Sennheiser headphones make a comparison between the HD545 Reference and the HD580/58X in tonality and technicalities (soundstage, imaginig, separation)?
    I have the HD545 Ref. and i feel they have a rather neutral presentation (whatever reference means, i am still not sure). I dont feel they are v-shaped. Maybe thats because the old Sennheisers dont make you feel like there is elevated bass because there is a noticable roll-off in the low registers in many Sennheisers...
    They are totally not laid-back sounding, more neutral and have a dynamic character. The biggest technical improvement compared to the 650 was the bigger soundstage and much more precise imaging.
    When it comes to gaming, a much better choice than the 650. So i am curious if the 58X would be a noticable improvement over the 545 and what the difference in tonality might be....

    Oh, one reason i a still stying with the 545 is the much more comfortable "clamping force" compared to 650 which is way overdone. Yes, you can bend them to adjust the clamping force but i didnt feel like it when i had the 650 and i just sold them....(i didnt even think about bending them before i read about it on in the forums...did not come to my mind)......
    But the primary reason for selling them was that they lacked specific technicalities i needed to my gaming like better soundstage and imaging to make it easier to pinpoint enemies...
    I needed a Jack-of-all-trades dynamic headphone for music/music/gaming and i believe the 545 delivers.
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2019
  5. luckyeights
    So i picked up the 58x jubilee and got them yesterday and did a ton of listening. I then burned them in over night for 10 hours. Alright so the 58x jubilee are a very good headphone at $150 they are enjoyable to listen too. But at the same time i dont feel they are worth more than what they cost. They lack some clarity across the whole spectrum for me. I think this is due to the fact that these headphones have a warmer sound signature. They have good detail but can sound busy/congested with certain tracks, their sound stage is relatively small and their imaging is okay. I think the monoprice m1060 headphones have broken my ability to enjoy any other headphone. everything just sounds so much better on them. Vocals on the m1060 are so much more enjoyable than on the 58x Highs have more detail but are less bright/metalicky sounding and the BASS is so much more extended and controlled with more detail. I still think the m1060 headphone punches above its price range in sound quality. I just wish the build quality was better.

    All in all the 58x jubilee is a good headphone but I would just save another $150 dollars and buy the m1060 headphone or you can pickup an open box one for $197 which is a STEAL.

    I also own a ton of other headphones and to me the 58x jubilee is if you took the ath m50x and made it into an open can. a little more sound stage a little better imaging, more extended highs but less bass. Both suffer from congestion in certain tracks and both have a warmer sound signature.

    I knnow people will disagree but these just dont wow me when i listen to them. Like when a maraca is being shaken it just is missing something it dont sound like someone is shaking a maraca next to me or like im there its just like im listening to a good recording but not an excellent one. Put on the m1060 and its like OMG someone is shaking a maraca next to me. It just has that wow and oohhhh and gives you that chill down your spine. I dont get any of that with the 58x.

    Im sorry to disappoint anyone its just what it is.

    Dont get me wrong the 58x is a good headphone at $150 but the m1060 is an amazing headphone at $300. If all you have is $150 then sure the 58x is good. But if you can save another $50 get an open box m1060.
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2019
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  6. VRacer-111
    Well you are comparing a huge planar driver to a small dynamic driver, there will be some differences in sound quality. The HD58X is kind of thin sounding compared to most all of my other headphones, and to me is not really warm but more neutral and slightly cool sounding, and that's with my prefered warm amp. Planars do present separation better than most any dynamics I have heard, so you do have the planar technical abilities which fall above most any dynamic drivers. M1060 sounds good and I agree it's above the HD58X in technical ability. It's just too flat sounding, like most all planars, for me to really love. While the HD58X is a little thin, it's not flat sounding... very punchy and live sounding compared to the flatter, darker sounding M1060. The only planar that I really love is the Modhouse Argon Mk3, that steps beyond planar sound into dynamic driver sound territory... so you have the full technical abilities of planar with a sound that is impactful, punchy, and full like a really good dynamic driver.

    I do like the HD58X and feel it's probably the best headphone $150 can buy, I even prefer it to the HD6XX. But my real preference is for a more fuller, warmer sound with good subbass to which I consistantly use my Porta Pros w/Yaxi pads, modded Fostex TH-X00 Purpleheart, Modhouse Argon Mk3, and STAX SR-L300 Limited all more than the HD58X. Mainly use the HD58X just for gaming or monitoring voice recording, though about half the time when gaming I do prefer using the Porta Pros...
  7. shahkhan
    Hi, what is delivery/dispatch time mention on your order?
  8. shahkhan
    Really disappointing review man, you compare m50s with 58x!! I'm confused.
  9. Guidostrunk
    How many hours total have you put on them? Did you get them new? Two different headphones past the 50 hour mark. I've noticed no changes around the 80 hour mark. All subjective though.
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  10. MorrisL
    I used the HD 600 for mixing and mastering but sold them hoping to get better cans and soon realized that HD 600 were really among the rare cans that you could actually mix on and have them translate well. Now I just ordered HD 58X on impulse and wonder whether I could use it to mix and master instead of having to buy another HD 600.

    What do you think? Is the 58X as neutral and natural sounding as the 600 for mixing?
  11. TheRH
    What is the cable configuration on a 5xx/6xx series headphones at the plug side? I want to add a better 1/4" plug, and need to know the pin out.
  12. Electrolite
    Strange, your review on Massdrop was much more positive. What made you change your mind so much? Anyway, if you have the time try Oratory1990 EQ settings or AutoEQ EQ settings on git hub, it improved them a lot for me.
  13. DavidA
    For gaming I'd go with the HD700, its what I used for a few years while playing games on my PC but they also sound quite good for music for me and my old GF used to use her HD700+Fiio X3 as a daily driver when she was out walking the dog since it let in most of the surrounding sounds so she could stay alert to her surroundings.
  14. DavidA
    We all hear differently and to me the M1060 was about as boring as it gets (un-modded) and I did try 2 different pairs and there was no difference between them. I agree with what @VRacer-111 noted that the M1060 is flat sounding, at least for me they were quite bad over all and even on different setups the boring quality remained to me but I've told that since I usually listen a fairly low levels (55-65dB) that the M1060 is a headphone that seems to need to be listened to at higher levels to get them to sound decent.
  15. kanter
    I'll check later I don't remember seeing one to be honest
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