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Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee Review & Measurements

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Dec 20, 2017.
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  1. shahkhan
    I think drop endde earlier, as the ending date was 28 January.
  2. lance1937
    Thank you for your insight! My 3 amps plus my cell phone each sound somewhat different. The cell phone needed the most help after I hooked up the 58Xs and began to listen. That is when I discovered the Settings/Sounds and Vibration volume and sound quality adjustments tab on my phone. My Samsung cell phone sounds good but not as good as my other options. This year I'm working on a quality 2.1 stereo setup. Maybe next year or the year after that I'll get more into the BIG world of headphones. There must be over 20 different quality headphone amps that I can afford that I've never heard (tube, solid state) plus another half dozen headphones that I'm interested in. Hi Fi is a fun hobby! What a bummer life would be if we did not have such stuff to spend our money on.
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  3. wje
    I currently have the Schiit Fulla 2 as well as the Micca Origen+ dac/amp. Looking to move towards using the Monolith Liquid Spark with the Fulla 2 as my DAC as well as the Liquid Carbon X for balanced input - by the end of this week which is still before my HD-58x and HE-560s would arrive. Also, just pushed the button for a Jotunheim multibit.
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2019
  4. Lurk650
    These sound good balanced out of my zx300 but sound even better out of my iFi Nano BL/JDS El Amp combo
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  5. Electrolite
    I bought the Koss Porta Pro for my brother, very interesting headphone I'm starting to like it fast, from the simple design to the sound. When you first open it you don't expect much from this thing that barely got pads, but when you listen for the first time you change your mind, I opened them while we were eating, each family member listened to it and was impressed by the little thing, my mother liked it so much that she wanted to buy more Porta Pros to give as a gifts.

    @VRacer-111 is right, the Koss has good mids and sub-bass impact, I still didn't do any A/B so I can't say if they really have more sub-bass and mids for me against the 58X. From memory they have good impact but the EQ'd 58X still had more impact.

    I didn't like the stock sound much, I felt like it missed treble, crispness, it was a tad muddy. I tried the Auto EQ for the Porta Pro, it's really bad (at least using Viper4Android and not a proper parametric EQ yet), the headphone lost the delicious mids and had a strange treble that sounded cheap and unreal.
    I tried my preset for the 58X, using the EQ for the 58X for some reason made the Porta Pro sound much better, it keeps the sub-bass and foward mids but also has more air and high-end presence.

    Comparing with the 58X, Porta Pro lacks detail and more refinement but the mids are foward, they have good presence, good timbre, they feel realistic and close to you, sub-bass... indeed very good for the open design, they produce some punch, listening to Dylan's Blood on Tracks was very good, the acoustic guitar, the impact from drum kicks, the Porta Pros did a good job on the album, anything by Tom Petty sounded great as well. I wonder how they made such small driver sound so good at this price... the 58X mids and sub-bass are better, no questions, but for the price this small thing that barely got pads impressed me, it really feels like a portable Sennheiser, they lack detail, they lack more refinement but they do remind you of a 58X with foward mids, good amount of sub-bass but some veil in the treble, EQ improved it a lot for me.

    I love to sleep listening to music and I have trouble with the 58X size, now I want one to listen in bed before sleep.
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2019
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  6. VRacer-111
    And that's where the Yaxi pads come into play...still a little behind the HD58X in detail/speed (you'll see why below)...but they are improved all around, clearer and more focused treble with better mids and bass/subbass and more spacious sound. Plus comfort increases noticeably.They definitely have more subbass impact and midbass punch than HD58X from listening off my TASCAM MH8 amp (which has 8 independant identical amps for listening from the same sources with up to 8 headphobes). Great tool for instant comparison. Quickly swapping from Porta Pro with Yaxi pads to the HD58X you instantly notice appreciable loss of subbass impact, loss of midbass punch, and unmistakeably thinner and colder sound with mids noticeably backed off.


    For frame of reference, subbass impact on the Porta Pro is even slightly more than the Argon Mk3...

    Porta Pro have much larger drivers than you realize, noticeably bigger than the HD58X driver @ 45mm...HD58X drivers are 38mm.
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2019
  7. TheRH
  8. Seazer
    So I got a balanced cable for my 58x and running it balanced out of a Fiio Q1 mkII I actually find I prefer the sound single ended more. When balanced the treble end is definitely more pronounced, but something about it is fatiguing me. Not totally sure what but single ended is much easier to listen to for me. Maybe I just don't like a balanced sound? I've listened to a Sony MDR-Z7 balanced out of a PHA-3 and it sounded fine, but running my MDR-1A balanced out of the PHA-3 I get the same result with the 58x where something in the response becomes fatiguing to listen to. Im guessing somewhere in the treble but im not completely sure lol. Very strange.
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2019
  9. Seazer

    I put clips from the Koss KSC75 on the Porta Pro because I'm not a huge fan of the headband. One of the benefits to doing this is I can actually sleep with the clips on and listen to music and its really comfortable. Unlike trying to sleep with IEMs where the buds just dig into the ear that is facing the pillow. 10/10 recommend for sleeping with lmao

    Also regarding the 58x I got a pair of Dekoni Sheepskin pads and JESUS they add so much more bass to the 58x haha. I'm not sure if I prefer it though, its a bit overwhelming lol. I do think it increases the soundstage though.
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  10. Mouseman
    It must be the amp. The 58x doesn't sound good out of the Q1 for me, either. I'm guessing it doesn't have enough power. It sounds great balanced out of other sources like the ES100.
  11. donutbits
    Also purchased recently from Oidio. I purchased their custom made balanced cable for HD6x0 headphones. So far so good
  12. VRacer-111
    How is the microphonics from the cable? Just asking because I have similar style cables from Impact Audio for my M1060 and former HD700 which just ever so slightly transmit a bit more noise from cable rubbing against anything. Really like the lightweight nature and flexibility of those style cables though. Looking to get a couple OiDiO cables for the HD58X and Argon Mk3.
  13. donutbits
    I bought the Pellucid cable (not the Plus version) and I can say it’s basically flawless. Pairing it with Modi Multibit > Jotunheim for my hd650. Have no problem whatsoever. Haven’t heard any noise or strange artifacts of any sort. I could be lucky but I can say for sure it’s quality to me

    The seller also included an English biscuit/cracker in the package haha
  14. Seazer
    Maybe, I'll probably get a quality balanced amp eventually and then we'll see. The 58x sounds greats out of the Q1 single ended though, even if I have to turn the pot up to higher levels
  15. VRacer-111
    Sounds very decent, plan to go with the Pellucid as well for HD58X and Sapid series for Argon MK3.
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2019
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