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Massdrop x Liquid Carbon X Discussion

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  1. dbsylvia
    It was shorting out when changing the inputs. Apparently it was causing issues with all the other switches. I'm glad that Avenson was able to diagnose and determine all needed to be replaced then get back and have more issues because something else fails.
  2. Shane D
    Wow, that is not cheap. I just paid $199.00 for a new one. With, I believe, one year warranty.

    I understand that "stuff" happens, but amps have no moving parts and should last for decades. I guess buttons are moving parts, but they are nothing like turn tables or CD players. I have had problems with my Burson Fun and it really ticks me off.

    So, you don't care for the DAC in your 788?

    Shane D
  3. dbsylvia
    My LCX was brand new/open box, it was never turned on before I received it. The seller on eBay purchased and then decided to go with another amplifier. Sadly I just got one that had some build quality issues apparently. I am ok with the price I paid for the amplifier. Wish I didn't have to pay for the repairs but that happens but those prices are fair.

    As for the DAC in the 788, I love it. No complaints at all. I also love the Enog 2 Pro DAC. Both make for a good pairing with the LCX.
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  4. Shane D
    I was just curious why you would use an amp/DAC with your amp and not just the DAC.

    If the amp was an open box than that is a really good price. I got $199.00 during "Prime Days".

    Shane D
  5. Th3Drizzl3
    the unit i got during prime days i had to send back an lcx because of a bad volume pot. my other one has been perfect. so they cant all be good. even at 250$ its not a bad price overall.
  6. dbsylvia
    I use the Geshelli and Monolith dacs to compare differences in the LCX. I absolutely love the 788 DAC/Amp on its own. I just like to tinker and hear all the differences in all my gear.

    $199 is a good price for the LCX.
    Shane D likes this.
  7. dbsylvia
    Yeah sadly there appears to be some quality issues randomly sprinkled in the purchases.Im glad that your replacement is working okay. I think the asking price of $250 is fair. But if a deal can be found then it is even better, obviously
  8. Shane D
    Guess I lucked out as everything seems to work so far. I will be checking the RCA's tomorrow as I try to run my EQ through it.

    Shane D
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  9. Shane D
    The RCA's check out fine. I am now running my Schiit Loki through the amp via RCA's. Still using balanced out.
    When you get used to EQing, it is addictive.:L3000:

    This amp is growing on me.

    Shane D
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  10. dbsylvia
    I received my LCX back from warranty repair. Avenson Audio did a fantastic job repairing it. I had forgotten how much I love this amp. It sounds wonderful and better than before. But it has been a month since I last heard it. I am going to do some more listening and comparing and then I will post a review on my channel.
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  11. dbsylvia
    So bad news, my gain switch has started shorting out just now. I am in contact with Avenson Audio to see about resolution in this matter. I've had the LCX one day since it was repaired. Needless to say I am slightly annoyed. We shall see what Avenson has to say.
  12. Shane D
    Yikes! Just think if you were shipping from Canada.:astonished:
    I think I checked my gain switch for less than a minute. I will never use high gain with the phones I have. With my HE4XX's, I go between 11:00 and 1:00 in low gain.

    You guys are freaking me out on quality issues. I have been thinking hard on picking up the THX AAA 789, but there is basically no warranty or servicing, same as the LCX. Within one year you can get a refund and that's it. With the LCX and the 789 after one year, I would be on my own. I am not going to ship a $300.00 (Canadian $'s) down to the US for repairs. That could easily add up to $300.00 in shipping, parts and labour and would likely only have a 30 to 90 warranty. Hmmmm.

    Shane D
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2019
  13. dbsylvia
    Not trying to freak you out, sorry. I totally understand your concern. It was expensive enough from Indiana to Texas to ship. With 2 hours of repairs @$70 phr and the shipping back and forth, I have now paid more for repairs then I did for the entire amp.

    Hopefully Avenson will reach out soon to discuss a resolution. I am sure they will as they seem to be a stand-up company.

    I can use my LCX on lo gain just fine but it would be nice to have hi gain when needed. Also who knows if that short will cause more issues down the road.
  14. Shane D
    Good luck and I hope they look after you. Didn't they check ALL the buttons? Or just a few?
    I am guessing you will have to pay at least more shipping. A third party will probably never accept 100% responsibility for the product.

    Over decades with stereo amps and receivers they lasted forever. Or at least until you got tired of looking at them or needed new features. It doesn't seem like headphone amps will follow the same path.

    Shane D
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2019
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  15. Krutsch

    See the white dot on the volume pot? I got tired of guessing where the volume level was in low-level light. I thought about adding a stripe to the input switch, but I can feel that one.

    LED LightDims on Amazon.

    I swear, this amp is the best audio $$$ I've ever spent. Listening with my Mr Speakers ETHER Open is a match made in heaven.
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2019
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