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Massdrop x Liquid Carbon X Discussion

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  1. FireLion
    I found using a Khadas it picked up a lot of interference. The amp to me was very muddy and bloated. It might go well with bright headphones but in truth I was disappointed.
  2. Shane D
    This is on special today for $199.00. That is half the price of the 789 now. I have spoken to a few owners of the 789 that infer I many not enjoy the 789. I am not an audiophile. I do not crave transparent, neutral, etc.
    I like "fun" headphones and amps. I am in love with my Burson Fun and unimpressed with my Loxjie P20.

    Thinking Hard about pulling the trigger...

    Shane D
  3. Zbell
    I really enjoy my LCX. I think for $200, it might be the best SS desktop amp you can buy. Good features and solid construction. Fantastic sound. I would jump on it for that price.
  4. Shane D
    The trigger finger is itchy...:L3000:

    Shane D
    Alfredo3001 likes this.
  5. Alfredo3001
  6. Alfredo3001
    I dont know if i wont be able to not buy it lol. between this and the atom?
    i was going to buy the atom later this month.
  7. Shane D
    I just bought it. I wanted to replace my balanced amp as I don't even use it anymore. It is supposed to be a Very good balanced amp.

    My landed cost with shipping and conversion (Canada) will be about $325.00. If it doesn't work out, I can probably sell it for $225.00 to $250.00. Pretty low risk on my part.

    Shane D
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2019
  8. Alfredo3001
    I could also buy it and then sell it. But i have spent to much right now lol and i want to save for later deals from amazon. I dont want to go on a shopping spree with amazon prime and drop.
    I want an amp and a dac, i have right now the micca g2.
    Also, the liquid spark will be on sale at 10:15am ct on amazon prime! if they price seems right i might buy the liquid spark.
    I dont have balance headphones nor cables. I will definitely go balanced at some point, but the upgrade wont be cheap. The amp, plus all the cables....
  9. Shane D
    I hear you on the full cost of balanced. The Spark is supposed to be a sweet little amp. You could even try a Modi for a DAC. Great price points and pretty good gear.

    Shane D
  10. buke9
    That is a crazy good price for that amp I paid $599 for my original 1st run Carbon. A person that owns the Drop version heard mine and says they are very close to sounding the same so I would recommend it highly it is a very good amp with plenty of power and that sweet Cavalli sound runs my Abyss with ease and also a good pairing with the HD-800’s if I didn’t already have one that price would be hard to pass up.
  11. Th3Drizzl3
    i also have a brand new one (bought two never used the second other then to check that it worked and handled with gloves) id let go for the same price if anyone doesnt get in on the drop for this.
  12. Shane D
    Man, try to find a review on this amp!
    I read our thread and most of the stuff on MassDrop (almost all of which is always useless) but I can't find anything on YouTube or any audio site/magazine. There are a couple with a DAC, but that's it.

    I have rarely (ever?) seen this little coverage of a well known product. At least in Audio circles.

    Usually I research every new purchase to death, but I guess this will be the exception.

    Shane D
  13. abvolt
    I'll say @Shane D you won't regret your purchase this amp sounds great I use mine all the time love it..
  14. Shane D
    Just got an email that it shipped today! Very excited.

    Shane D
  15. buke9
    I waited for over 7 months for my first run Carbon so not to much of a wait but well worth it.
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