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Massdrop x Liquid Carbon X Discussion

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  1. abvolt
    I've tried both I like xlr from my dac to amp it makes a big difference in sq that I can hear as soon as the amp is on ..enjoy
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2018
  2. Bazirker
    I picked up a CTH+SDAC, and wish I had gotten one of these too so that I could choose between and sell the one I like less. Love reading the impressions here (and thoroughly impressed with the CTH.)
  3. thebkt
    Understandable. To be fair, I omitted from my last post that my HE560's are run balanced and sound fantastic through the LCX and NFB-1. I simply haven't gotten around to sorting out a <$200CAD balanced cable for my aeons yet.

    FWIW the LCX has no problem driving the 12ohm aeons. If it sounds any better than this when I eventually get a balanced cable, then even better!! For now it still sounds great to me single ended :)
  4. BobJS
    I'm using the XLR/balanced input to the LCX because my DAC (Grace m920) provides it. If it did not, I would have no qualms about using the SE input. But as mentioned above, for this amp, one should really go out of one's way to use the balanced output.
  5. donato
    My experience is very much the same. When I've tested the XLR vs. RCA inputs, there was surprisingly minimal difference to me. I wired both the SE and XLR line outputs from my V281 to the respective inputs on the LCX. The sound difference was so minimal that I actually thought the button to switch between RCA and XLR was not working. I had to disconnect cables to confirm that it was working.

    Agreed the outputs though make a very substantial difference. If you're not going balanced out, you are definitely not getting all you can out of this amp. With the way I have all my equipment setup, I get a ltitle buzzing from the SE output on the LCX, but entirely silent on the balanced out. Overall though, for the money, it's a pretty impressive amp.
  6. EinZweiDrei
    Will my headphones still benefit from xlr out if im only using rca input?
  7. runeight
    Yes. The type of input and type of output are not related.

    If your headphones are in the xlr then either input generates the full balanced behavior of the amp.

    Likewise, if the headphones are in the TRS jack, either input will give you the less powerful SE output from the amp.

    Both outputs are active all of the time regardless of which input is selected.
  8. EinZweiDrei
    Thank you for your help and quick reply.
  9. abvolt
    Yes a balanced headphone cable is a must for this amp..enjoy
  10. PopZeus
    I take back what I said about pairing this with the Focals. Excellent combo, especially when run balanced.
  11. abvolt
    I agree my Elear's sound just fine on this amp..
  12. philk34
    Hi there,

    I joined the drop as my first step in desktop audio. I had already made half a step with HE 4XX but until now it was fed by my DX200. Half desktop/portable rig :wink:
    HE 4XX through DX200 was really good. With AMP3, this surprising DAP play it really good.
    But LCX has kind of authority that make the sound more organic and more fun. Details are still there but bass have more impact and more rumble.
    That is once again with DX200 as DAC stage. Through AMP3 balanced lineout with an adapter 2.5 TRRS to XLR.

    May be you can help on next step. Too many times DX200 lay there attached to LCX, so I am looking for a balanced desktop DAC with similar performance.
    What is your advice? What would be a good pairing as a DAC? What should I stay away from? How would you qualify LCX amp stage?
    I'd say LCX is neutral with a bit of warm (not enough experience and references to be confident in my analysis) so game is faily open but I'd have to stay away from warm DAC.
    I have to confess that I love the details and the huge soundstage of DX200 so there might be a challenge there.
  13. abvolt
    What is your price point a friend of mine just got a pro-ject pre box s2 it's around 400. and has a very nice sq about it..enjoy
  14. philk34
    Thaks for suggestion, I will look into that.
  15. GuddoggEli
    Like several other posters, I've had to consider a dac that will work best for my modest system. I originally used my ifi Micro iDSD Black Label as a dac. Listening through a set of HD 6xx using a Periapt balanced cable, it sounded pretty good to me...better than I expected, but I found that I will need to search for better source files in many cases. Although both the LCX and the Burr-Brown dac are often described as "warm", the result was not like adding excessive warmth, rather that the bass through lower mids exhibited superior definition.

    Then, I had a surprise. I'm an old hand at vacuum tube analog audio. The best circuits are not sloppy, resulting in what many identify as the "tubey" sound, rather the best circuits pass a very accurate sound while adjusting things such things as attack, decay, and roll-off. It impresses me that the LCX can hit all these desirable aspects in a solid state circuit. Exceptional design and exceptional designer, I'd say.

    Having discovered that, I have decided to use the ifi Nano iOne as dac. It comes in a compact package that includes HiRes Bluetooth ($199 msrp). I'll have to experiment with that, and try to find a better match in headphones. Suggestions welcomed.
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