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Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee Review & Measurements

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Dec 20, 2017.
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  1. Lurk650
    Cut down on the treble? Lol. I boosted treble by 8db for fun on my zx300 and the 58x sounded a lot more open but I prefer no EQ adjustments. I couldn't imagine cutting the treble any further
  2. Mouseman
    I changed the pads very soon after I got them, so they hadn't burned in yet -- I thought they sounded a little peaky right out of the box. I had the Dekoni's on my AKGs, and liked them so much that I also ordered a pair for the Jubliees. I don't think they have too much now.
  3. Lewis Li
    I think it is quite close
  4. Electrolite
    Well I'm back, the guy at the hi-fi store was very nice, we talked a lot, the place is one of the few high-end stores in South America, he is one of the only authorized Focal retailers around here and even gave me a Focal booklet so I can look at how expensive their speakers are.

    I wanted to try the Focal Clear but I couldn't they were only for sale (not his decision) the Utopia as well, only the Elear was testable and he dropped it and broke the driver...

    So I had 3 things worth trying: Hifiman He-400S, Audeze LCD-2 and a expensive Focal stereo speakers setup (the store had some crazy expensive speakers from Focal). It's amazing to think that you are in a poor country in the middle of the chaos and then you enter a quiet room worth more than $2 million dollars in audio while the woeld outside is in another reality.

    I focused mostly on the LCD, it was run for the first time so no burn-in (I don't really believe in burn-in but just saying anyway), powered with a big class A tube amp (no idea what was the model). The LCD is great but also big and very bulky. I expected them to be dark but they were suprisingly bright, even sibilant at times, after I got used to them I noticed how good they are.

    Mids and low end are great, the best mids I heard in my life. Compared to the 58X the mids have even more body, they feel more real more physical the 58X sounds thin close to it, it's a very delicious, involving, physical midrange. Acoustic guitars sound amazing on it (damn now I'm angry I didn't heard the new remastered Beatles' White Album).
    When I played Beck's Already Dead, the guitar solo in the intro, it was the best presentation I've ever heard, it sounded so realistic so detailed, also I know this is controversial but the Flac version of the album sounded just better compared to Spotify (maybe it was a different release with remaster?)...
    The guitars in Radiohead's There There were amazing as well.

    I also put the Elear in my head just to feel it, amazing comfort I really liked it, pads are super deep, the headphone is gorgeous and I love the cold touch from the metal, It's a shame he broke his Elear.

    In the end the LCD is too heavy and bulky but has amazing sound, but $1000 for a headphone and you also need an amp... I can't convince myself to ever spend so much on a similar setup it's also not very versatile, it was great to try and I would love to stay more (every minute I remember another song I wanted to try) but the Sennheiser isn't so far away and it costs $150, LCD mids are better but it's not a crazy giant jump in quality... so... I don't know if it's worth for me, I think buying multiple great but cheaper headphones with different sound profiles is more fun, I would get bored with a single super expensive headphone fast.
    If I ever buy a more expensive headphone I think it would be a Focal Elex and not above this limit. I really liked the Elear even if I never heard it, next year maybe I'll be able to try it.

    Edit: Well listening now to the Sennheiser is hard, I changed my mind, the Audeze is amazing and now I need something similar in my life hahaha, I need time to forget how the Audeze sounded, everything from the Sennheiser sounds wrong, veiled, dull, thin, the mids aren't as good, not close really, nor vocals, I don't know how to express. It's just not the same thing..... dang that Audeze messed with everything :p I was happy with my 58X, imagine if I tried the Utopia....
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2019
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  5. VRacer-111
    Porta Pro + Yaxi pads or Argon Mk3 and you won't need to be bothered thinking about an LCD-2 anymore... If you want fuller mids and bass with smoother sound than the HD58X, they are the best way to get there at the most reasonable cost. STAX Lambdas would be another way... but that is much more costly to properly put together a STAX rig with full subbass and mids - all in the amp selection which is $$$$.

    If you are looking for something very similar to LCD-2 there is the Monoprice M1060. When modded with LCD-2 Vegan pads and more open/less reflective grilles it's not quite as smooth as the LCD-2 but VERY similar sounding, you have to listen closely to hear the differences. Needs good amplification just like any other planar...Argon Mk3 included. Planars simply need power to sound right...

    From my experience with Focals, the Clear is MUCH better than the Elear. Elear has more subbass, but is very uneven in its overall presentation and has extremely WEIRD highs along with unnatural detail that is just shoved right at you unrelentlessly. Could not take them for more than 30 minutes... actually got physical headaches from them. Clear is much more neutral and relaxed ... reminded me very much of my STAX L300 Limited setup, just not as quite the level of detail or speed as electrostats and less subbass impact (my L300 limited setup has noticeable more subbass impact than the Argons...) and midbass punch. If you have $3-4k to dedicate for a headphone setup there's no better way to go than a competent STAX based rig IMO.
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2019
  6. Tuneslover
    I have those Dekoni's too and I agree with your assessment but mine are on my HD6XX( re-terminated XLR with Jotunheim amp).
  7. heavyharmonies
    Beware of the sales trap!

    Did you listen to your 58X on the same source/chain? If not, the quality may not be due just to the headphones. I've found that high-end hifi shoppes do this quite frequently. They use $5,000-15,000 source-DAC-amp chains to demo their headphones and you're tricked into attributing the improvements all to the headphones, when in reality had you played your 58X on the same equipment, you might have seen similar improvements over your normal chain.

    It's an old sales/demo trick.
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  8. Electrolite
    Yeah I think a modified M1060 would be good idea, about Focal I also heard bad things about the Elear, if I ever buy a Focal I think I would go for the Elex, Clear is way out of my league same as the Audeze.

    I have 4 headphones in my interest list as possible upgrades:
    Focal Elex
    Sundara or another Hifiman at similar price range

    Anyway until I properly have money to buy there will be more headphones released, but at least for now these are on my target list.

    Oh yeah he used a crazy good amp but the guy was the owner of the store not a seller trying to snatch some cheap commission also he knew that I had no money to buy an Audeze. I think he used his best equipment for a different purpose, he tried to impress me when he noticed that I'm a big fan of music and headphones. There is no audiophile market in South America, its a super niche market here so when he saw me and we loved the same style of music and had passion with headphones he got super excited, I bet he has not much people to talk about all his gear.

    He even shown me all his SACD's collection that he got around the world, we listened to them in his Focal speaker setup, he talked how he met the guys from Focal and other and other stories. We from Brazil get excited and talk in this personal level very easily, we don't hold ourselves too much :D

    Well if all of this was to try to make me buy the LCD he is out of luck, I'm a Brazilian student and there's no way I can afford a $1000 headphone.
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2019
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  9. Deftone
    I demoed a bunch of headphones about 4 years ago and came to the conclusion that the LCD2 were the best but i couldnt buy them because they were so heavy, i settled on HD650 because they were lightweight and sounded second best but now fast forward to 2019 and i have found the sound quality to equal the LCD2 but with the weight of HD650. That turned out to be HD660S and i am very very happy.
  10. Electrolite
    Did you ever try the 58X? Everyone saying how close they are that I'm afraid that buying them is not a good upgrade, if not for this fear they would be in my list as well its a gorgeous headphone and I respect sennheiser.
    Did also a amplifier help to get the 660 to sound close to the Audeze?

    I want to try those Yaxi pads on the 58X but $60 is too much for me because the currency is strong against brazil's currency and also I'd like some reviews using the pads on the 58X since third party pads mess the sound.

    I would try @VRacer-111 suggestion on the Koss but my mother would kill me better wait some time.
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2019
  11. Deftone
    Who said they are close? Not close at all in my opinion. I would avoid third party pads unless you want a downgrade. I dont think 660 need really a expensive amplifier to match LCD2.
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  12. TheRH
    Some interesting opinions about pads, I may just wait till these wear down, then replace them with Sennheiser pads and be done with it.
  13. lance1937
    As my first Massdrop purchase, I bought the Sennheiser 58X headphones. The 58X are my very first headphones. I received them via Fedex 4 days ago.

    I was concerned about how good and accurate they would sound and if they would have adequate bass response. I was also concerned about my equipment and if what I had to drive them would work or if I would then need to spend more money on a headphone amp. My other big concern was if my new cell phone would be able to power them properly and if the phone would have good sound quality. So, besides wondering how the headphones would sound, I had several other major questions to be answered. The online reviewers either praised or berated the bass response, the mids, and the treble! It was almost like watching tennis. The reviews went back and forth with their praises and criticisms.

    I’m satisfied with the overall sound quality. The headphones are accurate and musical, they have deep, punchy bass, good mids and treble. Comparing them to my living room bookshelf speakers (Polk Audio RTI A3s) they seem to have a little fuller sound. Comparing them to my home theater Polk Audio RTI A5 small towers and a JBL 10” sealed sub 550P, the bass and mid response is not as full. I like the towers better. The 550P bass response is much superior both in depth and quality and has NO distortion. I was able to distort the bass response on the 58Xs with some tracks by Porcupine Tree/Steven Wilson and especially the title track from Bela Fleck and the Flectones, “Flight of the Cosmic Hippo.” That track has many musical, prolonged, deep and powerful bass segments. But these distortions are the exception, not the rule. Overall, I am very pleased and surprised by the bass response, especially after some of the reviews I read.

    The 580X headphones are easy to drive. I have used the headphone out on my Yamaha R-S500 stereo receiver, my Yamaha Aventage 2060 AVR, and the headphone out on my USB DAC/amp (HiFiMe Sabre 9018). All three amps can EASILY drive the 58Xs to ridiculously loud, full and accurate levels with PLENTY of head room to spare. I listen to all three at well less than half power.

    The big surprise for me was that my inexpensive Samsung J3 Prime cell phone can easily drive the 58Xs at less than 40% volume. And the 58Xs have a full, not thin sound when powered by my cell phone. The phone has surprisingly good audio quality. In the settings, I have a slider control to adjust the volume and I have a sound quality control that has 3 DSP programs, an 8 band equalizer, and many preset equalizer settings. Many of the reviews I read said I would need a dedicated portable headphone amp, not a cell phone, to fully drive them. These reviews over generalized. I bet just about each and every cell phone has different sound, volume, power and performance properties. So, I don’t need to buy a dedicated DAC/Amp for my cell phone and I can stream Spotify to it since it does WiFi. I also have no pressing need for an expensive DAP. I was going to buy some ear buds for my phone, but the 58Xs sound much much better than cheap ear buds.

    I’m happy with and heartily recommend the Sennheiser 58X. The 58Xs provide a high quality, enjoyable, and musical listening experience. Since I already have invested in 2 stereo receivers with headphone out jacks, a DAC/amp, and a cell phone, I especially like the fact that I right now have quality listening experiences with each of these devices and do not need to spend more money on other equipment to enjoy my new headphones. I can stand pat and simply ENJOY the music. In the future I may or may not feel the bug to upgrade and buy additional equipment and headphones, time will tell.
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  14. VRacer-111
    I have Polk RTi A5s for my mains as well... they definitely are fuller sounding with punchier bass and more mid forward sounding than the HD58X (mids are VERY forward actually, more so than any headphone I've heard). Running the Polks from RME ADI-2 DAC ouputting to NAD C275BEE stereo amp. The HD58X works great from everything I've tried it on, though it does sound best from my dedicated headphone rigs. But it's really good sounding from anything you can play it from, can't say the same thing for the HD6XX.
  15. TheRH
    You will be fine, the 58X's are more than adequate in bass. and By the way I the the Polk Audio Rti A7's. I quite like them :D
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