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Massdrop x Liquid Carbon X Discussion

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  1. dbsylvia
    So I currently have an order in for the 789.

    I hope I don't have one of those"well, it sounds a little cleaner than" moments.

    I am wondering if I should just cancel my 789 order.
    Last edited: Sep 5, 2019
  2. Shane D
    That is a tough call. And why I have been on the fence so long. I guess it comes down to "can you afford it?" If it is a sizable purchase to you, you may not see as big a return as you had hoped. That is where I sit right now.

    Shane D
  3. dbsylvia
    I am going to take my time with the decision. I am very happy with the 788. I need my LCX back so I can make my decision easier
  4. Shane D
    The more I listen to my LCX, the more I like it. I have been in love with my Burson Fun-Classic since I got it. I was pissed off about a wire problem, but once I got over that I have to admit the machine is Awesome.

    I am selling my A5 portable and will then move my Loxjie P20.

    Thinking logically (which I manage to do with everything except Headfi it seems), I will probably stick with:
    ZX300 DAP feeding SMSL SU-8 DAC.
    1) via SE Schiit Loki to Burson Fun-Classic
    2) via XLR to LCX

    This is a pretty sweet set-up and I certainly don't need the 789.

    Shane D
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  5. dbsylvia
    Yeah that does sound like a really kicking setup. I am really thinking the 789 isn't needed with all my other gear that I have in house.

    I am selling my Aune stack. I think I might stick with the A5 for a while longer.
  6. Shane D
    The more I think about it, the more I think I don't need the 789. I think that if I was going to spend that much I could add a bit more and get a VERY nice set of headphones. I.E. Focal Elex, CFA Cascades, etc.

    I really just need to calm down and sell some stuff.:grin:

    Shane D
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  7. dbsylvia
    I cancelled my 789 order. I am confident that I will be fully satisfied with the 788 and LCX.
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  8. MacMan31
    I have a 789 on order which is slated to ship mid November. Drop has already taken my money which is okay. However I'm wondering if I should have just ordered the LCX (or the one with the SDAC) and I would have had a good headphone amp much sooner. Right now I'm using a Fiio K3 with my HD6XX and it does quite a good job. I'm trying it on high gain even though I don't need it and the detail in the sound is very good. Should I just wait it out until my 789 arrives or order the LCX and keep which ever I don't want. I imagine the 789 would net a higher resale value.
  9. dbsylvia
    I cancelled my order for the 789 for various reasons, one being finances, another being that I didn't see the upgrade to be more than an increase in power. The LCX is more than enough for my needs when it comes to power requirements. I am also considering getting an iFi micro iDSD BL which would be more power than I would need on single ended. I am very happy with the sound of the LCX and for more critical listening I have the Monoprice Monolith THX AAA 788. So the I say the decision for you to make, is the LCX enough for you currently or are you looking for more power and a more clinical/analytical amp. I see you have an Aune X7s listed in your profile, the LCX on balanced output has more power and a cleaner sound in my opinion, less warm also. The 789 will be even more analytical sounding than the LCX. Please do not use the LCX on single ended output, it is not good. The LCX is a balanced amp, the se output is there for convenience only. Hope this helps.
  10. MacMan31
    I've heard about the SE on the LCX not being very good. Is that due to lack of power? I do plan on using the balance output nonetheless. I actually sold the Aune X7S a while back and "downgraded" to the Fiio k3. I can't imagine the LCX having less power than the Fiio K3 using SE output. I also purchased the balance SDAC from Drop to pair with the 789 once it arrives.
  11. CoFire
    I have the 789, LCX/SDAC, and LP, and I think I'm keeping the trio! What do you want to know about the 789 vs LCX?
  12. Shane D
    How would you describe the sound difference between the two? Can you hear a difference between them? Is the 789 cleaner? Smoother? More accurate?
    Can you use a stand alone DAC to test both?

    If I had the chance, I would create a very small playlist (5/6 songs) consisting of songs that I have listened to thousands of times and know VERY well. I would then go back and forth for a few hours.

    I wonder how big a difference there would be? I would be very disappointed if I couldn't tell a difference. But then, I am not an audiophile and everybody hears differently.

    Shane D
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  13. CoFire
    You can most DEFINITELY tell a difference. I wouldn't keep 2 solid state amps if not. The 789 is analytical yet musical with an overall sharper, more precise, clinical, clearer yet still musical signature compared to the LCX which I would describe as smoother, more tubey. The LCX really does sound like a tubey SS amp and IMO, closer to the LP (with stock tubes) than 789. If you have a headphone preference that I have, that would be optimal. What's your playlist? I can run off the SDAC on the LCX or use my Grace m9XX which is what I primarily use for everything. I've heard many DACS but I prefer this guy! I can run both amps daisy chained and switch back and forth quickly after volume matching.
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  14. dbsylvia
    LCX Maximum power: Balanced 2.8W RMS into 50 ohms, single-ended 0.7W RMS into 50 ohms
    X7s Max output power: 250 mW at 300RZ; 1,000 mW at 300RZ XLR; 1,000 mW at 32 RZ; 1,700 mW at 32RZ XLR
    K3 220mW(16Ω); 120mW(32Ω)

    This is what I could find as far as se and balanced output for the three. As you can see the LCX has the best numbers of the three so technically it should be an improvement. I am selling my Aune X7s because I have the LCX as it is an improvement in my eyes/ears, if that matters any. I hear from a friend that the SDAC Bal is a very good pairing for the LCX and that also the LCX + SDAC integrated is a very good pairing.
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2019
  15. Shane D
    The LCX does have a different kind of sound. Maybe tubey is the way to describe it? I find my Burson Fun-Classic smoother and cleaner.

    My SMSL SU-8 puts out one Balanced and one SE out. Cool to compare my two amps instantly, but not great for instant balanced comparisons.

    ASR rips the LCX for distortion. I bought one anyway and I do like the different sound. However I would always have to have a nice clear alternative, like the Burson.

    Do you find that the SE on the 789 is a step down in quality, or just power? I like the thought of just having two amps, one SE and one balanced. Mr. Cavalli stated the SE on the LCX is not to be used as it will be inferior to the balanced out.

    It would be cool to have a great balanced amp that is also a great SE amp. I do not listen loud and would never use 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 or even one full watt of power.

    I am far from an audiophile: I like the distortion of the LCX and use a Schiit Loki on my Burson. I am Far from a purist.:ksc75smile:

    Shane D
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