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Massdrop PLUS Universal IEM

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  1. halcyon
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  2. Zyris
    Just got spinfit tips today. I really struggled to get them on and felt like I was going to break the nozzle. Any tricks to get them on easier?
  3. antdroid
    The KZ ones will not work as there's a notch in the MD+. You can cut one out though and it may work. The connector is 2-pin 0.75mm or 0.78mm. They are different in size but in my experience THEY BOTH WORK. Tolerances! Anyway,you want to find one with a notch between the two pins and also a thinner end piece. I bought a bunch of connectors for making my own cables and these work great with these and iSines: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1Pa...rch0104.8.33.16935d1cyPur8A&priceBeautifyAB=0

    You can easily make your own cable for a few bucks. :)

    Which model spinfits did you get? I use the CP155 and they slip on really easily
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  4. Zyris
    No wonder. I got the CP100 because a few others have reported they were able to use those. How are they CP155? I was afraid they'd be too loose.
  5. antdroid
    They fit fine for me. They sound good with these and are pretty comfortable. They are a lot deeper insertion than the stock tips.
  6. theintroprose
    I had the same issue.. I use CP 100-L SpinFits which only have a 3.8mm opening (I bought a bunch of them while back and they work with all my other IEMs). My trick is to use the paint brush wooden handle. Size 6-12 should work. I basically impale them on the paintbrush and just slide them on IEMs.
  7. halcyon
    Thank you! With your link and the Westone UM3x model I was able to find these cables on AliExpress (can't guarantee they work):

    Lunashops With Mic Remote Shielding Earphone Cable For Westone ES3X ES5 UM2 UM3XRC UM3x W4R LN005541 (straight connector) = $19.88 / piece

    Lunashops Earphone cable with Remote Mic Hook For W4r UM3X UM3RC ue11 ue18 JH13 JH16 ES3 For DIY Westone (angled) = $16.88 / piece

    Hifi Parts Trading Co Earphone cable with Remote Mic For Westone W4r earphone headset iphone Or Android LN004383 (straight) = $16.88

    Hifi Parts Trading Co
    Earphone Cable With Mic Remote For Westone ES3X ES5 UM2 UM3XRC UM3x W4R 4 LN005016 (angled) = $16.88 / piece

    Ordered a couple to try out. I'll let you all know how/IF they fit
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  8. antdroid
    Sorry a bit poor image quality but here's some of my DIY cables I made from aliexpress parts for these IEMs.

    IMG_20180307_141213.jpg IMG_20180309_092222.jpg
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  9. KowalskiFUT
    Listening to these almost a month now, I can conclude they are cheapest flagship you can buy. Clarity is unreal and these push a lot of detalis up front. I used to own JH Angie II and Plus surpass them in certain areas. Plus is clearer, have better female vocals, and possess more studio sound than Angie. Angie has better male vocals, unreal guitar reproduction (perhaps best in the industry, but Plus also has nice guitar), and better drums reproduction than Plus. Plus is better on studio recordings, Angie on live recordings. However, if you listened blind to these, you would never guess the price is 300 vs 1300. Plus is holding its ground and the hype is real.

    P.S. I prefer Plus out of my iPhone 7 with dongle than with Mojo. Mojo darkened them too much and added too much warmth. I will need to buy another dac/amp or dap.
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2018
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  10. cardeli22
    Nice breakdown. I was going back and forth between these and the Astell & Kern Michelle or the Ca Polaris. Settled on these and it looks like I won't be disappointed.
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  11. TheGame21x
    Does anyone know if the Westone Epic cable will fit these?
  12. antdroid
    Looking at a photo of it, I dont think it would without some modification. The MD+ has a notch on the inside cavity. The Epic cable doesnt have a notch in it.
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  13. TheGame21x
    Yeah, I was worried about that. Ugh, it's just so hard to get a reasonably priced cable alternative for these in the US without having to wait forever for delivery from China. I ordered one a couple weeks back from Ali Express but I'm all but certain it's gotten lost in the mail so now I have to start the wait all over again if I want to buy another, like the Null Audio cable that was recommended earlier.
  14. Hotzigetty
    Well, the Null audio brevity cable is cheap, well built for the price and I believe express shipping costs 22 bucks. Worth it IMO.
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  15. antdroid

    This cable works and it's $15.50 balanced or unbalanced. Its slightly heavier than the stock cable. I bought the balanced one but sold it because I made my own. Penon Audio ships very quickly from Hong Kong every time I've gone through them. I usually receive my packages in Seattle in a week or less.
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