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Massdrop - TH-X00 Cup size help

  1. omedon
    I have heard the ear cup size is on the smaller side. The only pair of closed headphones I have on hand are Kingston Cloud HyperX gaming headphones which are as snug as I care to wear. Does anyone know how the TH-X00 earcups compare? I'm interested in these headphones (I always coveted the denons) but I wouldn't want to pay $400 to be uncomfortable.
  2. joe Administrator
    I don't have the Kingston Cloud HyperX, but I do have a TH-X00 on-hand. The exterior cup (as I'm measuring) is 100.8mm. The opening in the earpad 59.41mm high, and 35.03 mm wide, by my measurements.
  3. laurentplop
    I've always favored big cup headphones. When I used the Denon D2000, which seems to have similar dimensions, I didn't have any comfort issues (at the time, I also had an industrial piercing which added to the comfort requirements!).

    Moreover, they fit the Lawton Audio pads or MrSpeakers Alpha Pads, both being huge. I can measure the latter if you want.

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