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Massdrop x Hifiman edition xx

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by rockytopwiz, Oct 29, 2018.
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  1. rockytopwiz
    Didn't see this posted anywhere yet. Stated as being similar to the edition x v2 in collaboration with massdrop using the old style Hifiman headband.

    Note: The Massdrop x HIFIMAN Edition XX headphones will launch November 1 at 6 a.m. PT for $599.99. Shipping is free to US members with subsidized international shipping. (Thanks @GirgleMirt )

    Good price!

    Last edited: Oct 29, 2018
  2. bagwell359
    They are trying to cut costs with the single short cable and headband. It's a good idea, most people that would buy these probably have multiple cables. Not sure that headband is going to work with that cup size (clamp high on top and low at the bottom?). Given the technical details the sound is likely to be close to the Ananda/Arya style. I think the naming has to do with the fact that HFM isn't making the HEX V2 anymore.

    Price? Lower than Ananada, but I doubt it will get near the Sundara or even the H5se. I think ~$749 (-50/+100). Could also be a signal that the Ananda will get a new model sooner rather than later.

    If they try the $1250 range, sales will lag, big time.

    No question the 5XX remains an elephant in the back of the room. Hugely successful, could munge sales of the Sundara for some time if the price is low enough. Still the 5XX, H5se, H6se as a group could continue sales over time giving a distinctly different sound than the micron thin newer models. But again the 5XX could screw sales of the H5se too.
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2018
  3. Panimation
    I heard is going to be $599. But really not a fan of that headband at all...ironic that from their collab the he350 has the most comfortable headband.
  4. bagwell359
    Yeah, the stock hardware of the 4XX is better than the stock 500, but that's not saying a lot.

    $599 is killer, going to suck away customers from the Ananda, Sundara, and HE5se probably in that order.

    HFM is going to have mega changes in the line, maybe that's the plan, yank a good amount of the O2 from the mid/high end away from the other makers. I'm paying attention.
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  5. obsidyen
    Interesting HP.
  6. Jodet
    I love my HE4XX, so this is very interesting to me.
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  7. Henrysharoop
    Frequency response looks worse than the HEX, dipped at 1-2k. Also, not a fan of the old headband. Going to have to find one myself to test out. As of now, I'm skeptical.
  8. GirgleMirt
  9. GirgleMirt
    Also could anyone do a short rundown on how this should compare vs others models (ex; 400i, sundara, 560,. etc.)? Also it mentions that you can basically run it from a phone, but realistically speaking, should something like a Topping A30 or Schiit Magni do the trick?
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  10. Jodet
    I wonder how far out shipping will be? I hope it's not four months.
  11. rockytopwiz
    6 months seems to be the most typical with them lately.
  12. SilverEars
    I wish he over-laid HE1000 as well. I wonder how consistent his drivers are in terms of the level of the mids? Well, at least the bass is linear as the XV2. At least the HEK, the bass has to be heard with the type of cups.

    Anybody know how the drivers differ between the models? I wish Tyll was around to go over them.
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2018
  13. GirgleMirt
    Still the 90 degree connector for the cable though lol ffs man 600$ headphone nobody will use outside or from a phone!
  14. bagwell359
    It's like musical chairs. Will the Arya bury the Ananda? Will the XX be better than then the HEX X2? Will the HE5se give the XX s run for the money, or be too much of a throwback. Lot of drama. Also someone that goes outside in public with cans this big...? Not very anonymous that is for sure.
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2018
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  15. kid vic
    It almost seems like the point of using that headband is to push users seeking comfort towards the Ananda. Spend more, get more presumably, too bad for Fang the Lohb strap exists.
    The Ananda won't get a new model (i hope) simply because it IS the new model; the Edition XX is technically the HEXv4 or maybe even v4.5.
    It's really odd that he has resurrected/augmented so many models and not touched the HE500, I wonder if the HE500 with micron drivers is better than all of his other efforts and he wants to save it for a really rainy cycle? If the micron tech really does all the improvements he says it does I think that an HE500se/HE5XX with that tech and the Sundara headband would be almost insurmountable to follow up. As an HE500 owner I really think it would be too good (obviously biased opinion.)

    Hifiman is kinda like the Wu-Tang clan of the late 90's into early 2000's, some legendary products, some mediocre products but extreme over saturation of the market with every product. Add to that the Hifiman quality control and Fang is becoming his own worst nightmare.
    The lineup is a mess and he has basically completely devalued the resale of his stuff. Used Audeze headphones still fetch good prices despite their previous driver failures (LCD-3 is a perfect example). Now the Edition Xv1 and HE100v1 are worth next to nothing and I highly doubt he will service them if they break.
    I'm waiting to see if their will be a Massdrop x Hifiman HE1XXX drop; he will probably sell it without a headband to shoehorn into a $799 (or lower) pricepoint.
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