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Massdrop PLUS Universal IEM

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  1. chicken beer
    Yes. The apple earbuds actually sound nice. If I can only keep one earset in rest of my life, the apple earbuds will be it instead of something like a HD650.
  2. sandy1010
    Can anyone give feedback on how these compare to the SE535’s? Thanks.
  3. KowalskiFUT
    Now I understand how can one prefer IT01 over Plus. :wink:
  4. Jerda
    Ok guys lg v30 is coming what you suggest to pair? B400? Massdrop plus? It03? Something else? 535? WE40?
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  5. Colors
    Campfire Comets!
  6. Jerda
    :sweat_smile: It was difficult, but they developed an ugliest design than the Massdrop one
    Last edited: May 2, 2018
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  7. siruspan
    I bought a pair of Pluses couple of days ago and I've to say they are the real deal. First thing you notice that they are very similar to etymotics (I own er4s and er4xr) but with added a whole lot of bass. I wasnt expecting that there will be so much of it to be honest. They basically sound like er4xr but smoother, weightier midrange, with more depth within the soundstage and a whole lot of bass. Er4xr are kinda 2 dimensional, have much less bass but they are a little brighter and have more raw midrange which give female vocals more goosebumpy feel but Pluses arent all that behind. I must say that I'm very impressed because er4xr are my go to iems for quite some time. I even prefered them to Inear Prophile 8 which were basically better in everything except they lacked excitment.

    They are very comfortable and dont require deep insertion like etymotics. For me etys are very comfortable but i know they are unbearable for some people. Cable could be better, it feels cheap and plasticky.

    Overall i must say: well done massdrop.

    Heres a comparison with some of my other iems. From the left Etymotic er4xr, Campfire Vega, Sony ex800st, Massdrop Plus and KZ ZST.
    LRM_EXPORT_20180502_140608~01.jpg LRM_EXPORT_20180502_140720~01.jpg LRM_EXPORT_20180502_140629~01.jpg
    Last edited: May 2, 2018
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  8. snip3r77
    It beats the er4xr in all fronts?

    Does sub bass exists for the MD plus?
  9. Colors
    Beautiful collection. You and me seem to have similar tastes. I also love the ER4XR as my daily "go-to" for my commutes. Isolation and sound combination are unbeatable except as you mentioned, possibly by the MD+.

    Release the next drop now!
  10. siruspan
    These are first impressions as I didn't put enough hours to really evaluate them. At this point however I think massdrop delivered on their promise.

    Which are better depends what you're after. My take on etymotics is that they are purpose built to give as uncolored presentation as it's possible to hear every minute detail in the recording. If theres a sibilization in the recording than you will hear it on the etymotics and on Massdrops which are smoother you will not hear it.

    As for bass they really have full blown bass with kick and subbas extension. It's not just slight bump like between er4s and xr it really is a lot more. Its still not as much and as good like the vegas but its more than on ex800st which are far from bass shy. Die hard fans of etymotic will think its way too much.

    If SR means studio reference, and XR Extended Response than massdrops should be called FPBSABE which translates to Forgiving presentation but still analytical bass edition.
    Last edited: May 2, 2018
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  11. mashuto
    I own the vegas and the md+ as well, the bass on the vegas is obviously something in a totally different league, but the vegas are a single DD targeting a totally different sound signature. I dont have any ety's to compare to, but I do know that with the md+, the listening source makes a big difference on the bass, though definitely supposed to still be boosted compared to something like the ety pairs. Listening through my phone, the bass is significantly boosted, a bit bloated, and not super clean. Listening through my chord mojo, the bass is quite a bit less prominent, but also a lot tighter and better controlled. So source is important here, and I believe using sources with less than 1 ohm output impedance is supposed to be ideal.
  12. siruspan
    I'm using sony wm1a which has less than 1ohm output impedence as far as i know. I'm not saying that MD+ have bad quality bass. All i'm saying is that the quantity is very prominent. Compared head to head er4s are completely bassless and er4xr are bass shy. As for Vega i its the best bass i've heard from iems.
    Last edited: May 2, 2018
  13. lambdastorm
    Been eyeing these for quite a while, and I wonder how they stack up against the likes of SE846 and IM04. Anyone who owns both would like to compare?

    FYI: Have a pair of 846 myself and 04 on the way. Dunno if the Plus is still worth getting.
    Last edited: May 2, 2018
  14. andrewwardell
    If you end up with the Plus I’d be interested to hear how they sound straight out of the V30. I’ve been seriously considering the Plus for use with a V20 but the output impedance factor has made me wonder if I need to grab an IEMatch to go with.
  15. Jerda
    I ve read somewhere here that is a good pairing and when I ve asked some time ago the IO of the v30 got as reply that it has like an impedence around 1ohm
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