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Massdrop PLUS Universal IEM

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  1. liquidrats
    I tried with CP155, the thing with this tip is brings out bit too much of bass. I used the stock silicon i think it gives a better isolation.
  2. liquidrats
    Total took me by surprised. This iem have to be inserted deeepppp to get the full detail retrieval, i used the smallest silicon and goes all the way in. If you have tried etymotic you know what I mean. The detail retrieval reminds me of kaiser just less bright and not as much extension but still for the price. I'm totally stoke... Now what do I do with my king pro....
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  3. antdroid
    That's actually the complete opposite of how I hear it for me. Different ear sizes make a big difference! For me, the CP155 drops the bass down from the stock silicon to where I think it's very linear and neutral - very similar to planar magnetic bass I get from my iSine and PM over-ear headphones. With the stock silicon (small), I get very exaggerated bass, and it's worse depending on the source.
  4. liquidrats
    Maybe depends on the source i'm on 0.3 output impedance. (m3s)
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  5. liquidrats
    After numerous try-outs, I conclude that acoustune tips AET08 works best with this iem.
  6. bgoods1221
    Can anyone comment on how well the MD+ pairs with spiral dots and comply foams?
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  7. snip3r77
    Bro you're from SG? Can testing ma? Thanks
  8. fritz1234
    i'm using it with Comply (iso. large). Works great, very comfy, decent isolation.
  9. liquidrats
    spiral dots is known to absorb some treble, unless u can't take the treble in it then u can use it.
    hahaha you're the 2nd person who asked!
  10. halcyon
    This is dependent on your ear canal (length, depth of insertion), source (output impedance, linearity) and preference (psychoacoustic baseline, sound preference, etc).

    We all tend to think that is best for us, is the best for others, but it is rarely so....
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  11. cardeli22
    You have summed up all the varying opinions in audio that differ perfectly. Nicely said.
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  12. Panimation
    Anyone paired this with the Hiby R6? Wonder if the high output impedance of the R6 has any negative effects with the MD+
  13. liquidrats
    This is so very true.. Thank you :) Everyone's pursue to audio perfection is different...

    Maybe I should rephrase it as best tips for my ears
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  14. halcyon
    Got the Null Audio cable and it's nice, except that the MIC is horrible. It's like talking in an echo chamber a mile away. All my call recipients are complaining. I've tried dozens of cheap Chinese cables (MMCX connector though) and all of them have "ok" level mics.

    I cannot recommend the Null Audio cable as a headset cable, due to the bad quality of the microphone.

    Back to hunting Aliexpress Chinese cables...
  15. cardeli22
    Damn. My null cable is on it's way.
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