Massdrop x Grace Design SDAC - a budget beast

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by project86, Sep 1, 2017.
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  1. LajostheHun
    Good to superb figures if not state of the art. Rest assured it won't be a bottleneck in any systems despite of what the popular beliefs ws. actual science of audio tells us. :wink:
  2. mbgrace
    The FFT of the SDAC with a 10kHz stimulus is primarily for seeing clock jitter artifacts and other non-harmonically related spurs. It is not very useful (for the reasons you mention above) for analyzing harmonic distortion components.
    We will publish a 1kHz FFT soon!
  3. cs098
    how does the Sdac compare to the dac in the m900 (m9xx)?
  4. Kerry56
    Got a notification from Massdrop today, stating that the SDAC is "in production" and on schedule for the Dec 12th shipping date. Seems like forever since I ordered it. Massdrop is not for the impatient.
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  5. Jimster480
    This looks pretty great for the price, I think that in the future I will collect audio measurement tools in order to test devices like this.
    I'd really enjoy it!
  6. Ultrainferno
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  7. Kerry56
    My SDAC showed up today, a week earlier than they predicted when I ordered it. Massdrop has been doing a good job of getting items out on time, or even early this month for lots of different items.

    Can't say that I notice any major differences with the SDAC in the chain. Since I couldn't do a head to head test with my old DAC, I really don't think I can remember any slight nuances that change between them. Its clean and clear. And there were no problems getting the DAC recognized in Windows 10. I'm using the SDAC with a powered USB 2 hub.
  8. DangerClose
    Bump. Looking for more reviews hopefully comparing this to other common DACs. Even the Massdrop page has few newer comments.
  9. Valens7
    So an SDAC landed on my doorstep today. Hooked it up, queued the music.

    Now, I've been through a few DACs. Not as many as some, but (perhaps) more than most. And, I gotta say, this diminutive black box is absolutely killing it thus far.
  10. chicken beer
    I think this SDAC outperforms the ODAC with no problem at all. It's tonality is also very good if you don't do critical listening.

    But honestly I prefer another DAC a little more in this price range though.
  11. project86 Contributor
    Which one?
  12. chicken beer
    You already know!
  13. PeteMtl
    Maybe you could tell for the rest of us...
  14. project86 Contributor
    Not sure that I do, actually....
  15. Pharmaboy
    "It's tonality is also very good if you don't do critical listening."

    That's a masterful "damn with faint praise" comment. (ie, "Their house seems clean if you don't look too close")

    What happens if you do critical listening?
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