Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee Review & Measurements

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Dec 20, 2017.
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  1. GoodBoy
    Agree Massdrop should definetly clarify on that matter. At the moment all reviews are irrelevant since they already announced re-tuning. Looking at the massdrop page seems like people stopped buying it. It's no longer going well. My guess they will repeatedly make new drops of 58x at 149$ until 5000 units sold in the coming month or two.
    Another important aspect is that CES 2018 is coming in a few weeks. Many people are eager to find out what Sennheiser has to offer before deciding on getting 58x or 6xx.
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  2. peter123
    I agree, this is indeed a bit worrisome. Then again, joining the first drop for a new custom made product is pretty much like a crow founding in my mind and being so it's always a risk. The good thing about Massdrop is that they'll deliver the product, how it eventually will sound is still unknown though. I think that for people getting their first pair of quality headphones there's probably better options to be on the safe side. For collectors on the other hand it's probably less of a risk with both waiting time and final result (it's very likely that it'll be a good value in the end anyway)......
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  3. GoodBoy
    To me the choice is pretty simple since at the moment I don't posses any of Sennheiser open backs, and I prefer something less colored (but not totally neutral) and easier to drive. Of course it's still a risk as usual with new products.
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  4. allhifi
    Wisely spoken.

  5. WilliamLeonhart
    Well personally I wouldn’t be worried because if Massdrop is organizing a “proper” group buy then only after the orders are close will they decide on the scale of production. Any change in design before that point should not introduce new problems, I suppose (but cannot know for sure).

    If we’re to go the safest route I’d say wait till the third or fourth drop. All problems should be identified by then. The price? Remember Massdrop actually tried raising the hd6xx price? That didn’t last.
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  6. muffins
    I understand your worry, but notice the wording:
    "The bass rolls off a little earlier than typical for the line as a tradeoff for lower distortion in the area. We have requested an increase to bass extension if Sennheiser can do so without any negative effects by the time of production and they have agreed."

    The change isnt guaranteed to happen. Only if they can do it without affecting the rest of the signature, and only if they can do it before the production starts. So if it doesnt happen, all the current reviews are spot on. And if they do implement such a change, it will only be for the better :p
  7. AxelCloris Administrator
    We've had to clean up some of the discussion in the thread. Let's please keep our posts on-topic and about the gear, not about one another. Thanks all.
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  8. caenlenfromOCN

    Agree with you in full, I am sure the HD58x will sound fine, but I honestly have no interest in Sennheiser anymore. Too many great companies out there now. Monoprice M560 with XBR 500 earpads as utterly blown me away, stock earpads it was meh, but I will be sticking with my M560's and K7xx for the forseeable future. HD650 has terrible soundstage imo. as does 600. but to each their own
  9. allhifi
    " ...We have requested an increase to bass extension".

    too funny. No request for accuracy (tight, controlled, nuanced/articulate) but rather a request for 'bass extension'. News flash; the degree to which bass is extended (and partly rendered) is via recorded program material (the record of course) but also source, cable and amplification considerations/sophistication. Or for some of you, use of that "bass" control staring you down -or up ! lol

    With typical and very well recognized contributor's to sound quality both understood and beyond the control of any manufacturer -is the shape/size of one's noggin.
    And even then, ear-pad material choice -and how it caresses the side of our melons- will vary, resulting in wildly fluctuating interpretations of bass "extension", as would whether an iPod or reference amplifier is propelling the proceedings.

  10. O.C. Audiophile
    I have an original Magni and a Magni 2U and I've always felt that both were a poor pairing with the HD600 and HD650. Even a Little Dot MK II with some Voskhod tubes were a better pairing. The HD6xx family of headphones (and my HD700's) sound great on my Jot (balanced DAC module). I was actually stunned by the transformation of the 650's and 700's when run on the balanced output.
  11. allhifi
    Now that is very helpful/insightful; Balanced drive for the Senn's.

    Perhaps if the opportunity presents itself, I could confidently (honestly) hold those models in higher regard. If in fact the sound becomes that much better (and have no reason for doubt), it's a shame Sennheiser does not inform customer's of this ? In fact, this may not even be well known within such intimate conversation forums as this one. Most unfortunate.

  12. iancraig10
    Solderdude has done a lot more measurements and has been experimenting with the HD58X.
    Those that find measurements interesting really should have a look at this pdf.
    Maybe even when you don't understand anything about this the pdf may be worth a look as there is enough information in there that may be of interest when you are thinking of jumping on this drop.
    the pdf can be downloaded here:
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  13. tizman
    I purchased a pair of HD600 used locally a few months ago, and then received a pair of the Hifiman HE4XX from Massdrop on the last drop a few weeks ago. I have both of these and have had the opportunity to use them with several amps. One amp is a DIY OTL with a 5998, 6AS7, 6080 or 6N13 tube in the power position, driven by a 6922, 6DJ8 or 6N1P-EV pre tube. This amp has switches so that feedback can be turned on and off, and also varied with a pot. It also has the option of switching between a load resistor on the pre tube or a constant current source very similar to the one used in the Crack Speedball. I also have a FIIO E10K Olympus, a Bravo Audio Ocean and my IPhone 6 that I use. The degree to which the sound of these two headphones varies based upon what amp they are powered by and, in the case of the tube amps, what tubes are used, cannot be overstated. This is so much the case that any review, or opinion for that matter, that doesn't include the amp used, is pretty much useless. The HD600 sound great with the OTL, and they sound best without feedback, and with resistor loading of the pre tube. The HE4XX don't sound so good with the OTL, but they sound their best with the OTL when a bit of feedback is added, and with the CCS on the pre tube. The HE4XX sound better on the Bravo Audio Ocean than the HD600s do, but just marginally. The BAO has a noise floor that is noticeable with both these headphones, while it never really bothers me when I use my vintage AKG 240 Sextetts. With my IPhone, the HE4XX sound better than the HD600s by a large margin, but they are just barely loud enough. The HE4XX sound marginally better on the FIIO than the HD600s. So which one is best? Depends on what your amplifying with. The 58X Jubilee's sound quality will vary a great amount based upon amplification. If I had to pick between the 58X at 150 Ohms and the HE4XX at 32 Ohms, I would look at what I'm going to be using as an amp. OTL? Probably the 58X. Solid state output stage? Get the HE4XX. Dismissing anything without hearing it first is dumb. Horses for courses. What I do is buy everything that I can afford, and thereby have more choices. If you don't like them or they don't work with your setup and tastes/preferences, sell them for a bit less than you bought them for as a barely used item. Keep all your packaging. It's like renting for a fee.
  14. allhifi
    Wonderfuly said.

  15. AxelCloris Administrator
    We've removed a number of posts from the recent conversation because they were going off topic. Please keep the discussion within the posting guidelines. Thanks everyone.
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