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Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee Review & Measurements

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Dec 20, 2017.
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  1. MorrisVentus
    Hey guys. Are the foams on the hd58x compatiable?
    There are two foams on each cup. one that goes with your ear pads, and ones you get out for modding. Apparently, on my right cup, the foam that goes with earpads arrived torn.

    So was wondering if they are swappable, since I got the modding one out already. Or should I bother MD support about it.
  2. LNuneek
    Just out of curiosity, do these ship straight from Sennheiser or do they actually ship from Massdrop?
  3. SilverEars
    They probably get large batches shipped to Edison, NJ (where everything get shipped from if you notice stuff from various online retailers) from Ireland (Sennheiser factory), and then in Edison, NJ handles packaging for shipment to each individuals that has purchased.

    This is probably the reason why although it's made in Ireland, you can't convince them to ship from there (unless one day, they start a European operations some place in Europe). It's all about the process, and process is how cost is brought down.
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2018
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  4. Xbmyc
    So after removing the foam, I was floored by how amazing the HD58X sounded. Basically, its like a HD600 but with more separation between each layer of sound though a bit less detail.
    Also, the cable that came with the HD58X also sounds fantastic with the HD600 (compared to the default stock HD600 cable and the HD650 cable that I have on my HD600).
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2018
  5. SilverEars
    It's so odd to me why this album sounds most right with HD58X. HD58X captures the ambience and essence. I tried other headphones as well. It's odd particular headphone fit certain tracks almost exactly. This was the recording got my interested in HD58X. I'd recommend either Tidal or file version, not Youtube to get the most out of it's sound. You have to try these tracks with HD58X, it's well suited for it. I think when I started with this track, and got me interested, Tidal recommended me similar artists/tracks (turned out to be more audiophile type style music), and got really interested in the headphone.

    And this is the track grabs me for HD6XX. Notice it's rock, older rock, semi-classic (Guns & Roses, Boston, Heart, etc..). I looked for more rock tracks because of this. It's odd. Stuff like this really puzzles me. Using streaming service makes your music listening path easier to follow, and you get led.

    Last edited: Oct 28, 2018
  6. Luigi Milazzo
    Basicly you described an incredible improvement where there's not any prove of that... cable swaps and external foams.
  7. Guidostrunk
    So.... I attempted to ignore your posts about the foam. I'm starting to think that you're trolling this thread. We get it bro. You don't hear a difference, or believe that removing the foam makes a difference.
    I think it's ridiculous, that your last 6 posts are consumed by others opinions on the foam mod. Whether you believe it's placebo, flasehoods, or for whatever reason. Are you just going to keep repeating the same thing over and over every time someone does this mod? Why don't you just move on already. We heard your opinion repetitively your last now 7 posts.
    Create a sound science thread if you want to debate foam and/or cables.
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2018
  8. Luigi Milazzo
    Maybe it's time for me to abandon this thread. The purpose of headfi is to help the buyers in their decisions. If I want to post to help, statements like "i was floored by the difference" must be more scientifically proved. 0,1 db is not audible. Cable swapping, especially between cables made of the same material, doesn't make audible differences. So every time i read something unproved, I literally have the instinct to protect people expecting to totally change a headphone with their minds just because some headfiers trust in the hype. The situation is even worse: removing the foam the risk of dust inside the driver become elevated. So who are you helping?
  9. Guidostrunk
    That's what sound science threads are for, If you feel that you need raw data/testing to prove what someone hears. These are subjective opinion and impression threads.
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  10. heavyharmonies
    Actually, not they don't. If a *consensus* of numerous opinions about mods to a certain headphone surfaces, then it may be helpful new purchasers regardless of scientific cause. Remember, this is an opinions thread, not an "incontrovertible scientific proof needed for all mods" thread.

    And saying it once is fine. Saying it over and over in response to every single poster talking about a mod is just annoying.

    And anyone doing the mod should have read through the thread and will be aware of the risk. You're not the Head-Fi Dust Police.

    Just take it down a few notches. Modders gunna mod, for any number of reasons. Going on a one-person crusade against it is just gunna pizz people off. Just be content in your knowledge that your unmodded set is "the way it should be" and all the modders are wrong. That should make you sleep better at night.
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2018
    Guidostrunk likes this.
  11. Guidostrunk
    Hopefully he doesn't stumble on the HE560, and HE500 threads. Probably the 2 most modded headphones on all of headfi. I wore my HE500 for 6 months, and HE560 for over a year ; no grills, with the membrane completely exposed. Never an issue with dust. Lol
    DavidA likes this.
  12. Techy1210
    Having tried the mod by removing the foam pads, I did think there was a very slight difference in sound. The bass and treble sounded ever so slightly more crisp to me, but there seemed to be no difference in soundstage.

    Can't say it's for certain tho, and may be a placebo..
    What does seem very evident to me is, if there is any difference, it certainly doesn't seem 'huge' to me at all.
  13. peter123
    So in your mind you can post whatever snake oil mumbo jumbo you like here but if someone's wanna offer a different opinion they're not welcome to do so??

    Now that's ridiculous .....
  14. MorrisVentus
    So people. I have a question.

    I see many review that hd58x is great, great with mod, or not so much opinions.

    I currently have audio-gd r2r 11 as my dac amp, and K712, HD6xx, and HD58x on my hands.

    I can definitely tell HD58x is easier to drive, but I.. can't really seem to tell the difference yet.

    Can you guys help me out to decide, if I have to keep one between HD6xx and HD58x, which one I should keep?

    Maybe I need more time with HD58x, but with my hd58x partially defective, MD is offering me a chance to refund it or replace it.

    Thank you for your time.
  15. natto lover
    i prefer the 58x, but really you should decide since you have both on hand..
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